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Voice of the voiceless

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    what the fuck?

    Can I like, have A small week or two to handle some personal problems? Or is Hellifyno gonna just get bent over the counter every five minutes?

    And no one is gonna say a damn thing? Shit.


    No fuck that.

    We are gonna say a shit ton. Silence is not an option. If we can get through Giovanni like we did, im sure who ever this current asshole is ain’t gonna be a problem. Come on, people! Raise ya fucking voices! There is no greater power than the voice of the voiceless.

    And for this current bitch who thinks he can stroll into our town and own the fuckin’ place, you better believe you’ve become a target of mine. I’m not gonna just sit behind a mic and let it get the way Giovanni had it. If I can handle demon bitches like The Servant, I can handle your pathetic ass.

    By attacking Hellifyno

    You’ve put a target on ya head bigger than the planet it’s self, mother fucker.

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