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      Posted by Faltering Bright on July 6, 2009 at 8:00pm in Werewolves

      I stalk through the forest, following the subtle signs left behind by the wolves. Most can;t discern these signs, the lycans are a part of nature, but this woman has a secret. A power which makes her an outcast. Yet… it also makes her the most dangerous slayer of them all.

      As I get closer I move into the trees, using the leaves to hide my movements. Soon, I circle in, to where I can see the outlines of their bodies barely through the shrubbery. Then… using my hated inner power, I conceal myself from even the keenest eyes, and watch.

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      Reply by Faltering Bright on July 8, 2009 at 1:04pm

      The werewolf doesn’t realize that what he is talking to is merely an illusion that I have created using my magical powers. A glamour is easy enough to cast. Ive even given it the smell of a real human. While the wolves and dragons are distracted by this illusion, I slip down into the underbrush to get a closer look at these creatures. My movements, my scent, every thing is hidden behind a magical cloak that I have cast.

      I move in closer and closer to the group, all the while I am masked by my magic…. slowly I creep closer and closer…. until I am only a few feet away from one of the drycans.

      I pull a knife silently from my pouch, and then move, speeding out of hiding, running past the drycan, and slicing a small amount of hair from one of the tufts sticking out from between its scales. Then I pull out a grappling hook and shoot it of into the treetops. Hitting a button, I am lifted into the air, all the way up to the very tops of the trees.

      Once up in the air I start running, jumping really, bounding from tree to tree. I know that once I touched the drycan my spell would have been broken, so I know they can see and smell me, and I know they are coming.

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      Reply by Faltering Bright on July 9, 2009 at 10:55am

      I feel the fire before I see it. To avoid it i go leaping into the air head first, and dive into the ground. As I land the earth opens up for me, taking me down below the ground, avoiding the fire. Then, the ground almost immediately covers me up, leaving me in a dark, underground cavern.

      “Great, and that only works once”

      Soon I can feel the protection spells going up and I mutter a silent curse. I wait a moment, two… then leap out of the ground releasing 3 small flash bombs into the air. The bright light momentarily blinds the werewolves, who are especially susceptible due to their highly keen eyes.

      Then I run, moving as fast as I can, headed straight for the perimeter of the protection shield. I cast a quick leap spell that propels me 60 feat into the air. Most protection spells only cover a 50 foot height so I am able to catapult over the invisible wall, and come landing safely on a tree branch on the other side. From here I continue to make my way forward from tree to tree, leaping, using a grappling hook, and sometimes just running along branches.

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      Reply by Taegore The Ruthless on July 10, 2009 at 11:32am

      Timeless, how could you let her get away? Did she take anything? Do we know why she was here?

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      Reply by Taegore The Ruthless on July 10, 2009 at 7:58pm

      if you have her scent we should immediately follow her back to wherever she came from

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      Reply by Amana Jabari on December 1, 2010 at 4:29pm

      Amana ran through the woods, trying to cap and hid her beast. Her two legs burned with the speed of her gait. Sweat was beading down her face as she fought to hid all signs of her unhuman traits. Only someone who knew what a wolf’s energy felt like would know what she was., or why so was running.

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