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Where Did Werewolves Originate

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      Posted by Taegore The Ruthless on June 23, 2009 at 8:33pm in Werewolves

      Part 1

      It began underneath the light of a full moon; ages ago, when the human race was still a primitive contingent of savage wanderers.

      A small tribe was making their way across the land. They were forced to travel by night to avoid a rival clan that had been raiding them for supplies for several months. However there was plenty of light to see with the moon large and dominant in the sky.

      Nala had always been the smallest female in her tribe. However now her belly had swelled for she was ripe with child. This meant that she could not bear the heavy burdens that the other women shoulder on their trek.

      Luckily her mate Cani was large, and strong, and he shouldered the extra packs that she could not bear. He walked beside her now, never complaining about the weight the bore down on his back. However, every once in a while, a small whimper would escape his lips, as the pain in his spine spiked. Whenever this happened Nala would look up at him with big, sad eyes, and gently touch his arm, and Cani would be strong again.

      Suddenly there was a noise off in the distance. Every head snapped to the west, following the echo of the crack that had rent the night. There was a silent sign, and two of the fastest runners disappeared into the darkness heading in the direction of the disturbance.

      The rest of the group started to move faster, bearing towards a patch of woods where they could find shelter from whatever danger the night beheld.

      There was a scream. Nala turned and looked across the field. The night was dark, but against the gentle illumination of the great moon she could make out a small figure running towards them. A moment later he was followed by several others. As they moved rapidly towards her clan the figures grew larger and larger.

      Now there was panic. People were gasping, screaming. A plan was quickly formed. The group was split. The women and children would continue towards the relative safety of the woods with what was left of their supplies. Meanwhile the adult males would take hunting gear and press it to thigh, and go out to do battle with the warrior tribe.

      Nala grasped at Cani, fear clutching at her throat. She did not want to leave him. The other tribe was so powerful, so vicious. How could she leave her beloved to face that? No he should come with her, hide, be safe amongst the trees.

      He placed a strong hand on her shoulder, and gave her a very steady, powerful gaze. His eyes were warm but firm. His place was with the hunters. Her place was keeping their unborn child safe.

      Then he was gone, and she was running, her feat pumping hard against the soft ground. A few minutes later she passed the first few trees in the patch, just as she heard from behind the first sounds of battle erupting from the men in the plains. She gasped, but forced herself to move forward, rather than looking back to try and catch of glimpse of Cani, and whether he was faring well.

      Instead she kept running until she was deep in the darkness of the woods. She looked around and realized for the first time that she was alone. This was not a good thing.

      Just as she was about to start looking for the others a sharp pain erupted through her body. Panic froze her as another pain racked her body. It was the labor. She could tell. This was the worst possible thing that could happen.

      The world got very intense at this point. She fell to her knees, the pain racking her. Her vision flared, going dark, and then blindingly bright. In this light she began to see visions, strange creatures; wolves with yellow eyes looking out at her.

      There was a loud howl, and suddenly the vision was broken. She stared up into a black sky and saw the light of the moon. Suddenly the pain came back, ten times worse, so bad it shook her body. Then a blinding light hit her, and she could feel herself melting into the brilliant glow.

      Then the woman was gone, leaving behind a newborn child lying in the dirt, screaming into the night.

      This grim scene played out, stretching on in time for an eternity. But only a moment passed, and then two gray wolves appeared, standing over the screaming baby. They looked at one another, sharing a special gaze, and then down at the child.

      One wolf gently nipped the umbilical cord, severing child from mother. The other licked the young babe clean. Then she lay down, curling around the child, positioning herself so that the babe could suckle at her nipples. The first wolf remained standing, watching over them through the long night.

      Off in the distance a battle between a handful of humans raged on, even while other humans huddled in the woods, hiding for their lives.

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      Reply by leann marie calloway on July 1, 2009 at 1:51pm


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      Reply by Talinor Wing on July 1, 2009 at 1:59pm

      I believe that the ability for humans to transform into animals did not originate with a single blood line, but instead is something that is inherent in all humans

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      Reply by leann marie calloway on July 1, 2009 at 2:09pm

      i can understand that. i need advice

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