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The Boring Winter Noon

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      Posted by Kira Blackwood on February 28, 2011 at 4:48pm in World’s Crossing

      The major part of the afternoon had dwindled away with brooding… As if the short winter days weren’t trouble enough, business was also deteriorating these day… She pulled out the almost empty wooden money box from its shelf, opening it and staring into it. Eighteen pieces of gold glittered inside, three pieces of silver, and an optimum amount of cooper coins and other currency. A soft sigh left her slightly parted lips as she closed the box and replaced it on the shelf.

      She pulled the worn out cloak around her petite form more snugly as her slender digits curved around the warm old fabric. Venting another brief sigh she heftily made her way to the counter to mind the inn… A strange feeling still gnawing at the back of her mind, as her melting dark eyes fixed themselves on the inanimate wooden door to spring to life and open…

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      Reply by Dragon Teers on March 1, 2011 at 6:14pm ::a bundle of chaos and energy comes crashing through the door as the goofy dragon explodes into the inn smelling of cookies and booze and naughty places. He picks himself up, dusting the dustiness from his tail before looking around with his tongue lolling out anmd a silly grin on his scaly face::

      ack, where the hell am I now? This place looks so….. clean! where are all the demons and things? How do you manage to keep them all out?

      ::the big ssnuggle fluff dragon scratches his butt as he begins sniffing around the place::

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      Reply by Kira Blackwood on March 2, 2011 at 2:01am ~The inn-keeper’s eyes grew the size of dinner plates as a strange screech of fear and surprise escaped from her throat. She stared at the ‘bundle of chaos and energy’ that had just burst in through her door… Her first instinct was to duck and hide behind the counter for protection as she tried to process reasonably what just went on a few seconds ago in her mind, trying to get her bearings back. Then as she heard the dragon speak.. She stole a small sneak peek at the creature from behind the counter.
      Finally, mustering all the remaining bits of courage she grabbed the broomstick and proceeded to drive the strange creature out who had half-destroyed her inn doors.

      “Freakin’ Shit! YOU ARE SO DEAD! You–“!

      She charged at the dragon with full speed, muttering all sorts of curse words only to come to a halt mid-way and mid-sentence staring at the now harmless looking dragon sniffling around curiously. Breathing a half sigh of relief she brought the broom-stick to her side in a casual hold, careful not to threaten the dragon, as she muttered the well memorised lines which had been spoken more than a hundred times before by her on the similar (well, a little bit different maybe…) occassions, “Hello and Welcome to the Blackwood Bread and Breakfast. I am Kira Blackwood. How may I help you…?”

      “You’re either fixing the door or paying for its repair…” She added grining smugly at her chaotic guest as she spared the wrecked door a brief glance… grinning again, as her sense of humor came to play after the first initial waves of fear and panic had melted away.~

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      Reply by Dragon Teers on March 2, 2011 at 3:39pm ACK! ::the goofy dragon leaps into the air as he catches sight of the htiny lady chasing after him with the broom like it was some sort of axe. He starts to back away, spluttering and muttering, panic in his eyes which then shut tight waiting for the inevitable attack::

      ::of course then she starts talking about welcoming him and the inn and everything and he peaks one eye open to look at her timidly:: so……. your not gonna kill me? ::his face breaks out in a huge lopsided grin with his lolling tongue hanging out slightly to the side. Then she mentions the door and he leaps into the air again::

      ACK! I sowwy! I can fix it! ::in an instant the dragon beeps out, disappearing, vanishing completely. Not a second later he beeps back in, appearing in a flash with that huge grin on his face and a bottle of elmers glue in his hand. He races over to the broken door and starts squirting the milky glue out all over it making a globby sticky mess::

      Umh….. yeah…. I think thats what it was like before… rights?

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      Reply by Kira Blackwood on March 3, 2011 at 5:14am ~She stares at the handiwork of the funky dragon, hardly being able to restrain herself from laughing till she had fits.

      Recovering from her laughing fit, she would walk closer to the gluey mess inspecting it closely.

      “It’ll work for now I guess… Until I get a new door…that is.”

      She will look up to the dragon, her eyes sparkling with…well..humour, as she would speak again.

      “Decent work… Mr. Dragon. So much for the hard work, you deserve a treat I guess, for fixing the door.. What can I get you? Its on the house! ^^ You are quiet the talented Dragon I must add.”

      She would return to the counter, discarding the broom-stick on the floor behind it, as she reached out for the cloak that was taking its turn on the floor, forgotten due to the recent hallaballoo. Giving it a nice dusting, she would again wrap it around her form as she waited for the Dragon to place his order.~

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      Reply by Dragon Teers on March 4, 2011 at 12:33pm A new door? But I just fixed this one look ::grabs the door knob and starst opening and closing the door:: See? It works perfectly

      ::he tries to pull his hand off the door knob but its now stuck there by the thick sticky glue. He tugs and tugs and tugs until the entire door comes crashing off its hinges and smashes down on top of him:: aaaaccccccckkkkkk!

      ::he leaps up and shoves the door back into the now empty door hole, moving adn shifting and arranging it just so, his hands constantly getting stuck to the sticky mess causing the door to jerk out of place forcing him to start over until finally the giant gluey mess is sort of propped up sloppily in the hole it stood in before. Exhausted, the dragon collapses to the floor::

      Whoosh, that was hard work… So… you mentioned something about some free booze? Maybe a cookie?

      ::he wipes some sweat from his scaly brow but then, his glue coated hand gets stuck to his forehead. With a groan he tries desparately to pull it free:: uuurrggghhhhhh!

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      Reply by Kira Blackwood on March 5, 2011 at 3:45pm “Hmm… The door seems to be more or less fixed I guess…”

      ~Her eyes would widen as she would see what he intended to do… Her pink lips parted to say something, but before she could even utter a single syllable, the dragon had put his hand to the door knob, and was pulling the door open and then closing it again in demonstration that it works.. She sighed, a smug expression on her face as she knew what was coming… It was Elmer’s glue after all… Bet every child in this realm has heard about its qualites and properties..

      Even though expecting something weird.. She never did expect the scene that followed… Her eyes literally popped out of their sockets as she stared in shock as the entire door coming crashing off its hinges on top of poor dragon who’s hand was stuck to door knob. However somehow after quiet a struggle he managed to fit the gluey mess of a door again into its opening… O.O

      She shook her head from side to side as she clicked the tongue as the whole scenario unfolded.

      “BRAVO!” She quipped in charmingly as the dragon finished. “I’ll go get the booze and cookies,” She said turning on her heels and scurrying inside her kitchen with dainty little leaps to the pantry and the cellar to get the necessary items..

      She returned with an aluminium mug full of booze whose metallic lustre had dulled with time and use, a jug holding more booze obviously for second, third or even fourth helpings maybe and a plate of full of home made chocolate and nut cookies, in a similar aluminium tray.

      “Yo! Here you go!,” she placed the tray on counter, only to double over laughing as her eyes flitted over to the dragon whose gluey hand was now stuck to his forehead, as he struggled to get it free again. ^_^’

      A sweat drop the size of canada made its way to her forehead, as she made her way round the counter to the dragon to see if she couldn’t help make the situation better for him, still snorting with laughter as she giggled at the situation.

      “You’re are very hard working clumsy dragon aren’t you, eh? Hehe..” 😀 ~

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      Reply by Kira Blackwood on March 5, 2011 at 3:45pm ~She caught hold of the Dragon’s hand by his scaly wrist where the glue wasn’t smeared and pulled it with all her might, separating his hand and forehead, and tumbling over and falling flat on her back on the pristine wooden floor with an audible thud. Her facial expression contorted in pain as she winced a little. Finally get her bearings back she looked up to him and asked, “Better now?” ^-^ ~

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      Reply by Dragon Teers on March 7, 2011 at 11:26am ::his eyes get huge and wide as she brings out the tray of cookies and the big jug of booze and a huge grin shoots across his face, even as he continues struggling with his hand stuck to his forhead. He tugs and pulls and then just as hes about to give up the nice lady grabs his arm and with a huge tug his hand FINALLY gets free, slapping down onto the top of a nearby table. With an exhultant WOOT! he races for the cookie treats only to snap backwards as he finds that his hand is now stuck to the table.::


      ::feeling all sorts of frustration he starts tugging at the table now, pulling with all his might until finally with a loud POP his hand comes free and he crashes through the air and slams into a wall, making everything in the place rattle with the noise as he slumps to the ground exhausted::

      man….. this is a dangerous place. Your very brave to live here

      ::panting and raggad he crawls across the floor, making his way to the cookies and the booze and the sort of crumbling into a heap in front of them he turns to her, giving her a sloppy lop sided grin::

      I’m Teery by the way

      ::oblivious he reaches his sticky glue hand out to shake::

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      Reply by draco darkwing on April 17, 2011 at 4:22pm -chronas walks around glacesing around to see if anyone is worthy of battle

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      Reply by Dragon Teers on April 21, 2011 at 3:44pm ::thinks the nice lady musta left but sees a puppy now and waves at him instead, a loud belch of greating bursting from his snout:: ACK! I mean… uh… hello!

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      Reply by Sebastian Michaelis on September 11, 2013 at 7:12pm Kayln hummed softly as she came to the inn. She stopped and looked around at the people that stood in the main room. She didn’t speak as she melted into the shadows silently to watch what was going on.

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