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The Boring Winter Noon

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      Posted by Kira Blackwood on February 28, 2011 at 4:48pm in World’s Crossing

      The major part of the afternoon had dwindled away with brooding… As if the short winter days weren’t trouble enough, business was also deteriorating these day… She pulled out the almost empty wooden money box from its shelf, opening it and staring into it. Eighteen pieces of gold glittered inside, three pieces of silver, and an optimum amount of cooper coins and other currency. A soft sigh left her slightly parted lips as she closed the box and replaced it on the shelf.

      She pulled the worn out cloak around her petite form more snugly as her slender digits curved around the warm old fabric. Venting another brief sigh she heftily made her way to the counter to mind the inn… A strange feeling still gnawing at the back of her mind, as her melting dark eyes fixed themselves on the inanimate wooden door to spring to life and open…

      Reply by Dragon Teers on March 1, 2011 at 6:14pmDelete::a bundle of chaos and energy comes crashing through the door as the goofy dragon explodes into the inn smelling of cookies and booze and naughty places. He picks himself up, dusting the dustiness from his tail before looking around with his tongue lolling out anmd a silly grin on his scaly face::

      ack, where the hell am I now? This place looks so….. clean! where are all the demons and things? How do you manage to keep them all out?

      ::the big ssnuggle fluff dragon scratches his butt as he begins sniffing around the place::

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