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Welcome to RolePages. This is a community made up of an infinite string of stories, generated by our members across every facet of the website. However we do try to pull everything together with a Main Story Arc, a central narrative that allows everyone on RolePages to participate in something that spans the entire population of writers and artists.

Participation in the Main Story Arc is not mandatory, and you can fully participate in RolePages without being involved in it at all. However it can also be an excellent compliment to the stories you tell, as well as a common ground interactive experience that allows you to branch out, connect, and grow your own storytelling community.


The Main Story Arc for takes place on the world of Hellifyno, a mythical place that is the central location for all magical and supernatural activity in the universe. This is a place populated with every variety of character and creature you can imagine, living in many very different locations, cities, and settlements across the planet.

The following interactive map will allow you to click through to the many prominent locations that exist across the planet Hellifyno, and interact with them, and their inhabitants.

Detailed Map

The RolePages / Hellifyno Main Story Arc has been continuously unfolding since the site started in June of 2009. During that time the community has written hundreds of blogs about the various events, battles, conflicts, adventures, triumphs, and defeats that have taken place throughout the ongoing narrative. The following will take you to archives of those stories, where you can catch up on the history of the planet and its peoples. To add one of your RolePages stories to these lists, simply click the appropriate category box when creating or editing your post.

News Sources
The Chronicle Society

News Archive


Hellifyno: This is a collection of every story of Hellifyno, world of magic, that has been told on

Persistence: The scrappy little island city that could, now grown to one of the most prominent powers on the planet.

Consequence: The largest city on the planet, and traditional capital of Hellifyno.

Twine: The lost land of portals, newly rediscovered and providing access to every corner of the multiverse.

Ar’Elis: Ancient city of wonder and magic.

Olde Watch: A modern city of technology and mercantile commerce.

The Hellifynian Solar System



The Slayer War

The FaE WaR

The Apocalypse

Plainview’s Tyranny

Age of Wonders: Hellifyno’s gods

The Ar’Elian Saga

The Wages of Consequence



Identity Illusions


The Hellifyno Pantheon

Major Cities


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