Aether LARP Katana


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An incredible sword designed a decorated hilt and blade, that gives the weapon a sense of mystical energy running through it, ready to be unleashed on your enemies. Crafted from shred resistant closed cell foam, that is supported by an inner fiberglass core, this sword is also designed to be durable and resilient even when in heavy use. Perfect for LARP’ing, cosplay, Halloween, or even just hanging on a wall decoratively.

Sword Dimensions 

  • Full Length of Sword: 39.4″ 

Measurements are only an approximation

LARP Sword Materials

  • Blade: Crafted from closed cell foam that is durable and strong and yet soft enough to prevent physical harm to your opponents.
  • Inner Core:
    A flexible fiberglass core is at the center of each of these swords, reinforcing the overall strength of the weapon when used in
    LARP combat. 

Maintenance Instructions

  • Temperature: Make sure to keep these LARP swords in a cool and dry environment.
  • Maintenance Silicone: There is a maintenance silicone available that can be applied to the Aether LARP Katana to keep its material flexible, and to prevent it
    from drying out. This also helps them to
    resist wear and tear. Regular use of this maintenance silicone can keep your weapon in good condition for use for years to come. PLEASE NOTE:
    The hilt of this sword is made from a different material from the
    blade. When using the maintenance silicone, please wrap the hilt in
    plastic wrap to prevent damage.
  • Storage: These
    swords should either be stored flat, on an even surface, or on the
    pommel. Never rest the sword on its tip. This can lead to the blade
    bending under the weight of the weapon. If storing your LARP weapon on a
    plastic or rubber surface, place some cloth down to prevent the
    materials from sticking together.


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