Have Narrator DM a Custom, Live, Interactive Chat Adventure For You



I will DM an adventure of your choosing. Have RolePages first and longest-running DM tell your interactive chat story.

The adventure I DM for you can be based on anything you like, in any genre, with any kinds of encounters. It can be up to 4 hours in length, although if it runs over that a little I’ll do my best to get you a good resolution. We can also open any chat you like onto the main list for the event, and I’ll even do my best to draw in a crowd at the time of. You can play any role from hero to villain and anything else, and feel free to give roles to your friends as well. 

I’ll meet with you in a private session to discuss the event a few days ahead of time and help you get it up on the event board. When we do the event I will open any chat you like and put it on the main list for the duration of the event. Then I will give you the full chat log afterward to post or keep as a memento. 

Some Caveats

– I won’t do anything that breaks the canon of the Main Story Arc. Unless I deem it to be a good addition to our canon. 

– I won’t do anything that majorly changes our shared RolePages / Hellifyno story world. Unless I deem it to be a good addition to our canon.

– I reserve the right to reject a story without reason. If rejected a full refund will be made to your account. 

– Nothing illegal, perverse, or offensive. 

– Nothing targeting other members directly or indirectly. 

Please note, since my player is the owner of RolePages all proceeds will go directly into the fund to help keep this site running, rather than just the normal commission that is usually taken from vendors. 

However, the main purpose of this product is not necessarily making money, but rather more to act as an example for other DM’s so that they can start offering their services and getting compensation for all of their time and hard work. 

AND I WILL ABSOLUTELY CONTINUE DOING STORY ARCS AND EVENTS FOR FREE. This is just a demonstration, and an option if someone wants something specific. 


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