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The Song Of Emer And Ysmir (The Battle Of Innishfall) (18+ Violence, gore)

Freeformed from chat.

Emer Setanta- Itallics.

Father Vengence- Bold.

   This Queen was not so proud that she would not drop to her knees for his help right now. She would look so helpless, so vulnerable, but for the determination that set her lips in a firm line and lit her eyes with a green wildfire that would have any reasoned being baulking with fear, lest her fury be released upon them. Misery drenched her words, but it was not…


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The Song Of Emer And Ysmir (The Return Of A Broken Queen)

Freeformed RP from chat. Unedited and complete with typos)

Emer Setanta- Itallics.

Father Vengence- Bold

   Almost against her will, her gaze is magnetically drawn once more to Ysmir. But this time, their eyes lock.…


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About my interpretation on Darkiplier.

OOC: So just to fix some things, Darkiplier is Bi in my interpretation. Some may argue with me some may agree, but this is just how I see him as I am also bi in real life, so Please, what every you guys do, don't go telling others that Darkiplier is yours and yours only, he is my only character and he will stay that way. Every role-play is different and He doesn't belong to you. He does in the role-play, but not all out on this site. I don't like clarifying that but a lot of people on other…


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About my role-play style.

OOC: So. Just to aware all of my friends, role-play partners and soon to be both, I am not very detailed in my work. I can make a multi-para response but the paragraphs wont be that long and or big. I know, I know, more the detail the more fun the role-play is. And I get that, I truly do. But, I just am not that skilled to have like 10-15 sentenced paragraphs as my reply. I don't Understand how people can do that, nor do I understand how people can reply to that. To me they are trying to god…


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Writing Sample / Possible Starter: Ryan and Joe

(This is a starter post I had written for Ryan on a different site. It is being reposted here as an example of my writing for anyone who may be interested. It may also be a starter for any sort of AU SL I might find with a writer willing to play Joe Carroll. The timeline is deliberately left vague to allow for creative liberties, etc.)


Ryan Hardy was beginning to loathe the great Commonwealth of Virginia.

The roar of the chopper's engines,…


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Darkfur Is Born

Anton looked at Shea, and nodded his consent. There really wasn't anything left for him here. Put his trust in this stranger, and maybe die, or believe all that has happened, all that he has read and learned, and take a chance for revenge at least. There really wasn't much choice. Shea handed him a freshly cooked rabbit on a stick "Here boy, you'll need your strength for what's about to come" Anton took the…

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It's all in your head, Kid.

I try to open my eyes, but they only flow with tears.

I'm surrounded by utter darkness and there's nothing i can do about it.

"I'm just a child. My means of…


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RolePages Site Transfer Scheduled for 10/21 at 7AM EST

As some of you know we've been working on developing new software that will host the site and community. That installation is now ready, and we are going to commence with the website transfer on Saturday, October 21st, at approximately 7 AM EST. Here is everything you need to know.

First of all, is not going anywhere. This will still be the domain where the site lives. The software will just be different.

Also important, the old software is…


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Therapy Session: Dr. Alexandra Danvers

Doctor Alexandra 'Alex' Danvers…


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Birthday Present

After the village incident, Anton couldn't bare to stay there any longer, so he wandered the hills. Making camp at night, setting off at dawn and hunting and fishing for food. A week had passed and still he felt in a daze. As he put his things into his back pack, he saw the parchment. "Well," he thought "I'm twenty one now, I guess I can read this". Settling against a tree, legs folded, he took a deep breath, and opened the sheep skin as gently as he could. It opened out much larger…


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Out: (All Is Lost/Captured: Diana Prince Arrives) - (The Inquisitorium Outpost, to, The Debaser - 6:02 AM) - 8.3.17

Out: (All Is Lost/Captured: Diana Prince Arrives) - (The Inquisitorium Outpost, to, The Debaser - 6:02 AM) - 8.3.17…


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Bloodshed of Olde Watch Part 3 (Last)

*As the group of Uriel, Gabriel, Metaton, Azrael, the civilian female and hostage bandit rushed down the hall, following the sounds of gunfire and blaster fire, they would watched the counting down of the letters above the doors as they ran. It was hard to imagine behind each door, there at least twelve kids ranging in different ages behind each one, all of them either dead asleep or awake and afraid of the sounds of the gunfight. Approaching the the main room near the entrance, the group…


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They Call Me A Wanderer

She roams, around and around and around.

But none of this wandering started out of nothing. In fact, this mission is what gives Lee Watterson’s life purpose.

Before she wandered and roamed, she was so content to stay. So content to keep within a home, a field, where the treeline was the only marker. An existence feels safer when bound to a place, when there’s something to return to, someone to greet you at the door. Yet, she had curiosity, a terrible thing for any human. A… Continue

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The Breaking

One couldn't see Egypt from up above, and it sure as hell would be impossible to see once in it. It was like night itself formed into a dangerous fog that clouded eyes, and smothered the senses. Clogged hearing, plugged noses. It would seep into pores and wiggle under the skin, gnawing and…


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Drag: (All Is Lost/Captured: Jim Kirk Arrives) - (The Inquisitorium Outpost - 6:02 AM) - 8.3.17

Drag: (All Is Lost/Captured: Jim Kirk Arrives) - (The Inquisitorium Outpost - 6:02 AM) -…


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Down: (All Is Lost:The Chase/Diana Prince/Captured) - (RSI/Hellifyno/InquisitoriumOutpost: 5:30 AM - 8.3.17)

HELLIFYNO / The Chase / RSI to Outpost– MORNING – 8.3.17…


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A Multitude of Sinnoh

The Right Hand Man, Rye finds, is DEFINITELY the source of all these troubles with memory.

She picks and prods where she does not belong in Rye's memory, tearing apart everything for one answer. When she settles down, things clear up. Suddenly the fog over her mind stops.

Who is the man who did this to us? The million dollar question. A hazy recollection of this man's face was all they had. Dark skin, platinum blonde hair, green…


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Ut hoc extremum tempus: Farewell, Leila Marie Carter.

His fingers held firm to the cloth that draped over his hands, the coins in either grip bruising the tender flesh of his thumbs as he stalked forward and quietly stepped into the euphoric light that announced the beginning of this…


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"You're gonna do great things, kid." (Mitchel "Wrath" Blade vs. Mai Ortega)

(Language and violence ahead. All events based off a private RP between the creator of Mitchel "Wrath" Blade and myself. I have written it differently with permissions from Mitchel, but the story still has the same outcome and battle. Enjoy~)

Her finger circles the rim of her wine glass with a small shake to it as her emerald green eyes gaze at a full glass of whiskey on the rocks. Well, it's nearly whiskey and water at this point. It's late out,…


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Drugs and Corridors!

Paul sits there, serving milk to a little Toddler. The Toddler appears to have deer legs, yet has the upper half of a human, but with fur and a black little nose. And Ears like a deer, pointed down while he feeds him some milk from a bottle. It makes grabby hands, and the man leans down, letting him get fist fulls of his beard. 

"Ouch." He says after a few tugs. But then, he notices dear reader..

"Oh, hey!" He pulls back, the baby doesn't let go, and tears a few beard hairs…


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Hey everyone! Looking for any naruto roleplayers out there! Old and new! Highly Requested: Sabaku no Gaara, Uzumaki Naruto and Hatake Kakashi My character is still in the works but she is Kakashis' daughter! She grows up to crush on Naruto and…Continue

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The Tale of the Squirrel and the Swan(Closed with Emma Abigail Swan)

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Ever since his mother was killed by a demon, he had known the truth: that one should always be afraid of the dark. Supernatural creatures were out there, and most of them were unfriendly, or at least all the ones that he had experience with. He had…Continue

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Roast Me (experimental)

Started by John Hancock in The OOC Room (Totally Out of Character). Last reply by John Hancock on Thursday. 17 Replies

I'm trying something new that spawned yesterday from an OOC discussion in chat! I was curious to see how this might work out, so I am picking myself as the guinea pig. This is your one opportunity to roast me! I only have two rules to this…Continue

Looking for a Pack (Dark RP)

Started by Lucian Lefevre in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Kiromaru Rellion on Thursday. 24 Replies

I'll keep this discussion straight to the point. I'm looking for a pack for my Character. He's a werewolf, a pure blood at that, and was once the future King to the Werewolf species in France. His grandfather was one of the first wolves to walk the…Continue

The Following, anyone?

Started by Agent Ryan Hardy in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character) on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Anyone interested in playing Joe Carroll, Claire Matthews or other canons from the television show, The Following?  I've got your federal agent Ryan Hardy right here! Descriptive writing, brainstorming plots, AU ideas, and psychological angst, oh…Continue

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Captain Steve Trevor / Diana Prince: A New Future? (Alternate Time-Line) (Closed RP With Diana Prince)

Started by Captain James T. Kirk in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Dr. Alexandra Danvers on Tuesday. 253 Replies

They've traveled together from, Themyscira, (Paradise Island), to Mans…Continue

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Dark Souls Group Roleplay

Started by asuna in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Orion on Tuesday. 9 Replies

Hello, lovelies. I am looking for people who would be interested in being apart of an epic Dark Souls storyline.I am attempting to make a Dark Souls group with Asuna. The storyline will be outlined and detailed. There will be battles, there will be…Continue

Calling All TAZ Fans!

Started by Magnus Burnsides in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character). Last reply by Joon Oct 14. 2 Replies

Hello hello!Now I'm relatively new to this site, so I hope this follows proper posting etiquette. As you can see, I've taken on Magnus here in this cool little place, and was wondering if there were any other fans of The Adventure Zone about here!…Continue

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Bleach: The Grey Phoenix Rises

Started by Zander E. Roland (Zero) in World's Crossing (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Zander E. Roland (Zero) Oct 14. 2 Replies

A man who can not die yet can not give life, is he gifted or cursed? A man who was born nearly 2800 years ago and still alive meets a spirit that changes his life...should they be shinigami or hollow, may the world fear a Immortal.

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