The Music played on and on... and finally it was ceased, after a shadowy figure entered the room from an illuminated doorway. The footsteps come closer to the Maiden tied to the rack, a hood over her face and a large bucket dripping water on her face from above. Who entered? Why? It wasn't feeding time.. Was it? How long had it been? Her mind raced with thousands of questions.. panic and adrenaline ran through her body as she began to jerk and wiggle about violently... but to no avail. The shackles were too strong for a mere human to break free from.

The figure soon hovered over her with a familiar cackle... So familiar.. She knew who it was.. without even looking at her face.. She could smell the breath of rotting human flesh... and the smell of old blood. The woman in the rack cries.. knowing this was probably how she was going to go. Her sisters turn their backs on her... and send a certain someone down here to finish her off. She would have spoke... but the wet rag, that was used as an improvised gag prevented her from doing so. She wanted to scream... but that would do no good. Instead.. she kept her eyes closed in the otherwise dark room.. as if it changed a thing. Soon, the figure spoke breaking the silence. The first words she's heard in a long while.. other than the rather annoying lyrics of a certain song that was on repeat for several weeks as she was down here.

"Oh, dear sweet sister... Why do you cry?" The figure above her spoke with a wicked cackle. "This.. you did this to yourself. Helping ole' Doc try and overthrow the leader was a baaad move on your part. I've been with Flare for a very long time now." She gently removed the hood from the woman's face. "And I know, it takes a hellava more than just you two skank bitches to put her in the ground."

The gag only let the imprisoned maiden make an odd muffled sound, which otherwise would have been a cry. The imprisoned woman couldn't have felt more weak, she opens her eyes.. trying to adjust from the rather bright light from early to see the woman's face before her. But the figure only backs away and heads over to the large wooden table across from her. The sounds of the woman gliding her hand against the metal instruments put a ring in her ears. This is what it felt like to stare at death.. as it stalks in the darkness. You know it's there... just not when it will come. The woman over looking over the instruments lets out a wheezing cackle.

"You weren't even close.. So sad.. OH WELL... I suppose it's your turn now? I heard you got to stand back and watch the two sods Doc tortured.. but now you get to do more than just witness!" The woman told the prisoner as if trying to sell her a product. After looking about a dim red light was flicked on. "AH! That's better.."

Now the prisoner could feast her eyes upon her torturer, none other than Flare's pet.


The woman blinked, wide eyes.. the red light sure complimented the Maiden's creepy smile and wide eyes gazing down at the imprisoned woman.

Bone licks her lips and in her hand was machete, freshly sharpened and ready to hack through limbs, bone and flesh alike. Bone slowly drags the blade across the woman's bare skinned legs. From calve, to shin... to her inner thigh. Slowly, letting the blade make a soft noise.. that could put a small ring in both of their ears. The prisoner tried to swallow her pain down and remain tolerable.. but instead she let out a muffled cry. The cry ticked off Bone, and a few whacks of the machete went straight to the woman's thighs. Severing the leg in only five swings. Muffled screams were filling the room, as tears fell from the prisoner's eyes.. it only made Bone more motivated to carry on the deeds. The prisoner was loosing blood.. fast. Bone took a moment to bend down to pick up the woman's leg. Bone got close to the woman's face and began to laugh with a slight wheeze.

"Do you know why I choose to eat my fallen enemies?" She laughs licking the blood that had splattered on her face. "It's to obtain their power. So i can grow stronger..."

She smiled and then took a large bite out o the exposed severed tissue of the hacked off leg that was in her arms. The prisoner began to go into shock from the trauma. But Bone was quick to throw down the leg and jump onto the woman before her. Bone drew her large knife from her boot... and in the straddled position she was in over the prisoner... she drove the knife into her chest...over and over again, until she could fit a fist into the chest cavity.. to reach and remove her heart. She took a bite right out of that too. The prisoner was dead at the point.. but nonetheless... Bone spoke to her.. whispering one last thing into her ear, hoping she would take that bit of information to the afterlife.

"She means everything to me.. She is my life. No simple man or woman can take her from me.. for I am her shield.. and her sword. And I shall protect and destroy at her will."

Though she was finished murdering the woman that was locked away in the basement in the first fifteen minutes.. Bone remained in the basement with the body for far longer. She needed time for her food to digest.


(OOC Note: I would like to credit the picture's reference! I was inspired by this Artist's picture! And decided to do a Maiden Co. version of it! So here's a link to his deviantart! Check him out, he's really cool and a big inspiration for me!  :D)

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