A run down of the Hellifynian solar system with its various planets, moons, and features.

Hellifyno is a planet of magic and lore, that is the fulcrum, the central location for all supernatural activity in the many omniverses. However, it is not alone. It exists in a solar system that is rich with worlds and moons and new vistas to explore, with strange creatures, mysterious ruins, and untold dangers and fortunes awaiting those, brave enough to seek them.

In this, the first month of the tenth year since the apocalyptic wars (January of 2019) the many city states and peoples of Hellifyno have come together, to explore this solar system that surrounds us, and colonize, expand, and develop the many lands and resources that exist. Welcome to the next great frontier. Welcome, to SPACE!

Using the map above, we will navigate the many realms that surround our world, and document the colonies, structures, corporations and nations that are founded and developed in this vast scape. As the solar system is developed, the map will become more detailed, providing a portal to many worlds, many lands, and many peoples.

(OOC: This page has been created for the SPPAAACCCEEE Marathon Storytelling Event. During this event, everyone will have a chance to take the head of a starship of their choosing, and set out IC to establish colonies, businesses, and enterprises on the moons and worlds. To do this, you simply have to choose a location from the map above, and create a Location Page for your area on that world or moon. Your original colony can be up to 25 miles square, which can be expanded upon slowly over time after the event, based on the needs of individual stories. When your Location pages are made, message Narrator or Dragon Teers with the link to the Location, and the planet or moon where it is located. A dot will be added to the map above with the name of your area, and a link back to the Location)

(Note: While this is specifically intended to be a 48 hour marathon event with DM’s available to help and facilitate the development of the above map, the exploration and development of Hellifyno’s solar system can extend far beyond the scope of this weekend event.)

Good luck and safe travels to you all.

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