Two Great Heads

Two Great Pens

Put them together and you get these two bafoons!

Maiden and Triangular-Prism Head

Have joined forces to create Art!


Hi, I’m Maiden and most of you know me on this site for my art and my writings! I’ve joined forces with my best friend Triangular-Prism Head to open a commission shop! This shop will sell digital art and traditional art that can be shipped right to your door-step. We’ve come together to accept your ideas and make them a reality. That OC of yours that you’ve been dreaming about will no longer need that google image you found! We will help bring each of your characters to life! We are both experienced artists and have been doing commissions together for over five years! We’re both very excited to help you and the community we love!  It will be fun to tackle the ideas you guys commission from us! From busts, full-body pictures, to fight scenes!

We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us! Let’s make keep this community great! TOGETHER!!

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