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He Lied

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Sitting in the rocking chair in her cottage, holding Daliyah to her breast to nurse, Echo has been thinking about Asmodelius and his lies.

He lied first when he showed interest in her, then lied when he said he loved her … but when they exchanged bits of their souls, did he love her truly then? Or was that a lie, too?

Why did he marry her? What was his real agenda? Certainly his vows were lies – certainly he never meant to keep them.

Did he lie when he said he wanted children? No … he wanted a child, but why did he ask for two? Was the second child just insurance in case?

Lie after lie after lie … the man she loved existed only in his lies, and that means …

Daliyah lets out a loud burp and falls asleep. Echo gets up and sets her on the bed – the bed much too big for herself and a baby, or even two babies … she’ll get rid of the bed soon, it’s too much a reminder …

Slowly and grimly she goes to her closet and pulls out the cloak with the deep hood that she wore for so long … for she has realized he lied when he said she was beautiful, too.

She changes into her nightdress and lies down in “her” half of the bed. When next she leaves her house, she will be cloaked and hooded again, her face hidden in the shadows of the cloak’s deep hood … because Asmodelius lied.

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