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I used to make you tea in just a white baggy


While you were in the shower, shaving your


You’d come down stairs in a towel and kiss my


Then take your tea to the couch.

You’d crash on my sofa as I rubbed your


And you’d fall asleep while I watched my favorite

TV Show,


Those are the lazy Sundays that I miss the most.

?   ?   ?

  1. Allegra Gliss 4 years ago

    Allegra’s eyes were closed as she focused on her breathing and did her best to acquiesce to Jack’s request of ‘settle down’, but she couldn’t help but smile as he did some first rate diplomacy and adulting. Ok, fiiiiine. If that’s the way they were going to go, she’d follow his lead and refrain from punting the little brat out of the nearest airlock. What is that cartoon bunny said? If you don’t have anything nice to say…. 

    Lord sighed and stepped forward, putting his hand on Jack’s shoulder. “It’s a fascinating feeling isn’t it? When you realize that it is your zoo and these are your monkeys? Imagine it times a hundred now and that is my everyday…” He said quietly to him, some amusement in his voice if not his demeanor.

    “Rest assured, Mr. Riley, whoever went crying to Allegra, who apparently is fresh off the operating table if I heard you right, will be given a stern lesson in courage. I do not like cowards and I like cowards who tattle even less.”

    He turned a stern gaze to Louise. “And as for you, Ms. Liang….” He paused and pursed his lips, struggling with what he must do. This girl was a link to Jake but she was selfish, irresponsible, and had taken advantage of his good will one too many times. “Twice in one day you have tried my patience and now… it has officially expired as has your employment here. Decide where you want to go and I will arrange for you to be taken there.”

    “Look, I’m sorry, ok? I was just wanting to see what they could do you know those guys were di….” Louise began to plead her case but Lord held up his hand.

    “Leave. Now. I do not wish to hear another word.”

    She stormed out of the gym, crying loudly and Lord just shook his head. “I am very grateful I did not have a daughter. Female teenage hysterics are… misery.”

    When it was just the five of them left in the room, Lord looked over the carnage. “Oh, I don’t know, Mr. Riley, looks like they showed a fair bit of restraint, and I am not sure I would have in their position. But it is your choice to make, I would never presume to tell a fellow zookeeper how to do their job. As for this lot here, they will receive medical attention and shuffled off to different crews on the outer rim. No need to make any restitution since they were mismanaging their off time and these sort are hardly vital.” He inclined his head in Puck and Adam’s direction. “My apologies, gentlemen, that you were put in this position.”

    Lord walked over to Allegra and she graceful rose to meet him, having the good manners to give him an appropriately embarrassed smile. “Apologies, Mr. Lord, for the loss of my own temper and my intemperate language.”

    Lord gave her a momentary actual smile, taking her hand and bowing low over it. “Nonsense, Princess, any words from lips as fair as yours could never be intemperate.”

    Allegra laughed and let go the remaining tension she’d been holding on to, “You are dangerously charming and a blatant flatter, Mr. Lord, but I thank you all the same.”

    He rose and winked at her. “Hardly flattery if it is true, Ms. Gliss. Now, I will insist on the pleasure of escorting you all to your shuttles so that Ms. Gliss can rest and I can run some damage control,” He looked pointedly at Puck and Adam as he straightened his suit jacket, “better you two aren’t present while I do.”

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