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? My Family ? ~ Part 2

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? Daughters-in-Law and Sons-in-Law

? Sehzade Mehmed

  • Esmahan Baharnaz Sultan (Lawful Wife since 1540)
  • Haseki Nurbahar Sultan 
  • Haseki Cihan Sultan
  • Haseki Melanie Sultan

Mihrimah Sultan

  • Damat Davud Pasha (Husband since 1538)
  • Damat Rustem Pasha (Husband since 1539)

? Sultan Selim II Mest

  • Valide Afife Nurbanu Sultan (Lawful Wife since 1570)
  • Haseki Selimiye Sultan 
  • Haseki Dilsah Sultan
  • Haseki Ayse Sultan
  • Haseki Jitske Sultan

? Sehzade Bayezid

  • Huricihan Sultan (Lawful Wife since 1543)
  • Haseki Fatma Sultan (Lawful Wife since 1543)
  • Haseki Defne Sultan
  • Haseki Rana Sultan


? Sehzade Cihangir

  • Haseki Ayse Sultan
  • Haseki Nar Sultan
  1. Pasha Nader 2 years ago

    Pasha accepted the offered bottle and drank deeply.  “He just knows more about it than I do,” he said.  “I figured you’d want the most comprehensive and accurate source.  But I can tell you what I know and if you still have questions, we can ask him later.”

    He brushed her hair from her face and laid his hand on her neck.  The wine-liquor combination was hitting him quickly.  He felt warm inside and very relaxed.  His usual careful speech became more casual and direct.  “I’m asking you to be my wife,” he said.  “In every sense of the word.  And my blood slave.  Though ‘slave’ is inaccurate since you’d be willing.  But either way … I’d be able to feed from you whenever you allowed me to.  I believe there is a minimum allowance that you have to grant and of course, there’s a maximum that I can take.”

    His fingers rested against the vein in her neck, caressing that gently throbbing line with gentle strokes.  “There’s a courtship period of four months.  It’s there to give you time to change your mind.  During the courtship, I can taste you like I did earlier,” he said, taking her hand and kissing the finger he had pierced.  “But I can’t drink directly from a vein.  Not until after we’re wed.”  His gaze flitted between her legs.  “I’m not sure if there’s anything in there restricting intimacy,” he mused absently.  “I guess I should check on that.”

    He was quiet for awhile as his thoughts skittered off on an erotic tangent.  

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