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10 inch pianist

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So a guy walks into a bar and takes a seat next to this other dude. the other guy asks him, “hey, wanna see something cool?” and the guy replies with, “sure.” and so the other guy pulls out this mini piano, to which the guy then goes, “umm.. it’s a mini piano. so what?” then the other guy pulls out a mini stool for the piano. the guy goes, “ok.. it’s a model piano.” the other guy sits there for a second, reaches into his jacket pocket, and pulls out a small 10 inch dude. he puts this dude at the seat of the piano and the dude just starts playing away. the guy goes, “holy shit, that is pretty cool! where’d you get that?” and the other guy goes, “there’s a genie down the street from here. he’s granting free wishes.” and with this the guy goes, “a’ight. ima go check him out.” and with that he’s out the door and going down the street. when he get’s there, he sees the genie sitting on a magic carpet and everything. the guy asks him, “are you the genie granting wishes?” and the genie looks around and goes, “do you see any other magic genies granting wishes?” with this, the guy tells him, “i want a million bucks.” and the genie waves his hand at him saying, “alright. wish granted. now begone.” so the guy walks away. he starts feeling his pockets for the money, but doesn’t find any. he’s about to go back and see what happened when this duck came up and started quacking at him. then suddenly there are ducks everywhere. flying over him, pecking at him, shitting on him, everything. he runs back to the bar and when he gets in he goes to the guy who told him to go to the genie and he says, “hey man, that genie is fucked up! i asked for a million bucks and he gave me a million ducks!” and the guy stares at him for a second, then says..

  “do you really think i wished for a 10 inch pianist?”

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