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1919: De Spirituum Inferni Part 1

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[Vatican City, 1919]


I decided to finally write a journal about my travels, on the rare occasion I must refer back to a time where details are necessary. My memory at this age is beginning to show cracks.

I don’t often write about things that happen to me…Mostly because I was ignorant enough to believe my service would have concluded before the events that have transpired in the Italian Alps. However, four years of war and chaos has encouraged me to consider making changes in my personal habits. Should anyone come across this journal, it must be among the rest of my personal effects. If this is the case, and I am nowhere near these items, consider my demise to be likely assured. I entrust you to publish the findings here with the confidence of a nobleman. The day will come when the truth of what I have done for the Vatican, The Church, and for mankind will eventually will be brought to the front, and it will destroy the religious confidence of man.


I was reassigned after the Armistice was signed in France; traveling to Italy where the war had stayed mostly in the North East of the territory; there were many cases of bodies being found with each spring thaw dating as far back as 1915.

The Office of Supernatural Affairs and Spiritual Guidance (SASG) had requested I investigate the bodies, as a number of Catholic Priests had died or gone missing during the course of the war, and had not been seen since. I was confident that most, if not all of the Priests had died from the frost at various points of the war. There were five missing. All of them had been involved with SASG at various points of their careers, but had been reassigned years prior to the war in various capacities.

Upon arrival at Udine from a 2 day rail journey, I was picked up by automobile and driven 20 Miles to the Center of Gorizia, the site of where the Priests had gone missing.  I took it upon myself to find my contact for the file, Maria Fiora, a member of SASG who kept tabs on the religious community that came and went from the region. Correspondence between her and her Austrian contact showed a discrepency in religious personnel in the area during the battles of the Isonzo from ’15 to ’18. The Austrians had created a killing field that stretched southwest nearly 100 Miles. She took this information and broke down the search patterns by 10 square mile increments, but she suggested we start at the Alps and work our way south, so as to get the difficult process of climbing up and picking through ice out of the way.

It was entirely odd, but we managed to secure the dead Priests; they had all died in the same location in an organized manner- they had been positioned there, dead. All had died from lacerations and trauma near the neck, where a large portion of their flesh had been ripped away from the bodies in an irregular fashion, as if a wolf or some creature had been feeding upon them.

They remained motionless as we arranged for their bodies to be sent back to the Vatican, but their corpses began to slowly loosen, as the Ice loosened from our campfire. As they began to rise, I took the necessary liberty of ensuring they remained dead by firing my pistol into their heads while they roused themselves. Their second death assured, I hastily filed a report with the help of Maria, to send to the newly founded League of Nations to respond. Until we receive a response, We will return to the Vatican immediately to report our findings to the Pontiff. No doubt he has information regarding the reanimation…

Artwork by Kaelakov On Deviantart. Check out his stuff, its really awesome.

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