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7 Sins

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I am more beautiful than you all,
My looks go in vain.
whatever I do I know I am right.
I look down at you like dirt under my shoe.


One look at me and your mine.
I can take and have my way with whoever I please.
My hunger cannot be obtained.
Neither can it be filled.


Anger deep in my soul.
Nothing can wash it away.
You shall all suffer the way I want you to.
Forever I am wrath.


So I sit around all day, big deal.
My body nothing more than skin and bone.
I care not for myself.
yet one day it will lead me to a big downfall.


My jealous acts are seen by all.
What you have I want, I hate you for it.
These bitter feelings never shed from my inners.
In the end what you see from is rather petty.


I want it and I want it now!
Power I crave for.
Wealth is my desire.
I don’t care how I get it all as long as I have it!


Food oh glorious food.
May I be fat and about to burst but I care not.
I shall eat everything I lay my eyes on.
So get me my food and lay it before me.

Original poem by Mj AKA Meadow


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  1. LUCIFER 8 years ago

    Oh, yes. Indeed. What was it you were saying again?

    I was dirt underneath your shoe, wasn’t it?

  2. Author
    Meadow the Black Rose 7 years ago

    Its nothing to do with my Meadow actually just a version of my own about seven sins.

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