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A bit of a mistake…

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Lily woke, ready for battle… only to realize that her and Zoey got the day wrong. She realized it by the lack of people in the tavern, and the lack of a battle outside.. oh, and the undead outside scratching at the windows. She went back to her room upstairs, smiled, and said very simply to Zoey, “We are the biggest dumb-asses on planet earth.” Zoey looked at her confused and asked, “What.. What do you mean?”

“It’s tomorrow.. as in tomorrow from today.” Lily said, now having a hard time to keep herself laughing. Zoey… simply looked at her with the most amount of confusion that she’s felt in her entire life. “So… The battle that we’ve mentally prepared for… Is actually tomorrow..?” Lily nods, smiling still.

“Well.. we’re gonna wait till tomorrow..” Zoey said, almost disappointed. 


aaaaand they’ll wait.


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    1. Ronald Destuh 3 years ago

      Plot Twist:Tomorrow Is Today

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