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A Bone To Pick With You

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Xander peeked around the corner of the decrepit stone hallway, his heart pounding but his mind steady and cool. Thanks to his [Gamer’s Mind] skill the fledgeling adventurer was able to keep focused and calm, even in the most dire of situations. Like for example, when there was a group of animated skeletons in the room he was peeking into, blocking his way further into the necromancer cult’s lair that he was currently infiltrating.


The only reason he’d gotten this far was the greatsword in his hands. When the Gamer had first found the black blade with a silver sheen, hidden among a large barrel of swords and a pile of armor that he guessed came from the victims of the necromancers, he’d thought his luck was looking up. But the pressure on his mind from just holding it, and his seeming inability to leave it behind for a more mundane weapon, was concerning. Still, it had brought him this far.


Ducking around the corner and darting into the room, Xander was in the midst of the group of skeletons before they had a chance to react. Five sets of hollow eye sockets turned toward him as one, but it was already too late for the simple necromantic constructs. With a powerful swing, the adventurer cleaved through two of their ribcages and shattered them.


The remaining three raised their bony claws toward him and started to move in, but Xander was already moving again, swinging the greatsword over his shoulder and separating them from their skulls. With the last of them dealt with, the Gamer searched the room and threw anything even remotely valuable looking into his [Inventory], as being an adventurer only paid well if you looted enemy strongholds down to the mortar when first starting out.


Despite the clattering of the battle, no further undead emerged from the hallway further into the lair, giving Xander a sense that something was going on that was more important than an intruder. The thought made him grin widely, as there was nothing better than messing up the bad guy’s plans. He threw the last of the loot, a crystal orb filled with black mist, into his [Inventory] screen and then started down said hallway while keeping to the shadows.


Ducking into an alcove in the hallway beyond and peering into a large and torch lit room, Xander watched as a group of five people in black robes chanted with hands clasped. The one at the head of the group was knelt in front of an altar, his cloak adorned in bones and a grizzly necklace of what looked like infant skulls hanging around his throat.


Xander’s gaze dipped down toward the floor where the necromancers were all casting shadows from the torchlight and grinned toothily. He had a plan. Before the cloaked casters could speak another word, the Gamer used the skill [Shadow Step] to teleport from his spot in the hallway and emerge from behind the lead necromancer out of his shadow, black blade already reared back. With a mighty swing he cleaved off the sick creature’s head.


Before it could even hit the ground, the adventurer was teleporting again, cutting down another of the unprepared necromancers before a spell could be cast. The other three had quick enough reflexes to snap their hands up and point wands glowing with corrupted black energy at him, shooting beams of the necrotic energy that speared across the room with an ominous hum. But Xander was already gone again, teleporting behind the three and impaling one through the chest. The remaining two started turning toward their falling comrade, but the Gamer wrenched the silvery black blade toward them. It cut straight through the torso of the impaled caster and met almost no resistance as it swept through the bodies of the other two as well, letting them fall to the floor in pieces.


“Hah! Sick fucks, how’d you like that?” He taunted the fallen bodies, filled with false confidence despite knowing for a fact that this would have been so much harder if he hadn’t managed to take them by surprise. That and the strange sword he’d picked up, which felt like it was giving off warmth against his palm now.


Regardless, with all of the loot scattered within the ritual chamber and the magic items the necromancers had had on them, the total score should would be more than enough to cover the cost Timothy had asked of him, even including the cost of all the ores and crystals needed. If he found a good deal for them all, he thought he might even walk away with a profit in gold coins. With a cheery whistle, the Gamer started packing up the spoils of his victory.

    1. Nonami 1 month ago

      Xander needs a villain! Someone who will keep this witty adventurer on their toes! Very nice! Liked it!

    2. Author
      Xander Grimguard 1 month ago

      Thanks! I agree he definitely needs a villain. Until he finds one though, he’ll probably just keep training and questing.

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