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A brilliant Anthem of Hope during the Song of Stars and Flames

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The Scion of Hellifyno lay in the medical bay aboard her aunt’s spaceship, wearing a medical gown and hopped up on more drugs than she’s ever taken in her life. Forming a thought was like swimming through wet cement, while just trying to close her right fist was even more challenging for the raven haired Kishimoto warrior. Though before the procedure Kurai had sat Anthem down and explained in its entirely, including the fact that she’ll be utilizing a science that she never used before; and in worst case scenario they could all die a bloody and gory death with no chance of survival. 

Anthem waited patiently in that cot, her eyes fluttering close as she relaxed and tried to stop thinking and just mellow out. It was working until she heard the smallest sound of the door seal, her eyes opening to see nothing and she knew that her Auntie must have been successful in shrinking herself. Taking a few deep breaths did the Scion mentally prepare herself for the most invasive surgery of her short life. 

During the entire thing Anthem felt like there were ants underneath her skin, it wasn’t a painful feeling but definitely bothersome. Though her force of will combined with the massive effect of the many drugs kept her still and calm, knowing full well that the wrong twitch or flex could send the people within her careening into something that’d be deadly for them all. 

Half way through the operation Anthem had fallen asleep, the medicine in her system winning out over her mental fortitude.

So when Kurai came back into the Medbay at her normal size, she would have found her niece unconscious with a small trickle of blood coming from her nose. The doctor went over and cleaned her up and adjusted the medicinal regiment; then she got in the cot alongside her patient and took a nap herself as shrinking and unshrinking had the side effect of one splitting headache! 

A few hours later the Scion awoke with a start, her right arm in so much pain that she instantly cradled it to her chest with her left. “ARHGGHH!” She exclaimed in torment, rolling off the cot and landing in a crouched position. 

Kurai’s empty golden eyes opened right up to the sudden noise, followed by jumping off of the cot as she rushed to Anthem’s side. That’s when she noticed the arrow on the Hope’s head start to glow and pulsate a soft white, while just being within a foot of the Scion one could tell that she was giving off a lot of heat. “Uhhh. Anthy? What’s wrong?” 

A sudden breeze picked up the in medical bay as Anthem replied, her voice was actually the harmony of 500 different voices. “Auntie! My arm! I… I need air! Please. Bring me home, ASAP; I don’t know how long I can hold it!” As she spoke she showcased her arm as glowed a bright green, whole sections of her skin, muscle and sinew was falling off. 

It was being replaced with vines, wood, and the mighty force of Gaia as her blessing wouldn’t be taken away by the creation of man. 

“Fuck! Hold on!” The Captain stated as she turned on the ball of her heels and started to run, right out the Medbay and through the 3rd deck as she hit the latter access alongside the lift for more speed. “Gaia! Emergency warp. Plot me the fastest course to Hellifyno, I want to be there 5 minutes ago.” Kurai was on the Bridge in seconds, breathing a bit heavy as she contunied her sprint. “Authorization Kilo Yankee Kilo elven niner!” [Aye aye ma’am. Answering now. Spinning up all three engine cores.] 

The Captain barely got to her seat as the Gabe-I-El started to move, a course plotted that would take them across 40 million miles from the 4th red giant planet to Hellifyno. A mass effect field surrounded the heavy stealth frigate, lessening the mass as they entered Warp speeds straight out of the gate. 

“ETA Gaia?” Kurai stated as they pushed just past Warp 8 and kept accelerating; at these speeds they started to approach the speed of light. [3 and a half minutes Captain.] As a timer with 210 seconds appeared on the main screen and started to count down. “You hear that Anthem? You’ll be home in just a few minutes. Hold on tight girl, Auntie’s got you.” 

In the meanwhile the Hope of Hellifyno was lying against the metal deck, trying to work through all her powers and abilities coming back at one time. Her crimson red eyes threatened to turn over into the glowing bright white, the weight of her past lives on the precipice of spilling over through her body. Unfortunately if Anthem let lose right now the Gabe-I-El wouldn’t survive, leaving Kurai and herself to the unforgiving void of space. 

Once the Gabe got within a million miles of the planet, the Captain turned on the autopilot as she went back down to the Medbay. “C’mon Anthem. We’re almost there.” She grabbed the Scion by the waist and supported her over to the lift, up a level and towards the Transporter room. Anthem was taller by Kurai by a few inches, definitely heavier and stockier as the younger Kishimoto was built like a fricking Olympian; it was definitely a struggle but they eventually made it. 

The Gabe-I-El gave no attempt at stealth as it quickly slowed down, using the Hellifyian gravity well as an E-brake and causing a heavy strain on the hull. Kurai didn’t care though; she was tunnel vision in getting her niece under fresh air. The very second it was possible, both of their molecules were scattered through the cosmos, only to be reassembled on the sandy shore somewhere on Palisade.

“Kurai, keep back.” The Scion of Hellifyno stated as she rushed towards the water, trying to put as much distance as she could before letting loose.  She only made it a few feet into the shallows before falling to her knees and curling up as Anthem Kishimoto closed her eyes and just released what she was holding in. 

First her arrow lit up brightly, quickly followed by the same light filling her crimson red eyes. The water Anthem was curled in started to recede into the ocean, followed by a slight tremor that could be felt throughout the island of Palisade.

The Scion got to her feet slowly as the winds started to pick up, blowing hard enough that Kurai on the shore had to take cover behind a tree. The ascension continued as Anthem went heavenward as winds surrounded her in a tight cocoon. 

Once she hovered over 20 feet in the air, the Avatar of Elements put on a powerful display of her arts; even if they were cut in half thanks to the ANFE. Several large pillars of terra shot out from the ocean towards her, only to be toppled by a merciless tsunami and air current combination. Several shockwaves of bright white fire came off of the Scion cocoon in waves, tapering out before touching the water below. 

The Scion of Hellifyno, repowered and reborn, came back down onto the shore; the Scion glow disappearing from her. Her right arm was completely transformed back into the Gaian one as Anthem wore the first smile she’s had since being dosed by Olde Watch. She looked up for a moment, sensing through the air the ANFE wavelength, then looked back down and regarded the redhead who peered out from behind a tree. 

“Thank you Auntie.” Anthem stated in her normal voice. “And thank Possibility for me too.” She turned to face the sea. “Now, time to deliver that reckoning I promised.” 

“I….can help with that.” And the Kishimoto women disappeared to scheme


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