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A call to all Bounty Hunters

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A call to all bounty hunters in the Persistence region of Hellifyno. The great Chaskhar the Hutt is offering a generous sum of credits to any and all who have skills and stones to hunt, kill and bring in some of the galaxy’s most retched scum and villainous creatures alike. Come one come all. These bands of degenerates, cutthroats and traitors must be dealt with! A race of sport among your fellow bounty hunters! Some wanted dead and some alive, see Aewec’sibo at the palace for boards and details 

For Requirement purposes made by the New Republic of Persistence, Chaskhar the Hutt and all of his greatness has openly made a statement and given the stamp of approval himself. 

Chaskhar the Hutt: Die wanna wanga, murishani. Baukola fet bu naa. 

Chakanu bu wah chee an mienesa bai bu kung dee yoskah. Chakanu bu chaca see sepag phabeka an woy wa peekasa che kae kankay mee dotmuaha. Jee, wata cay kouwahe bu cahbasa bai mah bunko um baw wah bmahh see wah chee vot an fa baa votetka bai phee wa pauapka moblankha

Koee bu yuna votetka logna. 

Greetings, Bounty hunters

Rise up to the calling. Claim the bounty and lay waste to the scum of the galaxy. Claim the prizes of bulk credits and make a name for yourself amongst your peers. I, here by open the gates to my palace for the sport of bounty hunting and it’s hunters to create a gathering hub. 

May the best hunter win.

    1. Maiden Company Mercs 2 months ago


    2. Information of activity that poses a threat to hellifyno or its people will result in military assistance granted by The Bloody Wings. This assistance will likely come in the form of special forces helping being down or capture a target. We are not interested in the bounty, only in the protection of hellifyno, leaving informants free to claim the bounty.

    3. “Hmm, maybe i could use the money to get the kids and missus something nice. Who are the targets?”

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