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A Daemons Guide to Dating in the Modern Era!

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“You what?” The Daemon king Nox asked of his older brother. It had been a rather unexpected visit. Nox had just come back from the end of a rather hostile business take over and the last thin he expected to see was Raziel standing in his office, helping himself to Nox’s scotch. “I need your help with a woman.” Raziel states again, drinking directly from the bottle.

“You ralize how unusual this request is, brother? I was under the impression that you had no trouble in things concerning the fairer sex.”

“Aye.” Raz responds. “However this one is different, Nox. I do not wish to just fuck and leave and… well, she asked me on a date.”

Nox ran his fingers through his black hair with a sigh. That was not expected. Gazing up at the giant all he could do was stare. Looking at the two you would never have guessed that they were related. Where as Raziel was large in build and rippling with muscle Nox stood at a much less intimidating six foot three in his human form. He was much thinner and looked much older. While crossing him was still a near suicidal action he had preferred domination of the world through corporations and what not. His warrior days seeming like a far off memory. “Very well.” Nox reluctantly agrees, reaching into his drawer and removing a cigar. He takes a long drag, readying himself for such an important lesson.

“First thing is first.” He exhales, tapping a bit of the ash into his tray. “You will need to wear more proper clothing. Its not something that your going to like, but its what needs to be done.” Nox rose out of his chair and approach Raziel. His face fearless in the face of the god. His stride like that of someone who was in absolute control. “Courting a woman is much more difficult than merely looking for someone to fuck. You have to peak her interest. Seduce her with words and action. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world and you the most powerful man in the room.”

Raziel simply watched his brother walk around him. He was listening to every word he said and taking it all in the best he could. “But i am the most powerful person in the room.” He states, almost confused why he would have to act. 

“Not that kind of power.” Nox responded, walking back to his desk and pressing a button on the intercom. “Alexis, contact my tailor. Tell him i am sending a client his way.”
“Yes Mr.Noxmore”
“You have strength, yes. However, there are other forms of power that you do not possess. A woman needs to know that her potential partner is secure financially. That she will be taken care of Or, depending on the woman, That her partner can take care of themselves financially.” He presses the button again. “Alexis, make reservations for tomorrow night at The Black Stag Bistro. Around eight-pm for two.” Once more the woman responded with a “Yes Mr.Noxmore” and then went silent.

“Finally, approach with confidence. Know that she is there for you just as much as you are there for here. Know that you arrived with this woman and that you will be leaving with this woman. Confidence is the key.” He nods, patting his brother on the shoulder. “I’ll have my driver take you everywhere you need to go. He is at your disposal till the end of your date whenever you dismiss him. So relax. Youre going to do fine. Also, dont forget the rose.” and with that the Daemon Lord of Domination Walked the God of Destruction out of his office and into the world.


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