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A Demon’s Fate

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WARNING! 18+ content below. Proceed with caution.

Lightning sliced through the darkened sky.

I dropped my gaze to the brunette sprawled out across the bed. Her lips, the roundness of her face, the thickness of her tits, waist and hips also captivating my full attention. I recall the crushing weight of her thighs wrapped around my head, smothering me as I chowed down on the juiciest pussy to date. She was a wet and wild young thing with a head of untamed curls that flared down her back. I didn’t catch her name at first, and I didn’t give her mine either. No point when this was suppposed to be a one-time rendezvous. I wouldn’t speak a word of the women who entered and exited my hotel room.

My reputation with the ladies – and gents – was not a secret. People talk. I’d pick them up from one of the local watering holes, take them home, make them call me Daddy as I fucked them into the mattress, then ushered them out without a hint of emotion. But this one. A-grade pussy. I couldn’t let her leave without a little extra something to tide her over. Refusing to wake the sleeping angel, I pressed a kiss to her temple and stepped outside onto the balcony, grunting when the wind lashed at my cheeks.

Fuck off, Mother Nature.

Striking the zippo I’d fished from the pocket of my faded denims, I lit the half smoked joint betwixt my fingers and inhaled deeply. Sweet fucking release. My cock twitched as I rubbed my knuckles against the underside of my nose, nostrils flaring. I’d forgotten that this was the hand I’d fingered her with. Her scent was all over them. I swore I could almost taste the residual nectar clinging to my skin. It hadn’t rained for months. The ground below is nothing but a dust bowl, the dry air setting fire to your lungs with every intake of breath. I reveled in the heat, and yet I hated it at the same time.

It reminded me too much of home. When I thought about it, I got a little homesick. Sucking in another lungful of the joint, my gaze went back to the woman sleeping peacefully, angelically. That’s what she was. An angel. No, not figuratively. She was had wings and everything. My father would’ve beaten my ass if he knew I was banging one of Heaven’s best. Gathering my bearings, I turned my back and leaned over the rickety railing with an exhausted huff.

What’re you doing, idiot?

I groaned. What was I doing? The coupling of an angel and demon wasn’t exactly my cup ‘o tea, but then I hadn’t really felt as alive as I did with the brunette. She had a name, too. A beautiful one that made my chest constrict. Heavy drops of rain fell as the sky finally cracked open, unleashing a downpour that drowned out the noise. Behind me, my angel stirred, her legs thrown over the edge of the bed. I’d spent a good portion of the morning watching her sleep, wanting to brush my thumb across her full bottom lip or tuck the loose locks of hair back behind her ear.

Hell, I would’ve slipped my hand between those plump thighs and bury my fingers knuckle deep in her sex. Fuck! Her soft arms wound around my midsection as she buried her face between my shoulder blades. At first, I wanted nothing to do with her. But then who am I kidding? I wanted her. You know that saying, “voice of an angel”. That’s what this was. She murmurs sleepily against me and I melted. Like chocolate left out in the heat. I took one last hit of the joint, flicked the butt out into the downpour and turned, drawing her into my chest.

Collecting her chin between my thumb and forefinger, I tilted her head just enough to secure my lips upon her own. She dazzled me, excited me, challenged me. My tongue press forward greedily, seeking entry into her mouth, and when she opened up to my advances, I exhaled. At the same moment, she inhaled, drinking down the secondhand smoke into her lungs, a smile dimpling those flawless cheeks. I was smitten. Recoiling myself, I peer down at her, enthralled. She’s beautiful. No, scrap that. She’s heavenly. And she’s all mine.


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