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A double, terribly twisted, means to an end.. I thought we were through with this?

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The door banged opened and she merely sucked her teeth. Then it slammed and she narrowed her eyes; such animosity was to be expected but the disrespect if her house? Not tolerable.. Then the door to the room she was sitting in opened and closed softly. She relaxed back in the chair. She was staring at a book, the same page for the last few hours. She felt something was coming and happening. Might as well be up and ready to receive it…

There was a harsh voice, the tone was soft though.. You are such a seer. Most do not know. You do.

Leila’s brows furrowed, and she mused the name of “you little cryptic shit” in her head.. She didn’t have time to waste on this nonsense and being rude would get her no where.. “What is it you want?” She asked it pleasantly; she needn’t turn to see the man’s face.. She knew who came with such disgust and disrespect.. But before he would leave, he would be torn; no physical harm, just mentally destroyed..

You took a man and his love for granted.. Now you have forsaken this man and his love.. Now you sit amongst the the finer things when he withers away in a cave; such a depraved state. It’s sickening.

She had always been amongst the finer things; then, now, and forever…

She shifted, staring at the lamp in the corner of the room; it was the only light; the fireplace of her office was dead, had been for a while. It was spring no need for heat, the chiller months were long gone and yet so near.  “Once more, I will ask. Then my kindness and patience will be fleeting. What is it.. That you want?” Her tone was light, saving the hissing for later..

Light foot steps moved to her right side, her gaze was casted to the left. 

Tell me why.. Why you saw fit to hurt him? He loved you—“

Alas she had gotten the question, the mere reason of this man’s distress. But the rest would make him a fool if she allowed him to continue on; it would be offensive and call for his physical destruction..

She looked up and narrowed her eyes; suddenly offended, but her voice was soft and distant, overly heartfelt words poured forth.. “He didn’t love me. Yet, I loved him. He found something that loved himself more than he could.. I mean he was an animal, let’s face that now.. He was a feral man. Nothing feral can love..” She looked back down and sighed, relaxing back in the chair. She put her head back too, closing her eyes. “So he latched onto me.. He drug me under.. I was trapped, drowning in it all with him. But I wasn’t expendable. No.. He had to let me back up for the briefest of moments so I could breathe. So I could regain myself and then he could pull me back under; lying to me and hurting me all over again..” She opened her eyes, biting her lip for a moment; her hands gripped the arms of the chair, claw-nails digging into the leather. “He hated defiance and that’s what I gave him towards the end. It drove him mad.. It drove him right back to being a feral man..” She looked back up to him, a seemingly painted look of pain on her face; could she possibly feel any.. Regret? Sorrow? Hurt? She was a vampire, weren’t they cold to the core? She continued before an objection could intervene.. I enjoyed watching the man I loved, wither away. I built him up and I destroyed him.” She narrowed her eyes, hissing. “It serves him right to have fallen to such a depraved state. He cannot latch onto another. He told me so.. He begged me not to go.. But he knew in the end; I do what I want. I am a conqueror by birth, that’s the joke nowI’m of Italian descent. I might as well.. I do leave blood, death, and fire in my wake..” She paused a moment, eyes glazing over as she recalled past memories.. “I always have. I always will. I will be here long after he dies..” She chuckled. “I pray he dies soon, I might get the urge to.. Eliminate the issue.” She smiled softly now, looking away..

The silence was deafening…

I hate myselfKnow this. I hate being a monster…” She hung her head. “We all deserve to lead happy lives and die.” A hand came up to her face and covered her eyes. “I wish, things were different; but they aren’t. And in this story, I wasn’t the monster. He was..” She shifted up and held her pregnant stomach. “All I did was love fearlessly and compassionately.”

She looked up to me. She looked up with the gentlest of gazes I had ever encountered from a vampire. She patted my shoulder and pressed her forehead to it before moving away like vampires do with such a graceful speed.. She was such a diplomatic, poetic, bitch. I hated her. I loved her. I wanted to destroy her. I wanted to protect her.

She had done no wrong, only what any scorned woman would. She protected her dignity, her children, her extended family, the way she knew how. Letting go. She played her cards right, fell in a pile of shit, came back up, smelling like a rose; she still despite it, came out on top… Stubborn gets you plenty a places. People need to understand this.

She was always stubborn and cunning; then, now, and forever.

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    Thank you very much.

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