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A Early Girl Before A War

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As Alyssa lay in her comfy bed, where she is all bundled up nicely with white blankets she waits. Much time had passed and time seemed to get nigh as she had just given birth to her firstborn baby girl Justice. The door slowly creeps open quite comfortably as Jasupa enters the slyly lightened room. He turns slowly not knowing if Alyssa was asleep, and he tiptoes to a nearby chair. Leaning back in a chair Alyssa looks to him with an exhausted smile as she had just woken up.  Her soft voice then speaks out and says :Alyssa: ¨ How long has it been?¨ :Jasupa: ” You have been out for a good couple of hours.¨ *. .Alyssa´s smile was warm which enlightened Jasupa* :Alyssa: ¨ And???¨ * She says looking into his forest green eyes that seemed to be voided and gravely unique* : Jasupa: “Ohh yeah, Justice is just fine and a nurse will be bringing her in a moment¨ * Jasupa smiles and suddenly the door opens and a nice looking women is holding little Justice. Justice was wrapped up in a small white cloth and she held her thumb in her mouth as a binky. As both Alyssa and Jasupa smile, the nurse walks up to both of them in a steady manner and rested Justice in the arms of Alyssa. Alyss looks up with a warm smile and says* ¨ Thank you miss¨ * The nurse strangely nods and then speaks* ¨ So far your baby is perfectly fine and healthy. We have noticed some strange effects for Justice but what do you fully expect out of supernatural beings like you and Jasupa. She is cute and fine, both of you will be here for a week or two making sure everything is fine.¨ * Jasupa then speaks up* : Jasupa: “What are we to do in those two weeks miss¨ * He says out of pure curiosity*  :Nurse: “You and Alyssa have to learn how to take care of this baby properly. Alyssa has to learn to breastfeed which is the healthiest option for the baby¨ : Alyssa: ¨ How so miss?¨ :Nurse: ” Well, for instance, the baby gets its full nutrition and that’s something a bottle can’t give a baby fully.  It also greatens the senesfull connection between the mother and the baby as they stare into the eyes of each other. Does that make sense”* The Nurse shifts her head to Alyssa* : Alyssa: “Yes mam it makes total sense¨ : Nurse: “Good then, I will leave you both alone then with you baby for a little while¨ * The Nurse smiles and then turns and walks out of the room. Justice was asleep as she sucked on her thumb. Jasupa hands a binky to Alyssa and Alyssa remove Justice’s thumb from her mouth. When she does so Justice breaths in heavily but it was cute. Justice then reaches her hand out as her eyes creep open just a tad. Jasupa leans over and says*:Jasupa: “Well I guess the little thing is awake.”* Alyssa giggles a little as she rubs Justices head lovingly and then puts the binky in her mouth. Justice then lifts her hand and grasps her binky and her eyes closed and t seems that she has fallen asleep again. Jasupa and Alyssa looks to each other with a smile*

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    1. Good Job! I really liked this short story

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