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A First Encounter

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There’s something in the way that there was absolute nothingness, while at the same time, so filled with everything when you’re flying through space. You know, for a fact, that it’s so damn vast, but, there is so much out there to explore and to see. 
So… How do you find that happy medium of not feeling so left alone, but not so claustrophobic?

Well, that’s the tricky part. You don’t just sit there and go, “Holy fuck- space is huge!” No… You go, “What the fuck is going to kill me? How am I going to get hit? What’s my nearest location to land?” Well, that’s what Rosha thinks about. It distracts her. And, as her writer, honestly, I can relate to. Maybe not everyone can understand that, just because it’s space, doesn’t mean you can always get away from anything that will try to kill or maim, or steal what you have. It’s really no different than being down on land.

So, as for our Rosha…

She had succsessfuly set up the start of the mining location on Planet 1. And, on her way back, she stopped at Hellifyno. Just for a land and get some air. Not that there was anything wrong with her ship, but, real and natural oxygen just fills the lungs. In a few minutes, it was back up she went, heading to the home base Olympus.

Now, on her travels, it was interesting. When she cut over the moons for Planet VI, she noticed that her radar was picking up something. She must have a loose wire?

“…What is that…?” Rosha said, leaning forward to tap at the flat screen that lit up with small floating things. “Debris?” Rosha heard a ‘THUMP’, a sound like something you would hear if you were submeged in water in a container, and how it some how echoed.

And then it multiplied.

Rosha jumped from her seat, leaning over the console to look up through the high tempered glass of her cargo ship, only to see the groteque form of a frosty and frozen looking person. Who was still moving and clawing it’s way along her ship.

“OH-Fuck no!!” Rosha leaned back down, her hands sliding across the screens. She didn’t think she needed the major shields up, she was just heading back to base. But, it seemed she was in for a brawl. So, Rosha kicked it into overdrive, her hands gripping the wheel, and her thumbs pressing for the flash shields to shoot out from the panels of the ship.

Thinking she should most likely call into base, Rosha tapped the board to the right, and yelled as she reached to buckle herself in, “This is Space Rat! The dead are flying up here! Be prepared if any come into orbit or end up on the rock!” Rosha groaned, the transmission still running.
This wasn’t good. Each time she barrel rolled the ship, knocking at least one off, another two would replace the one she just knocked off. She heard the prying of metal and froze, her black eyes wide. “What do I do… what do I do?? Shit… Damn it!” Rosha reached over, pulling on the camera for above up onto the panel. “Son of a bitch! GET. OFF. MY. SHIP!!!” Rosha turned the wheel, rolling it, and then the other way. But, the undead only held on. She seemed to be a magnet for them now, especially since she had a few already latched on. Soon, even the windshield was covered.

Across the flat screen directly in front of her, a flash of orange came up. At the same time, the camera to her left went black. “Security Surveillance down. Security Surveillance down.” A female, somewhat robotic voice echoed through the ship. “I just fucking put those in!!” Rosha spiraled the ship into orbit, to land right in Olympus Base. At least there, they have a crew to get rid of these things. Landing, somewhat gracefully, it would look as if the ship was covered in a moving mass of undead. Arms and legs, or some without.

Rosha was stuck in her ship, but, with the help of the base, she could get out of this little situation. Hopefully, with minimal damage done to her ship.


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