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A Flickering Memory. Part 2

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Tap, tap, tap.

The being pressed that damaged button more, aiming the controller at the TV set with a loud sigh. What more did this blasted thing had in store for it now? They relaxed more in that big chair, backed by nothing more than darkness and the bitter cold. The white noise grew louder, drowning out any mutters or sighs the creature made as faced the old television, staring into the constant static across the screen while it attempted to reach out for a signal.

Anything but that…

The light flickered from the box, darkness consumed the screen for a time. It caused the being sit forward, the remote falling from its grasp and clattering against the wooden floor, loudly. White dots clumped up together then spread across the darkened screen, dancing around one another as the television’s view zoomed in, focusing in on the center. There they were again, the couple from the dance. Embracing one another, they swung through the darkness, leaving more of those little white dots behind them. Each grew larger and larger by the second, soon drawing in their own little dots; the formation of planets happening right before the creature’s eyes.

“Stop.. Now.

A command came again, but this time the machine refused. No static, no white noise came, just the sweet sound of a violin played as they danced, carefree and laughing. Their joyous moment was interrupted though, as the stars around them slowly flickered away, fading into the darkness around them. Something was moving for them, a scream escaped the girl as the male moved to stand in front of her, acting like a shield against the void.


A voice spoke, no begged for the scene to fade from the screen, almost causing the creature to fall his seat. It was like a shadow swept over them both, knocking the male aside to encircle the free spirit attached to him.  They made an attempt to reach for one another, to hold each other’s hands before the end. Just as the two were about to make contact, the set was horribly smashed by a sudden projectile colliding with it, the projectile being that big, leather chair which once stood in the center of the room.

Silence swept over the building now, not even the television sparked at all. Not even the entity that sat in that very room made a sound… No, they weren’t even there now. It took mere moments for it to begin, a fiery inferno spread across the wooden surfaces, devouring everything in its path. While the house burned, eaten away by the constant hunger of the flame. A hooded figure quickly fled from the inferno, running through the fields with… Laughter?

“It ends now, at last. I shall be free!”

A dark sphere suddenly materialized above the house, growing rapidly to consume the burning building before it would be reduced to ash, disappearing into the void. Eventually, both the being and the sphere would be gone, leaving nothing left except a large crater where the building once stood, the fields around it seemingly untouched by the chaos from before.

It was nothing more than a memory now.

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  1. Magister Tempus 6 years ago

    Hehehe. I love it when people react to such little things. Warms my little black heart. Also you’re calling Teery a troll? You haven’t been here long have you?

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