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A Fracture in Time….

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It was late at night inside of Sanctuary when an odd purple portal opened, however the being that stepped out was not Xanu but an outsider. The odd being known as Ukkax roamed Sanctuary till finding one of the most sacred sites…The Temple of Time. Ukkax quickened his pace as another portal appeared, this time Xanu stepping out.
Xanu spotted the intruder rather easily and gave chase, “Stop intruder!” he yelled as he summoned his mythical blade. Ukkax would cast a shatter spell at the temple doors and rand inside. In the center of the temple stood three mythical stones…

The Earth Stone:

The Moon Stone:

and The Sun Stone:

These fabled stones could control space and time with no butterfly effects other than what the wielder specifically changed….and the trespasser was heading after the Sun Stone, the strongest of the three stones. Xanu, instead of charging the trespasser, would run after the Earth Stone and take it off of the pedestal at the same time the trespasser took the Sun Stone. Xanu looked over just in time to see Ukkax disappear in a golden portal. “……Great…..”

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