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A Gift and a Blessing.

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Vergil was seated upon his throne, a tall red headed woman seated upon the arm. His arm was around her waist and hers around his neck. Uriel looked around at the murals of herself on the walls and chuckled softly. “You will never change my beloved.”

“Never.” He whispered as his hand rose to draw her lower for a kiss. “Are you sure about this? I will not revoke it after the fact. We made this choice together.” Vergil raised his blue eyes to her green and stroked her cheek.

“Yes, I am sure. It will be hard I am sure, but they will find their way, my love. You are doing the right thing.” Uriel whispered as she stole another kiss from his lips. “Now, call them both. Do not make them suffer so.”

Nodding, a mental call was made to Cyprian, requesting his presence in the throne room and then with a gesture and thrust of his will, he pulled on that thread that connected him to his daughter and pulled her back. Black hellfire would find her wherever she was, wrapping around her and bringing her home.

Cyprian stepped into the room at the same time Eva appeared wreathed in black flames. They both exchanged surprised looks before looking forward. Eva gasped. It was not often that Uriel ventured into Hell. “Mom…” She whispered.

“Your father and I want to speak to you both.” She said gently and turned her gaze to her husband who rose and cleared his throat.

“Very well, after consideration, Cyprian, you are released from your tasks and position. You are no longer my second.”

There was dead silence as Eva and Cyprian looked between each other and the male spoke. “My Lord, what have I done to deserve this? I have been loyal in everything. I do not understand.”

“Well, I name you my Vassal instead. You will have your own castle and land to protect, a part of my own as it has grown too large to contain myself. You will take the regiment that you trained all these centuries as your army. You will be your own Lord but you will fall under my preview.” Vergil eyed Cyprian with an expressionless face. “Do you accept?”

“Of course… I … I am honoured my Lord.” He was stunned, confused and had no idea what else to say. “But.. why?”

“If you are to love and keep my daughter, you will need your own home, your own lands and your own army. You will need to protect her and yourself. However, I will not deny your loyalty all these centuries. For two thousand years you have been my right hand, you protected my daughter her whole life and you have always stood by her. I can not… We,” He took his wife’s hand and she rose to her feet, smiling at the tears that were spilling down her daughter’s cheek. “We can not deny you each other. It will not be easy. Heaven will not like the fact that the only Nephalem has chosen a Demon, it will cause a power shift, but we will both support you. We also believe the land we claimed from our friend,” He smirked, “will be too much for me to manage. By sectioning some to you, giving it to you, it will be better watched and protected.”

Uriel slipped from her husband’s side and kissed her daughter’s forehead before taking Eva’s hand and Cyprian’s setting them together, clasped. “If you need us, come to us…. Speak up and we will do all we can.” Eva nodded, her voice lost to her for a moment as she hugged her mother.  Cy nodded, looking shell shocked. “Now go both of you. You can use my city for the night, a room has already been prepared.” With that, Uriel herself Teleported them both out of Hell and to Heaven’s Reach, Uriel’s personal city that could only be entered by those with her blessing. Turning slowly, she smiled at her husband.  “I know that was hard. But it is the right course.”

Vergil sighed and slipped his arms around his wife and kissed her slowly, lingering over her lips for a long moment. “I pray that she never blames me, Uriel, I could not bare that. Not from her.” 

She stroked his face. “She will not. Eva is old enough and wise enough to know the truth of things. Besides, you set him free. You set them free. We will face what comes together. Now, how about…” Uriel started to draw him slowly from the room, a rather wicked look in her eyes. “You come to bed with me…”

His devilish grin brought laughter to Uriel’s lips before he swept her into his arms and teleported out of the audience chamber…

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