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A Golden Exchange

Dragon Egg
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“That’s very bold of you.”

“What is?” The little boy asked.

“To come up with such a bullshit story.” Letta scowled as her arms crossed and she tapped her foot. “Who the fuck lives in a tuba?” She felt she was wasting her time here, waiting in an enchanted forest for a guy who said he had a dragon egg she might be interested in, but instead, arguing with a little boy.

“I did. It wasn’t until Mother blew me out.”

“Maybe she should’ve spit you out..” She grumbled.


“Nothing..” Her head turned, as she heard the vibrant sound of a portal opening on a nearby boulder. The boom shook the shivering trees that blew softly with the winter’s breeze.

Crawling out, was a man in a cloak, blonde haired, and with something tucked securely in his arms. His glistening green eyes raised, “Ah. Michael. I see you beat me here for the delivery.”

“This lady says I didn’t come from a tuba.”

Which gained Letta a very accusatory look, but, nonetheless.. He approached her, with the egg being extended. “Now.. Your turn.”

And in his hand, as she took the golden egg that she stared with and marveled, she replaced the egg with a single blue sapphire. “I don’t know what it is with you and sapphires.. But when I find more, I’ll send them your way. I can’t thank you enough for this..”

“Just be sure to avoid the northern mountains for a few months.” The wizard winked. “Keep it warm.. Love it. And it will love you back.”

I sure hope so.

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