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A Helpful Guide Through the Marketplace

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Hellooo! An OOC blog from your friendly Tradelord of Persistence but I’m solely speaking as a vendor to novice vendor here. I’ve been trying to advocate for a section where the Marketplace has a special selection for a guide so I’ve decided to make my own. I know that this might get corrected which is great because I do need to be fact checked from time to time. Here’s a few things you need to know about the amazing new feature and what I have learned. 

What is the Marketplace:

The Marketplace is little digital shops ran by artists, crafters, and writers like us who wants to make some extra cash off of our creativity. The 10% cut that the site will get goes towards keeping this place running. While us vendors eats and provide clothing to our families, the site will be running for years to come. 


What do I Need to Get Started?:

Imagination, a Paypal account, and a Rolepages account to get started. On top of the tools and supplies you’re going to need to make epic stuff, of course.


How does Someone Become a Vendor?:

Really simple! Go to the “Store” tab and click on “Become a Vendor” to fill out your form. Teery (Dragon Teers) will accept it from there. Once you’re accepted, you can get started right away. 


What can I Sell?:

You can sell nearly anything from purses to plushies to stories to YHCs (Your Character Here). However, we do have some guidelines about that. We can only sell things that are at least a PG-13 level, nothing NSFW quite yet, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes, sex toys and accessories, and finally no licensed or trademarked items and characters because then we’d have this site shut down or just your shop, both are really, really, really bad. You can even create a tip system that you can put down at the end of each blog you write to help you along. All you gotta do is link it. 


What Shops are There?:

So far there’s all sorts of shops. I’ll list the examples of what we have so far since there’s only a few. I also am listing shops that I know are open except for one which is another venture of mine (as of 9/7/2019). You will see once you read it.

  • CraftySassy: CraftySassy is a needlepoint shop (as of 9/7/2019). I sell all sorts of things like plushies, dice bags, hats, knitting and crochet patterns, ect. I do have thoughts about expanding it to sewing and various of other crafty goodness but I need to make money off of yarn first before I can have some fun.
  • Maiden Company Arts: A two person team. 1 part draws, 1 part colors, both parts are awesome! I’m drooling over the more toony parts of it instead of the details and they do a wonderful job at making both things awesome. The person who I talked to was a really nice person. 
  • Narrator’s DM Shop: A shop with only one listing and it’s pricey. At $100.00, the DM will craft an amazing tale that will promise to knock your socks and be shockingly good. However, the main purpose of his shop is to inspire other DMs like myself to value their time, effort, and craft. So while that is the shop’s main purpose, you will still get a wonderful story tailored to you if you’re willing shuck out that money. All money from the sales will go to the Rolepages website. 
  • The Rolepages Store: A shop to get all sorts of merch that’s from the site itself. So far (as of, again, 9/7/2019) it is selling dice featured from the 2019 Cabincon’s LARP! You can see the heavy, massive dice that was placed in poor (not really poor) Aero’s noggin. The tiny dice that everyone else has gotten from their time there. The dice are beautiful! My son and I got some. I know more will be added soon. 
  • The Estranged and Broken Worlds Bookshop (EBW for short): This is the one where I sell short stories and various of other writings I have done. It’s not opened yet until I can find the perfect story to put in (as of 9/7/2019). I will be selling a series if anyone is interested. I won’t say much until it’s actually released but it does have vampires, magic, and various of other things. 

There are some stores that didn’t make the cut but that’s because they’re open yet (9/7/2019 was when this blog was written).  Once they will, you can be sure I’ll post about them too! I hope this helps. Happy writing, happy crafting, and happy doodling! 

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