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A Letter to You

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I screwed up, I fucked up. What ever you want to call it that is what I did. I am not sure what to do anymore, not sure what path to take anymore. I suck at being a hero, I suck at being a villain, I am not one to try and take over a place. I mean lets face it in the end you loss anyways, I could go around destroying things but really what good would that bring me.

What makes this worse is when you feel like you screwed up your whole being, way of life if you even had one. I mean I did have one at one put, I was simply neutral. I helped those that were my friends, but destroyed anyone or anything that tried to harm them or there family. I tried to make things black and white when in reality there is no black and white just different shades of grey.

I told you at one point I would be at the Red Sun and you simply sitting and listening. Now you are sitting there same bar same stool, I bet you wondering where I am at, might be thinking she made her choose to take her revenge on everyone and go about it. You are not far from the truth, I tried, I failed, I left.

This letter you are reading, I simply left it for anyone to find and you end up finding it reading it. Or you might not and continue on your way, being done much like I am. I hide way in Hellifyno, I could be anywhere, Red Sun, Blue Moon, Twin, even HellGate if I choose to. That is just it no one will fine me, I may one day appear again but as for now take this letter as my farewell. But just remember I have eyes and ears all over the place.

Yours Truly,

Lady Vixen 


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