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A Little Less Like you and a Bit More Like Me

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 He had only just laid down when suddenly a dull Oder had begun to wake him. . .It wasn’t until a few faint moments in which he realized This odor was no bad smell at all. . .They were yams,the smell of Oyster-Autumn dabbed in a homemade sweet sauce that drew every family in any village wild. . .And only one person the Tyrant ever knew,could have made such a creation. The Child jolted up in bed,his bangs ruffled over his bright eyes like a kid on Christmas morning and his mouth gaped in surprise

“Mum!” And A Swift grin flashed upon the child’s lips as he threw the many thick layers of covers off of himself and rolled carelessly out of the king sized bed. He struggled with the large iron door but eventually hauled it open enough to squeeze through and before you knew he was darting down the long,narrow hall and to such a child would seem it would never end. His eyes bright and excited,his feet bare and quick against the carpet and his pants hung on his legs like tattered rags but he didn’t mind, no boy then did. He gasped when finally he saw her,standing in all white at the end of the hall,short brown hair flowing and flashy hazel eyes brightly fixed on the lad now infront of her yet still out of reach. And Just when you thought his smile couldn’t get any bigger the Cheshire grin twisted wickedly upon his cheeks and he bolted full speed down the hall.

Without a word he reached past the last mirror and there Tyrant was in leather and black,orange-glare and all,towering over the young woman as he threw himself over her,his bulky arms flexed around her tiny figure and his fingertips clenched against her shoulders. He scrunched himself tight around her and buried his face in her beautifully scented hair…she smelled of herbs and woodland and she knew Very well within her gasp of surprise and heavenly chuckle her son would never let go unless she tapped his shoulders over. He finally loosened his grip from her,the orange tint in his eyes were dim down,almost a brown even as he pulled away,his eyes wide and cheeks damp staring down at her with content and shock

“How did you. . .”

“Sh…My son,It doesn’t Matter. . .I’m here,now aren’t I?” She gave him a warm winters smile and that flashy boyish grin crossed his teeth which were..not so wicked.

“w-….you’re here…you found me. . .I don’t Understand I thought-”

“Shhh…”She hushed him once again,this time she reached up and gently cupped his face with her warm hands,dad’s wedding ring choked her finger like an ice cycle and had he stayed in her touch any longer before drawing away.

“I. . .I don’t know. . .what to say- wo…please,you must be starving. . .I’ll have Thackery make us something”

“Oh,Dearie,that won’t be necessary. . .”

“You’re my guest,I Insist.” He smiled lightly urging her to stay and after a moment of pondering she finally nodded with a sigh. “Okay. . .”

He almost bounced and clapped but he didn’t,he instead offered an arm and she nodded looking up at him,proud of her son’s manners by the look and linked her arm with his,he gave her own a pat and they headed downstairs.

Once they were sitting and eating,Tarrant at his spot at the end of the table,His mum on the other side,many dishes piled inbetween;each filled with various meats,vegetables,cakes,sweets,drinks,teas and so called foods,the room smelled delish and as they began to eat Thackery ran through to them each to fill there glasses

“Thank you,” She nodded to the rabbit who was then dismissed

“Mmm,Mum you should have made this whole meal…” He grunted with a mouth full,none less stuffing his face with bordagove and yams in the process. He noticed her glance and nodded wiping his mouth quickly and smiling slightly

“Apologize Ma’am…S-….” He cleared his throat,and washed his mouth down with wine and after a seconds pause seeing her glance around at the queen’s wall designs he spoke again slowly.

“How do you like the place mum? I cleaned up well didn’t I. . .Better then you and Dad expected no?” His lips almost twitched into a challenging smirk but when he noticed her expression fix back on him it wasn’t at all the one he expected.

“Son. . .” She began slowly,Causing him to lower his silverware that he ever-so-often used.

“Yes mum? wh-what is it? Is something wrong?” he blinked,Then furrowed a brow chewing the edge of his jaw,

“Did Thackery keep the meat under cooked…or is it the wine? I told him to keep it at room temperature EXACTLY-” She cut him off with a hand raise and shake of the head

“It’s not the wine.” Her voice was calm. He swallowed slowly and watched her;his glance a mix with anxiety and concern,

“Then what-”

“Tarrant. . .” She spoke,His eye brows shooting up in surprise when her hazel glance met his own

“That is what they call you now,no? Or…Tyrant? Perhaps. . .”

“Well,yeah but-”

“Son,you said you were going to make us proud. . .Your Father sent YOU away because he thought you could do better…be something…More- that you-”

“No! Mum! He hated me! He- He even said so it-”

“/Andrew/” She huffed sternly,causing him to stop in mid argument,If it were anyone else she would have been flung through the wall but he immediately recoiled,silence broke as she finished slowly,

“That you could do better. . .”

“But Mum. . .” He protested,his tone strained out assuming she were finished,his last words slow and damp,

“This is. . ./Better/”

She shook her head and shouted,

“No! Look what you are doing! These walls they REAK of BLOOD,You,My SON,WREAK OF BlOOD. You Show NOTHING,Of Mercy or Anything- You’ve Shredded,and did- ALL OF THIS! My Gods,Andrew,This. IS NOT. BETTER.” She shot up,her finger stamping on the table as she finished,

“WE did This To fix- to HELP you. And All you did Was Chase off- That girl- Ace-”

“How did you-”

“She ran,EVERYONE. you RAN AWAY. You’ve proven nothing-”

“That’s not true! I-”

“You’ve SOILED our GRAVES Then BLAMED /US/ When ALL. I DID. Was LOVE YOU. . .You can’t even Love me,And I’m YOUR MOTHER.”

“Mum I D-”

“You’re a disappointment.” She croaked,shuffling for a tissue,He stared at her in shock,half way out of his chair and jaw gaping,had he the heart she’d hear it snap. He stared at her for what seemed like forever in pain and after a second of silent sniffling she went on softly.

“You said…you wished…To Be…a Better man,Then your father. . .but you. . .The way your handling this. . .the way you’re treating these girls- That Girl-. . .You’re JUST. Like. him.”

Her voice trailed,small even but yet still had a firm touch to it and now his claws had outgrown against the table again and like that he threw them out from under him and lunged across the silverware and tableware like a wild cat,His eyes snapped that amber orange again as he jerked himself to his feet and shuffled aside the dishes growling furiously as he lunged and grabbed her by the throat,flinging himself on her until the chair had tipped and every strength he had was choking her

“I. . .Am /Nothing/ Like. Him.” He strained,his voice cracked within his stern words and his glare burned when tears filled his eyes,few left and through the managing gasp she worked up a small smile,

“I know son. . .” she croaked horsely,bringing her bane tipped silver-blade up from behind him and quickly lodging it up his gut,” I Know. . .” She whispered as He hissed out in pain and let go of her. The chair tipped a bit again as he rolled off of her and onto the floor,gasping as he grabbed the hilt of the dagger to pull it out,As he struggled she slowly rose from her seat and slimly slid around it to watch him,her eyes low,darker even. He rolled on his back scooting away and digging the blade out looking up at her as he moved,she only advanced,her tone threating at the least

“it was silly of me to say you were Like your father…Because You’re right. . .” As she went on he ran out of room to scoot away,until she were transforming in front of him,going on slowly,

“You’re not like him. . .you’re Just. . .” His eyes widened at her change now,the wider curves and slick movements,the wicked smirk and glowing red hair as she leaned to cup his face;He realizes her now. . .She’s the queen. . .No,She was dead. . .He Killed her,he narrowed his eyes slowly,

“Like. . .” She smirked and finished with a huff that jolted him from the nightmare- /Me/

“Gahhhaahhh!!” He hissed in anger; his entire body stumbled out of bed and flung himself against the vanity. His reflection sneered at him and his fist met the glass repeatedly. It cracked again and again,then shattered,again and again. Until had he hit it were there was no mirror left and a gaping hole where it once was,or would be.

“I. AM NOT. FUCKIN. LIKE YOU!” He snarled again between each punch,until not a shard of glass was left untouched and lodged into his knuckles,He shook the dresser and snarled pulling away to throw one of the drawers out. And After a second of sheer destruction,the madness kicked in and he dusted the broken shards off slinking against the wooden pole of the bed,a wide wicked grin showed off his deadly mouth of fangs,he tilted his head back letting his damp curly locks curl against him as he shrieked in a cruel laughter and slowly covered his face,his darkened claws sunk against his skin as he cried out

“I’m /Better/”

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