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A Mothers Task

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Dr. Alexandra Danvers & Diana Prince

Location: Themyscira (Them-mes-skera)
Couple of hours after a smaller ritual

Themyscira. Or more commonly referred to as Paradise Island, was a place that both Alex Danvers and Jim Kirk had visited more than once during their many adventures. Today was… different. An offer had been made by Diana a while ago. More specifically – one to Alexandra Danvers. Although it was one that was equally offered to James Kirk. One that Diana had deemed necessary for her own sake and therefore wished to extend it to two people that were very dear to her. While she may not always be present, Diana had to come to care a great deal for James and his Crew. Wonderful people.

Birds were chirping, animals were making thier respective noises. Ones that were only native to Themysicra. This island had a unique set of flora and fauna. In truth – the island itself was very unique. Peace and harmony felt so natural. As if it was in the very air they breathed. There were times in the past, during visits with her fiance where she had meditated and it was definitely an entirely different experience.


The sun was what started to wake her up. Warm yet tender. At times she wondered why she wasn’t scorched by now. Unlike Kara she didn’t have that fancy solar radiation absorbation. Which could mean she burned easily. This did not seem to be the case here on Paradise Island, however. Eyes flicker open in the bed she was currently in. Hazel eyes looking around. She was dressed in a dark green tanktop, followed by her black DEO tactical pants. Only thing missing was the long-sleeved shirt that came with it, along with the belt and boots. They were right next to the bed however.



”Diana?” Danvers spoke, having only see the Amazon Princess that was their friend and crew member.

A smile was given to Danvers once she heard the words. ”I am relieved to see you awake already.” At this point a glass of water had been poured up for the woman. ”You must be thirsty.” Diana offered the glass to the Doctor as she sat down next to the bed.

”Big time.” She chuckled and accepted the glass, finishing it rather quickly too. Followed by a well-earned AHH. Setting the glass aside, she resumed laying down. ”You okay?” She was asking if Diana was okay, where Diana should have asked Alex that very same question.



”Yes, I am well.” Diana nodded with a smile. ”What of you?” Generally speaking, not specifically after the smaller ritual.



That required some thinking. Fortunately for her she wasn’t having a bad case of headache. Her hazel eyes looked around the room, the walls, the ceiling. Her body didn’t even feel numb. So the ritual must have gone well, she assumed. Thinking. Pondering. About a number of things. ”I don’t feel anything.” Alex admitted and looked to Diana. ”Is that normal?”

A chuckle escaped Diana’s lips then. ”It is indeed normal, Alexandra.” It would mean it had worked wonders. ”I have informed both you and James of how it works. I believe you wish to tell Kara as well.” Just a suggestion, though.

She would want to do that. And so she nodded. ”Yeah.” Something that caught her eye though was the fact that Diana wore that armor. The one from D-Day. Unless it was a new one. How strange. Diana got it back? When? How? ”Your armor…” Alex uttered.



Diana could not really explain that. To a degree, she could but not fully. And so she chose not to. ”There are things you should know. About the Gift that you and James are having.” Not The Force, yet it was close. Since that was also called The Gift at times. This was Their Gift she was referring to. ”Considering you and James are… well, I would not consider you human anymore.” As in the species. They were something else now. But they valued human traits. So they were human in that sense. ”This means that you will more than likely give birth sooner. Due to the power that you both possess.” Quite right. It wasn’t unheard of that powerful beings gave birth much sooner.



A lot to process right then. While they had not lost their humanity, Diana was probably right. She and Jim were… something else now. Something more. Due to their powers. The others things had been mentioned before, so it was something she had heard not too long ago. ”I imagine that Our Gift is harnessing the power that flows within.” Not to mention the Super Blood. Along other things. Both she and Jim have a neat set of goodies. ”How soon?”



Nodding. ”Exactly. It is harnessing some of the power. Which rightfully belongs to your child, mind you.” Much like it was getting food and drink that Danvers ate and drank, it was also getting power. ”It could happen at any time officially speaking.” Yep. Could happen in a few hours or a few days. ”At this rate I would say a month.”

”A– a month?” Oh dear! That was soon. By that time, the child would be on par with that of a 9 month old. Adding the powers… Super Blood… and more. ”Wow. Jim’s going to be surprised for sure.” Although there was a smile on her lips now. In truth – the sooner the better. Once the child was born, it would be easier to partake in missions but also to care for their child.



Diana laughed lightly at the comment. Or was it shock? She couldn’t tell. ”And until then, your child will be safe.” As safe as could be. This would work. ”Tell me how you feel about becoming a mother? How does Jim feel?” Curious. Interested. Diana likes babies. Steve can confirm this to be true.



How did she feel? A number of things, really. A mixture of feelings. Jim was probably feeling them as well. ”I’m overjoyed. I truly want this. With him.” To be a mom, have a family. Father, mother and child. ”At the same time it sucks. Being away from him for so long.” She had made a promise though. To herself and also Jim. ”Our child will have their father. My father was gone for 14 years. George Kirk was gone for 40.” Not their child. It would have a loving mother and father. ”I’m not letting that happen.” As for Jim, well… ”He’s overjoyed as well. The moment I told him, he jumped out of the chair and shouted.” Another smile then. ”Happy, protective, sweet. He’s everything to me.” There was no Danvers without Kirk. Their child would have a father, mother and aunt.



Diana could relate to Alex on that. Definitely. So she nodded in understanding. No judgement or questioning whatsoever. ”The woman is just as protective as the man is.” Something that was not always known to people. A warm smile then. ”You will both make wonderful parents.” They belong together, deserve to be happy.

”I just…” Danvers started. ”I gotta be there. With him. Now with two Sith on our tails…” She sighed. ”It’s like a game of rock, paper scissors.” Alex liked that comparison. ”Kara can’t keep up with them.” To a degree, she could. But not full on. Had to be them – gotta be them.



”I understand. And while I would advice against it, I cannot stop you. However…” Diana said as she now stood up. ”I will be giving birth. Soon. Rather soon.” She allowed that to sit. ”After such, I am able to offer more direct assisstance.” She could hold her own against a Sith. Wouldn’t be the first time. ”This summer was not the first time I have encountered Dark Force users.” Though she wasn’t revealing much by saying that. Just that she had seen them before. Possibly fought them, too. Yet it was kept vague.



What was Diana saying? She had been in contact with Sith before? The Force? And the armor. Had she infiltrated them and took it back? ”Wha–” But she was interrupted.



”What would you rather have? Boy or girl?” Diana changing the topic. Totally cool. What she does, is not upto anyone though.

Despite the change of topic, it was welcomed. What Diana had mentioned may come to light eventually? Who knows. ”A boy.” She always imagined herself and Jim having a boy. ”I want to have a son.” Not that she would love a daughter any less, mind you. ”We’ll find out soon. And then we’ll go over names we like.” She wanted to do that. All of it. There were tears of joy present now. Because it was genuine. Not to mention she is pregnant, so emotions are more frequent. ”I love him so much. There’s so much I want to see and do with him.” Smiling. Yet tears of joy being very much there. She already had one name for a son that she rather liked.



A boy. Diana could see the two having a boy. Perhaps a Cornelius? The name would be interesting to see. All of it would be interesting to see. Diana approached Alexandra and patted her shoulder. ”You are the perfect couple.” Meant for eachother. ”Here is hoping you will have a son, then.” Then she removed her hand. ”You should shower and get changed. Since we will be leaving soon.”

With that, Diana left said room and allowed Alex her space. Out of the bed she went and grabbed the bag with extra clothes. She had packed, since she didn’t know for how long she would be gone. Only a couple of hours, it turned out.

She slipped out of her clothes and stepped into the shower. All while thoughts popped up inside her head. Worries. Fear. Force Stealth had been utilized since before she set foot here. Kara mentioned recently that they had to make more friends, more allies. If they didn’t, their enemies would pile up. Was she right? Danvers was of the opinion they had to make the enemy pay for what they did. Especially the Sith. For what they did to Jim… to Diana…

Her hair was somewhat shorter now. A haircut she had gotten for the wedding. After a long, warm shower she stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself, looking at herself in the mirror.



‘A soon to be mother, a soon to be wife. Sometimes I think it’s but a dream. To be this happy. To have found MY guy. On a new planet we met. Jim Kirk and Alex Danvers. Our eyes met on that bridge one night. For the first time.’
‘I knew then that he was the one. Always the one.’
‘I’m here because of him. I’ve come this far because of Jim.’
‘All the things we’ve gone through. All the things we’ll get through.’
‘Together. Happy. Strong.’
‘As wife, as husband. As father, as mother.’
‘My beloved James Tiberius Kirk.’

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