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A Necessary Deterrent

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~A Special Announcement~
Olde Watch’s Far Watch, the defense force dedicated to protecting Hellifyno’s Solar System beyond the Asteroid Belt, has now established a blockade beyond the orbit of Planet VIII in order to keep any and all persons from reaching Planet IX and its undead, Void-infected inhabitants. 
Olde Watch will consider any and all persons that violate this blockade as a threat to the peace in the solar system. Aero of ALL Corp has signed a written agreement that he will not violate this blockade. If he does so, Olde Watch will immediately act as necessary to preserve peace.
The discussion that led to this announcement can be found below.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 08:26PM
High above the planet was the mighty vessel known as the Black Sparrow floating in orbit directly above the wondrous city of Olde Watch. Ever since her appointment as General of Olde Watch, the woman known as Franziska Krieger had spent day after day monitoring… well. A lot of things. The colonies, mostly, specifically Olde Watch I, the Lunar Colony, and Olde Watch IV, as well as keeping a watch over the prime city of Olde Watch itself. Nothing of note happened since she’d directed the Inner Watch to watch over these planets, while the Far Watch was escorting the beginnings of other settlements and explorers in and beyond the asteroid belt. All in all… she enjoyed the quiet.
8/05 08:30PM
And ping. Silence interrupted by the ALL Corporations request for a face to face with the General. The moment the ping was received the ALL Corp luxury yacht was now noticable and ebbing closer and closer to the Black Sparrow. It was accompanied by two slightly larger fighter ships as well. They seemed to not be hostile at the moment.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 08:35PM
Franziska herself was currently in deep ‘meditation’ on the bridge of the ship. “General, we have a request from ALL Corp for a face to face meeting?” With some annoyance, the steely eyes of Krieger opened, looking at the communication request. Picking up her glasses that sat in her lap, she sighed. “Tell them they can send a shuttle to our docking bay, and then they’ll be escorted to a meeting chamber.” With that, the General stood and made her way to said chamber while everything was relayed to the yacht.
8/05 08:40PM
And with that the yacht released a small shuttle that made haste to the specified docking bay. And upon landing the door would open allowing the CEO of the ALL Corporation to exit wearing his suit and tie. His silver cane in hand. His single wing folded behind him. He was alone as he stepped off and followed the escort to the meeting chamber. All the while he was looking around… curiosity filling him.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 08:43PM
Aero found himself greeted by a small party of armed guards that led him further into the ship, to a lift, and then down corridors, up stairs, into another hallway, then they took a left, then a right, and finally got to the meeting chamber. It was a large room, with a table for at least a dozen or more people, and at one end of it was General Krieger herself. “Mister Aero.” She said his name as a greeting, standing as he entered. “Seems there is something you wanted to discuss. Well. Here I am. Face to face with you. Take a seat.”
8/05 08:45PM
He smiles. “Hello miss General Krieger…” he moves to take a seat across from her as his cane vanishes. “I have something to run by you… firstly I know you have a dislike of the Void…. so… What are your opinions on the red headed Alysha girl? And on planet nine?” He leans back in his seat a bit. His wing wriggling a bit.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 08:50PM
“It is simply ‘General’, Mister Aero, not ‘Miss General’…” She took her seat again, a look of disdain already on her face as she looked at him. “Alysha Schonherr, recently found in the custody of the Scion of Hellifyno, Anthem Kishimoto? One who was directly involved with the Soulless, who infiltrated my city-state’s government and turned us against the rest of the planet by weaponizing bigotry, paranoia, and hatred for magical beings? I do not trust her, due to her obviously disturbed psyche… but I do not hate her. It isn’t my job to let my opinions affect my job performance.” Her metallic gaze looked just over his shoulder at his wing. “I understand you have a history with her. One of intense antagonism. As for Planet IX, I am obviously even less fond of the monsters that dwell there, and I can firmly say that I DO hate them… And this all begs the question of why you’re asking me this.”
8/05 09:02PM
He leans forward against the table a bit and puts his hands in the pyramid position. “Well General Krieger… I intend on making a trip out to planet nine… hopefully to reduce the population… maybe claim the planet… and afterwards potentially do something about Alysha…” he hums in thought a moment before continuing. “I’m not asking for your aid… I’m just letting you know so you stay in the loop..” he smiles some.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 09:07PM
“Mister Aero, I am going to say this…” The General put her hands flat on the table. “I recommend that you leave Alysha Schonherr alone. The Scion of Hellifyno is watching over her, I think attempting to rehabilitate her. Also, unlike her, you are not a leader of a city-state. You are just the leader of a very large business. How does it look for you, a businessman, to go about waging war on a city-state? I think it would send a very bad message, regardless of that city-state or their leader’s past actions. If you ‘do something about her’, I suspect you’ll be putting yourself in direct conflict with Anthem Kishimoto, who, if you aren’t aware, is a major figure on Hellifyno due to her status as a kind of spiritual guardian for the entire planet. It would be in your best interest to not make an enemy of her, at my highest recommendation. Not only is she a good woman with outstanding moral fiber, but many people respect her as well for the amount of lives she has saved, particularly when it comes to the population of Void-possessed creatures from Planet IX.”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 09:08PM
“When it comes to said creatures from Planet IX… I am glad you told me your intentions, because I believe, effective immediately, I’ll need to implement a blockade out there, in order to keep people away.”
8/05 09:19PM
He smiles some. “I couldn’t care less who miss Kishimoto is… or what she’s done. And I don’t intend on starting a war with her… no.. I simply intend to retrieve what was stolen from me.” He wriggles his single wing. “I’m sure even you can see how foolish an endeavor it is to try and rehabilitate the child… but I intend to leave that alone… all I want is what she owes…” he then rose an eyebrow. “I hope you dont intend on keeping myself away as well… do you?” He asks before squinting a bit. “I’m acting with the best intentions for the planet of Hellifyno…”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 09:23PM
“You think NOTHING of the woman that SAVED this planet from the Void scourge YOU wish to attack yourself?” Krieger cocked an eyebrow. “You think NOTHING of the woman that fought against another dangerous threat that you have a history of associating yourself with?” With a wave of her hand, the table between them lit up, showing a holographic display. Images of Anthem and Alysha appeared, as well as the Void beings from Planet IX themselves… And also the form of Ruby BloodFang. “You think NOTHING of a guardian of the people of Hellifyno? Do you really think that just because you’re some manner of divine or formerly divine creature that you are better than a person that, if I’m understanding it correctly based off of my research, has a direct relationship with the entity known as Gaia, the life-force of this planet, who directly opposes the Void, which, again, are the same creatures you’re intending to attack?”
“Mister Aero, I suggest you speak with Anthem Kishimoto about what you wish from Alysha Schonherr that doesn’t involve attacking New Dawn or ending any lives unnecessarily. I’ve just sent the order for the Far Watch to start instigating a blockade around Planet IX. Any ship that isn’t one of our own that comes near to that blockade will be warned off, and then fired upon. I will NOT tolerate foolish actions against a threat like that from an organization not prepared to handle it properly.”
8/05 09:33PM
He rose an eyebrow. “I didnt say I dont think anything of her… I said I dont care… yes she’s incredibly impressive… but I dont care… and please dont speak about my dealings with ruby as if you know the entire situation…” he sighs a bit. “And please dont assume my pride comes from my holy origin… I’ve abandoned that life long ago… and I never said I’m better than anyone… please stop insinuating that I’m a narcissistic wannabe king…” he taps his fingers on the table a bit. “And I’m actually intending to help the whole Gaia situation…” and now he sighs again. “And I would speak to Kishimoto however like most on this planet she bases most of her actions on her emotions and can’t think reasonably…” and now he leans back in his seat again. “Please dont unnecessarily start a conflict between us… I just need to reach the planet… dont worry. I wont blow it up or anything stupid like that.. I just need to do some digging..” he says with a sigh.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 09:41PM
“Mister Aero, I fail to see the reasoning behind your actions. Your language and wording does not give the impression of much thinking based on reason. You, sir, are not in any circumstance, prepared to handle the threat of Planet IX yourself. I do not think your own armed forces have the numbers, the firepower, the resources, or the training to handle such a threat. Allowing you to go to Planet IX will either cause unnecessary death for your employees, or it will spark another invasion from Planet IX. I’d rather avoid such a thing.” Still with her eyes locked on Aero, she tapped the table again, and it brought up an image of Planets VIII and IX; the outer solar system. A few shapes, meant to signify Far Watch ships, moved out to the orbit of Planet VIII, and were shown holding position between it and Planet IX. “This blockade is also to prevent those creatures from reaching us in the event of Alysha Schonherr speaking true about some ability to ‘control’ these things. If you attack her, anger her, provoke her, they may invade at her whim in order to strike back at you and everybody nearby. I will not allow that.” Adjusting her spectacles, Krieger shook her head. “Mister Aero, you were at my peace summit. I am dedicated to PEACE. I am going to ENCOURAGE peace. And peace is not sustainable while others act recklessly, foolishly, and without any reason. But, by all means, attempt to persuade me.” She sat back in her chair, crossing her legs. “What are you wanting to dig for on Planet IX? And what do you actually hope to gain by ‘dealing with’ Alysha Schonherr, but by not also ‘dealing with’ Ruby BloodFang?”
8/05 09:52PM
He rose an eyebrow. “I.. have Intel of the seed of life… being buried on planet nine… and I’m not doing this myself… I have contracted the assistance of Ruby Bloodfang…. and I’m working on gathering more assistance… I was not intending to simply attack the planet tomorrow… I’m preparing for now… getting things together… as for Alysha she owes me more than my wing… on behalf of the citizens of Hellifyno she deserves some sort of reprimanding… be it seizing her assets or something of that nature. Nobody is satisfied with..” he does air quotes. “Rehabilitation… and I need my wing back of course…” he says before tapping his finger on the cane that appeared at his side again. “And as for Ruby Bloodfang she’s only really useful for her military strength… so I have no reason to trade with her when not doing something of this nature..” he says with a slight shrug. “I understand its difficult to see and I’m sure it must be even more difficult for someone as yourself to not be in control of it… but I’ve got cogs turning. Pieces are being set in place for this…” he smiles some. “And you can keep the blockade up… just dont expect me to not move that way… I’d think it would be best for your blockade to allow our forces through…”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 09:59PM
“No one was satisfied with punishing you. No one was satisfied with punishing us.” Franziska rested her head in her hand for a moment. “Have you people never heard about patterns or cycles of behavior and violence? If we are constantly trying to punish each other, to reprimand each other, we’ll never know peace, and people will continue to die.” Gesturing about the room, the General looked about as if she had lost something. “Do you see that? Do you hear that? Nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing of overwhelming alarm. An attack from orcs that was dealt with, though there may be more behind it. A few dangerous upstarts causing a fuss in the local taverns, inns, and whatnot. Have there been any invasions? Have there been incidents of large-scale mass slaughter that threatens the fabric of reality itself? No. And I wonder why… Because we are not, at the moment, at each other’s throats, nor do we have something at our collective throat, Mister Aero. Are you willing to risk all of that because you’ve been handicapped?” She stood up now, her expression darkening. “Do you not forget that Ruby BloodFang played a hand in the death of one of my dear family members? Do you not forget that the Soulless that live in New Dawn were responsible for what befell MY Olde Watch? Do you not FORGET… that there are many, many, many people out there in the world that have been done wrong by so many of us, and yet… is punishment the answer for these slights?”
“Understand, Mister Aero, that while I am alarmed by what you’ve said here, Olde Watch’s promise of not instigating conflict remains. But if you approach that blockade with intent to pass, you will be considered hostile.”
8/05 10:09PM
He released a sigh before standing as well. “That’s quite unfortunate…. to think you General Krieger would fail to see the importance of trade… the importance of payment… letting people take what they want and be treated as if they didnt just commit a crime.. yeah its peaceful now… but what about when Ruby. Or Alysha realize they can invade all they want because all they get in return is a slap on the wrist? That’s childish thinking… there’s no order here… and I thought Olde Watch would understand its importance…” he adjusts his wing a bit. “How do you handle the thieves in Olde watch? Tell them ‘bad. Dont do that again.”? He asks before shaking his head. “And now this conversation has gone so far off the rails your upset about the side note… I see now that you are also a creature lacking logic.. and I’ll not heed your words until the hour we arrive at the blockade…” he says before tapping his cane once and turning to move for the door. “It was a pleasure speaking with you Moss General Krieger..”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 10:16PM
“As soon as either Miss BloodFang or Miss Schonherr act against the wishes of the people of Hellifyno on a massive scale, and we are asked to help, they will receive more than a slap on the wrist, Mister Aero, rest assured of that. That was also part of what I said at the peace summit, though now it is clear to me that, even though you were among the first to speak up, you did not listen.” Smoothing her hair over, Krieger walked around to his side of the table. “Speak not of how we handle things in Olde Watch, when you do not care to listen to what I’ve said. I think perhaps, that I have not been made clear, and maybe you require… a firmer hand than I’ve been wanting to wield.” And with that, a metal panel slid down over the door, blocking the exit. “What do you want me to do to show my conviction? Detain you? Scramble fighters to surround your yacht so that it cannot flee? Jam communications between your ship and any others you may have? Are you prepared, Mister Aero, to fully test what I will do in order to protect my planet from YOUR lack of logic? You are speaking about going to an extremely volatile place that will mean the death of you, and perhaps mean the death of many others after you are too dead to care.” She sighed, and just tapped her own cane on the floor. “I suggest you either give me your word that you’ll abide by the blockade… or I’m going to need you to take a seat, Mister Aero. You’ll find it quite hard to leave via teleportation, as well as quite hard to notify any guards that might be waiting for your return on your yacht, because yes, I am jamming both capabilities at the moment.”
8/05 10:30PM
He stands there staring at the door a moment before turning to face her. “I listened… that’s part of why I agreed…” he begins stepping towards her. “I just fail to believe you would follow through like most of the ‘leaders’ of the planet… that’s also why I stated that ALL Corp will assist in keeping Olde watch in check.” Now standing directly before her. His eyes on hers. “Dont act so high and mighty because you claim to have good intentions… I didnt come here asking your permission… I came to let you know what was happening… and to ask if you’d like to assist… and I’m actually a bit annoyed that you believe we’d fail… and I say we because it’s not just going to be my company but a force of the planet… heck maybe after the Scion hears of what’s up there she’ll take part as well..” he says softly before leaning against his cane. “And I’m not going to try and flee…” he said flatly.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 10:36PM
“Your annoyance of my lack of faith in you is born either out of your ignorance… or your enlightenment to things that we are unaware of, Mister Aero. Given what I do know about you, it is definitely the former instead of the latter. You are simply not equipped. Are you aware that the Void INFECTS people? Twists them? Turns them against their own, all in the name of bringing death to all in the name of ‘release’? And yet you stand before me as if you know how to defeat that.” She shook her head. “You even stated you care nothing for the Scion, as well, and are interested in acting against the interests of her ward, Alysha Schonherr. I doubt you’d ask her for help, because it would likely mean having to also ask her for permission to punish the aforementioned Miss Schonherr. The only person you’ve given me any indication of working with is Ruby BloodFang, an individual also not suited to combat the Void, who the Scion has opposed in the past.” The General stared at Aero in disbelief. “YOU, sir, are the one with false declarations of good intentions. You’re merely acting in your own self-interest, not for the good of Hellifyno. And because of that, you are hereby detained until you sign a written agreement to not approach the Planet IX Blockade.”
8/05 10:50PM
“I am doing this on behalf of Gaia…” he says with a grumble. “And you seem to know only what most do about me… and that is quite minimum…” he says before sighing. “And I’m not intending to discuss anything with the Scion about Alysha until after the ordeal…” he looks her over. “And as I said before I am still putting things together… I’d suggest deciding on whether I’m well equipped or not once we meet outside your blockade.. it’s only fair…” he says with a smile. “I mean… your shooting me down before I even take off here..”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 10:53PM
“I’d suggest you being realistic about your capabilities. What I SEEM to know does not equate to what I am actually aware of, Mister Aero.” Krieger’s eyes narrowed at him. “If you’re doing this on behalf of Gaia, then sign the agreement, and immediately contact the Scion.” Franziska gestured to the table, where a digital document appeared on the surface. From a pocket, she produced a pen of sorts, and handed it to him. “If I receive council from her and her alone that whatever force you assemble can recover what you’re looking for without unleashing the threat of Planet IX on the rest of us, then I will allow your release.”
8/05 10:56PM
He smiles. “That’s something I can work with..” he says before moving over to the table… however he began to read the document. The entire thing. Because you should never sign anything without reading every single word on the document. “You’ve made this discussion quite tedious for no reason..” he says with a huff as he read it.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 10:59PM
“I believe you don’t actually know what the word ‘reason’ means, Mister Aero.” The document essentially read as such – by signing, Aero and ALL Corp agreed to not pass by or come within range of the Planet IX Blockade, and that doing so would result in the cessation of all ties between ALL Corp and Olde Watch that were established during the recent summit. Passing or coming within hostile range of the Planet IX Blockade would mean that ALL Corp is a hostile threat to the safety of the solar system, and Olde Watch would be able to act in all means necessary to end their threat, be that imprisonment or death to all parties until hostilities ended.
8/05 11:02PM
“I request that you amend the last statement. Instead of all parties I request that its only myself that receive the threat label..” he says before looking up at her. “And If I remember correctly threats were to be determined by the world leaders.. not just you..” he says softly before scooting back from the document so she can amend it if she agreed.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 11:06PM
“No. Threats to the individual city-states and our ability to intervene is left up to the respective city-state leaders. The same applies to colonies.” Krieger made a motion at the table, and a projection of the solar system appeared. “There are colonies on some, but not all planets in the solar system. A few moons have colonies as well. Most of it, however, is empty space, unclaimed, though shared by us all. Olde Watch does not need permission to safeguard itself and thus its neighbors from threats within and beyond the solar system. We consider the act of provoking Planet IX’s inhabitants as a threat, because they are themselves a threat, and so those that provoke will be treated as a threat.” She paused for a moment… “Consider it… as if you are a child with a baseball, being told by your parent to not toss it at a wasps nest, for fear that the wasps will sting you and everyone else in your family, and yet you throw it anyway… We are prepared to… paddle you in order to prevent that action.”
“Those under your command, as well as your allies, that act with you regardless of the lack of sense it makes will be punished as well, not just you.”
8/05 11:12PM
He shakes his head. “Then I can’t sign this… people are doing this because of things I have offered them. There only doing this for me… they have no intentions of doing this themselves….” he paused. “Add this then.. ‘however should I dismiss my allies before or as hostilities begin they shall be permitted the lack of a threat level… of course it’s up to them in the end after they are dismissed..” he smiles some. “We’ve got to come to some sort of agreement however making demands will not bring us to that outcome.”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 11:16PM
“If you can’t sign it, you can’t leave. Mister Aero, If I was a less intelligent woman, I’d say something such as ‘Oh, I hope, oh how I wish you’d see how your actions will bring ruin to us all!’, but clearly I am not a less intelligent woman.” She folded her arms together then. “You spoke of wanting Alysha Schonherr to face repercussions. If, let us say, you encounter our blockade with your allies, and you get through, and you fail, and the inhabitants of Planet IX absorb your forces, perhaps even what remains of ours, and then it all turns back on Hellifyno… And somehow, by sheer chance, you survive until the end once someone, maybe not us, maybe not even the Scion, saves the day once more… Are you saying that you and anybody else that was involved shouldn’t at all be held accountable for just DARING to try it anyway?”
8/05 11:17PM
He rose an eyebrow. “No I’m not saying that at all.. if
(Smacks enter key)
He rose an eyebrow. “No I’m not saying that at all… if… and that’s a big if… we fail. Go ahead. String us up. Hang us. Yada yada… however should we succeed… we will return with the seed. Restore the power of Gaia or however that works… and tada. The end.” He says before rubbing his face. “However having to break through a blockade will significantly hinder our chances at success…” he grumbles some… “let me speak to the Scion first… then we’ll discuss what happens next..” he says before tapping the pen thing to document. “And I am willing to sign this.. you just need to fix that last part..”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 11:25PM
“You will not succeed in making it past our blockade. On the event you do, you will not escape Planet IX. You will also not leave this room until I know that you will not provoke unnecessary conflict with Olde Watch while it is ACTUALLY working in service to Hellifyno and the solar system at large.” Krieger shook her head. “Sign as is. Abide by what you sign. Talk with the Scion. IF you convince her, then she may convince me. If she convinces me, you’ll be permitted to go to Planet IX. If you don’t convince her, you will continue to abide by the document and not attempt to pass through the blockade.”
8/05 11:28PM
He sighs. “Jeez lady… your such a stickler..” he moved back to the document and… he signed.. “there.. now I’ll be on my way..” he stood and began moving for the door again. “You sound just like the other kreigers..” he said as he waits for the door to open. And once it does he’d begin his walk.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
8/05 11:32PM
The document signed, Krieger bowed her head in very mild thankfulness. But, before the doors opened, she just stared at him. A moment seemed to pass. And then another. And then, she nodded, before she looked to the table again, Another holographic display appeared, showcasing the document in full, with Aero’s signature. “We are going to be making a public statement announcing the blockade around Planet IX, as well as your agreement to not pass it. Should you pass it, everyone will know why, and what you are risking, and why we were forced to take action.” And she took a single step towards him, and locked eyes with him. “I have one final thing to say to you, Mister Aero… I have not, and will never, be anything other than a Krieger. They are MY family… My blood. My heritage. Of COURSE I sound like them.” And with that… she suddenly vanished from view, as if she’d never been standing there at all. And the doors opened for Aero. Guards escorted him to his shuttle.
8/05 11:34PM
“Of course..” he says with a sigh before whistling as he made his exit. And off he went. To do things.
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