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A new Prince…Or so it seems…

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They took me through, large black gates, the place made me shiver…and it stunk. The walls made growling noises and looked as if they were about to collapse, the ground shook slightly and the whole castle was surrounded by heavy wooded areas, so even if I did escape, There was no way to find my way back home… The black gates surrounded the entire kingdom, hearts seemed to be the whole building’s theme, and to top it off, the sky was a gloomish green, less brown like through my window. My wrist were in chains as the guards hauled me through the court yard, the sound of fighting soldiers around me, fighting dummies, each other…I happened to notice another particular boy…One my age, his face was grim though, he looked tougher than me, of course…everyone was. He was wearing a black uniform with red rags engraved within the design, he held short silver looking sword with a heart-designed hilt and I wondered immediately if he’d be my only friend here- if I didn’t escape…

The Inside of the Castle was much different, and much bigger than the outside…Though it still held that same dark feeling every room was either painted different or the same, but nothing was ever brighter then brown or red…It made me wonder-and shiver, I could only hope the stories weren’t true…This castle frightened me and we weren’t even to the scary part yet. They lead me up about two hundred spiral steps into a large room, and from the moment I reached the top, I thought I knew what Torture was like…Hardly. The guards nudged me to move and since that was my only option I did- I didn’t feel like dying today. Every room and statue we passed freaked me out since we walked through the gate and those gargoyle statue’s glared at me…I could have sworn I saw a poster of an old kings eyes follow me and I’ll be damned if when I reached the last door Those Lion Statue’s snarled at me.

When we entered the next room it was much larger than any other, the window light broke that black-aura swarming around us as we approached a large throne big enough to wield a pair of three. My Dark eyes scanned this fearful room and my eyes fell over the curtain’s alongside the windows that surrounded the pale woman who satin the base of the throne looking as if she wanted to be anywhere but there but at the same time she looked so wealthy- sophisticated even…As If there wasn’t a war happening outside her Queendome.

“Your Majesty…” One of the guards around me nodded at the woman, She had a beak nose and short black hair, the heart design around her chest fitted perfectly around her curves and tucked into her poofy red skirt showing down her ugly ruby shoes. “And what is this?”She spoke loud, boomingly, and it was only glancing around I Noticed every guard in the room was bowing, even the ones wielding my chains, I tried doingit too, but I only popped my knee so I kept straight and tried not to look ather. “And what Is this?” Iheard her speak; her hardened look fell from the guard to me as the man cleared his throat and began to explain what had happened. He finished with the words‘your new recruit’ and I could feel that pathetic smile on her lips…she was disappointed too.

“Does he speak?” TheWoman Asked, raising a brow at me, I didn’t say anything, I barley looked backup at her, my knees were trembling, wrist were in chains and my head was bowed-I’d remain that way…She spoke again, sounding irritated. “Does he talk?” Sheasked again, this time the guard nudged me a bit shrugging sympathetically andnodding his head that he didn’t know- poor fellow, I could feel her glare onhim and it soon moved to me again. “Is he even breathing?”She hissed, One of the guards nodded “Yes but the father warned us he would be shy if you could only give us some time we could-“ “hush-” She hissed at him, immediately he quieted down, his head bowing like mine and that’s when I noticed a rush of white pass and I frowned some looking over where I noticed a small white rabbit in a waistcoat with a golden watch, The White rabbit? I’ve only heard stories… The Woman completely ignored the poor critter but shouted gesturing an arm at me

“Off with his head!”She shooed, my head?! Just then my head jerked up to look at her, my brown eyes wide Just as the men grabbed me again, I stammered to find every word in the dictionary to change her mind “No, No- No! Please!”was all I managed to stammer out as the men paused and her glare shot back at me, I couldn’t help it…I went on, “I only just came from my bed when these guys dragged me out and I was cold and confused I didn’t realize I was going to be here when I woke up and I never thought I’d- That you would even need Someone Like M-“ “SILENCE!” She snapped, I dropped my head and shut my mouth- Afraid to get hit. She raised…at all skinny woman, who- didn’t look too bad, for her age…whatever age she was.The Corner of my eyes followed her from the minute she stepped down from her throne until the minute she was in front of me, the guards stepped back but remained close as she prowled around me; watching my every twitch, and for the longest of time, I tried hard not to breath.

“Where did you say you found him?” I heard her speak to one of the guards “Hightopp village…your majesty…a hunter-old recruit…Farmer’s family lives there….” “And the others?”She shot him a glance and he shrugged.

“Off with his head”she gestured…. I sat at the very end of a very large and very narrowly settable…the wood was gleaming as much as the silver dishes all set up around candles just below the golden chandelier that lit the entire dining hall from the red carpet to the kitchen.

“ The White Rabbit will be serving us soon…” Spoke the queen from the very end of the table,dabbing her perfectly square lips with the corner of a napkin. Rabbit? And soon enough the table was filled with various meats from bordagove to wombat and cheeses, veggies…fruits…anything one could imagine but what caught my eye were the most delicious set of pastries, tarts,éclairs, cakes, pies, Turkish delights, whipped creams…It was like thanksgiving for a king and Candy land stuck together in one…I was served a plate what looked like one of everything, then supposedly a glass of what- sparkling-water? Slowly, my eyes reached up to meet hers and she was staring at me with a stern look

“Are you not hungry?”She scolded. “Yes…” “Yes /what/?” Iblinked at her. “When addressed bysomeone above you- you call her by ‘Mistress, majesty, your excellency….Ma’amif you will…” I stared at her for a moment and she frowned. “YES WHAT?” she snapped,slamming her fork into the table making me Jump, I swallowed the lump in mythroat and nodded quickly “Y-Yes Ma’am…” Istammered and shut my mouth… afraid to get hit. She gave me a look and I glanceddown at my plate, suddenly I realized how hungry I was and immediately grabbedthe boar leg off my plate and tore into it the best I could with my raggedlittle teeth…After a moment I had half the plate gone and was already starting in for seconds when I caught her glance on me.

“So it would seem” She was now smirking. I nodded and swallowed then slowly recoiled from my food with a nod, wiping my mouth with the arm of my sleeve. “Treat yourself…” She gestured at the cakes and desserts spread out in front of me, I immediately took her offering and pulled the platter to me, digging into the side of whipped cream and strawberry drizzle with my bare hands like some kind of animal again. She watched me scarf it down with an amused smirk on her lips I only happened to notice when I reached for another glass of wine

“Don’t drink too much…I’d Like to show you something…” her voice held promise, and my wide eyes met hers, I gulped down what was left of strawberry and vanilla in my mouth with a nod. She led me out into a wide ranged garden, it was beautiful unlike the rest of the castle, but I didn’t mind, it was nothing like I’ve ever seen…I remember mother used to always have a garden… But nothing like this…I looked down at my hands at the thought of her. “Straighten your posture boy.” I heard her huff from next to me. “Yes Ma’am” I forced my shoulders straight and tried not to let my back hunch as we strolled down the marble path. She had a formal posture, a large red and white poofy dress with a bit of black throughout the edges here and there, his skin glowed and made the woman look a thousand years younger…she must not have been old, she carried a long well-crafted staff and wore a narrow but noticeable crown over her stubbed hair, I didn’t want to stare at her head to long…afraid of losing my own. My mother used to always tell me stories of this place…I always wondered what life would be like as a prince…Even though I wasn’t…It better than home so far…but I did miss mum and my little sister…I could miss that much.

She led me near the end of the maze to some beautiful white roses which…seemed to be splotted with some red, I looked up at her and she looked down at me. “These were supposed to be red when I got them…” She said as she crouched to pluck one of the blooming buds, brushing her fingers over the petals I noticed some of the red came off and I couldn’t help but to frown a little, she glanced at me again

“They’re eatable child, don’t you see?” I knew it was rude to frown, but I couldn’t help myself. “Here…” She handed me the rose, no stem attached, I glanced up at her as she stared at me, my nose to the rose, she waited for me to take a bite, but as I got closer I realized…it smelled-delicious, and just as I took a bite the petals made a crunch and my teeth sunk into it like wax…I moaned at the spike of flavor that hit my tongue and a taste I never had experienced before rose against my taste buds as it melted in my mouth… Not even what mum used to make could out do this…and she made the greatest treats of them all… but this…it was only a flavor I experienced in dreams-….I looked up at her with chocolate stained edges along my mouth withan almost enormous smile, my cheeks were to full to ask what she had already begun to answer. “They’re called Candy-Roses boy….and they’re made of chocolate.”

That night I feared I was going to have to sleep outside in a dog crate or such, but instead the large woman led me through the castle to the second or third floor) I lost count when counting the many stairs we had to climb just to get there) and pushed open some wide iron doors with heart-shaped designs across them and into the early bedroom light, my eyes went wide with awe. Never before Had I a room with this much space, I lived in an attic like room sharing a bunk with my little sister and older brother who ever so often used to roll off onto my bed for a good laugh. The walls seemed to have stretched wide and she seemed to have a Goth theme painted over the white of the room, the bed was large with almost golden-silk sheets and a bright cotton canopy over it, the windows were bright but blinded by dark shades and Victorian sets of dressers, mats, a door and a few other common items filled the room…There was even a miniature fireplace set up not far from the corner room door, no doubt a bathroom….

“This is where you will be staying.” She said simply. I turned to look at her and almost smiled,but I didn’t…I was afraid to get hit…

She left me there in the darkness of the room, I wandered over to the bed where a white gown-like shirt was there for me to wear as pajamas, after I undressed and redressed I climbed onto the sheets and pulled my small body onto the enormous bed spread,the sheets were soft, the entire thing felt like lying on clouds as I laid there trying to adjust… every sore, ache and worry in the world slipped from meas I stared at the ceiling canopy of the king-sized bed, and smiled. I got to my bare and dusted feet without a care in the world, pushed myself up and began jumping across the small platform, careful not to slip the edges, this went on for almost an hour until I fell asleep- and for once, at this moment, I felt happy- I felt like an actual kid again.

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  1. Danielle Redmayne 7 years ago

    Thank you Michelle. I appreciate that, you’re the best. <3333 xoxo

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