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A Night Back in Waterdeep – A storm born on a cloudless night?

House Storm
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The half elf heiress had weaved the spell Plane Shift, but she was still far too new at it as she accidentally left Cain and Kori behind in her desire to return. In hindsight, would probably be better this way, for the knowledgeable adventurer to examine the state of everything before bringing off-worlders to see where she was from. Mialee remembered the sensation perfectly from when she accidentally traveled from Toril to Hellifyno three or so months ago.

Everything was dark and Mia was weightless, floating in the void between plane as her astral body stared out into the cosmos. While the view was so fascinating she could stop and take notes, the young Stormborn was expending energy at an intense weight. So fighting off her urges, the wizard took off through the void. Focusing, Mialee Stormborn had reached a familiar teleportation circle in the Bazaar of the Trades ward of Waterdeep, the crowning city of the Swordcoast.

Mialee had finally returned back to Toril, to Waterdeep! After three months and the constant fear of death from the unknown that was Hellifyno, the young snow haired Stormborn had finally returned to her home planet. She raised both of her hands in the air towards the newly risen sun and faced it, embracing its familiar warmth upon her porcelain features in an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and euphoria for a moment.

She truly was home, as she watched elves, dwarfs, humans and halfings walking around the area of commerce with stands along the roads, shops being opened, signs being flipped; and the market coming to life. Though things were different around her too, buildings where different color and sizes from what she remembered. But there was no more time to just stand around and figure out what changed in the short time she was gone.

Mialee Stormborn made sure she had her sword, her book, her bag in which she tightened the straps; and was off. She stepped through the Bazaar heading northbound, praising Correllon for the first time in her short life that the Stormborn Estate was just passed the border to the North ward. As she walked she couldn’t help but look around, seeing a lot of differences in the city of Waterdeep; things that shouldn’t have been possible in the three months that she’d be gone. There were terms, flyers on street corners and the occasional conversation that Mia would hear as she passed people by.

Adventurer’s League? Miguel? Tulio? Golden Minstrels Casino? She moved down the street, seeing a small gaggle of homeless children around their homeless mom.

“Alms! Alms! For a miserable beggar?” The woman questioned the people walking by, in which most people ignored her as trash and kept going. She looked so downtrodden and depressed that she almost didn’t see the tall half elf approach. The noble woman reach over into her pouch and removed some basic golden coins, currency both here and on Hellifyno.

“Miss?” Mia questioned, seeing old human eyes behind layers of filth and scraps of clothes badly put together to make warm coverings. “Can you tell me the date?” She put ten pieces of gold into the woman’s hands, which made her eyes light up light a bonfire. The homeless lady gave Mia the date, which had her gasp! No, no, no! It couldn’t have been. “I’ve been gone for two whole years?! That isn’t… Fuck!” She exclaimed.

“I’m sorry its just I’ve been unsuspectingly traveling abroad and I guess I lost a lot of time.” Two years? Her parents, her family surely thought her dead when she didn’t send word from her research at Candlekeep. “What happened? Why is everything so different?” The beggar sat back on the ground and offered Mia a seat beside her. Before, the noble woman would have never sat alongside street filth; as people needed to see her above the unwashed masses. But Hellifyno surely humbled her, taken her and molded her; now she returned from her crucible a changed woman.

“Well the story goes, and you can pick this up over at the Casino as they talk about it all the time, that it all started with a pair of Bards. Miguel and Tulio were adventurers who met up with a whole band of powerful adventurers that saved the world from a threat that turned the sky red and rained demons upon us without mercy. The plainswalker Trigon. They met up with Anthem: the Firefist, Tor: King of the Forest, the Paladin of Kord: Dread Roberts, The Mistress of Magic: Raven of Azarath. Well, in that story they told of the Grace Bombing; where a certain Necromancer stole the workings of an Alchemist and used it to cause mass field destruction across our great city. I was there for that. The Grace Bombings. Half of the city went up in smoke and flames and many lives were lost… Including my son Jack.” She started to tear up lightly, and that was Mia’s cue to bounce.

With a quick thanks she walked away, heading home with this new found revelation. Mass explosions? What her parents even alive? What of the rest of the Stormborn house? Mialee feared the worst and took off in a sprint down the city streets, at least the streets and their shortcuts didn’t change in her absence; she returned in half the time.

Walking by other fancy houses and estates, the white haired wizard stopped at the end of her cobblestone pathway. In its prime, the Stormborn manner stood on a hill overlooking most of the others in her neighborhood, surrounded by an exquisite courtyard with both a flower and vegetable gardens on either side. Protecting its borders was a thick and magically enchanted wrought iron fence that was hidden behind a thick and well maintained hedge of green and purple flowers.

Now she looked up in disgust to see moss creeping through the cobblestone, leading up to a fence with an unfamiliar lock on it. The hedges were overgrown, the once beautiful flora decoration were now replaced with grossly thick vines and resilient weeds.

“There isn’t a force in this multiverse that will stop me from getting through this door.” She spoke out loud to no one in particular. Mialee touched her Record and activated its latent Mage Hand, causing it to come to a floating stop before her. First she weaved her hands together in a few symbols, /Weave, reveal yourself/ she commanded the world and it did as such. The wizard casted Detect Magic, and saw the usual but weak dome that surrounded the house to disallow divination magic to be used on it. There was also a locking spell, a high level one and more recent; against the lock on the gate. The Stormborn dropped the Detect Magic spell to work on another one. The pages in her Record flipping themselves to another page in the same section, another spell that directly influenced the Weave, Dispel Magic. With a silent crack, Mia used her whispered enchantment and series of handwaving to untie and return the weave back to what it once was, removing the Arcane Lock affixed to the big, iron lock. With that out of the way, the book flipped itself over to another page as Mialee changed her focus. She pointed at the lock and spoke /Knock/ in elvish as a loud knocking sound erupted through the courtyard; causing the device to unlock and unravel as it fell onto a pile on the ground.

What the wizard didn’t know was that from a few blocks up, a Ranger stood in a tall barn with a spyglass aimed in that direction. The Ranger put down the device and blinked, there was no way, the white haired one was supposed to be dead. Without hesitation did the Ranger jump off of the second floor of that barn; landing with a combat roll as she ventured into the city and back to the old Stormborn manor.

Oblivious to the fact that she was spied or stalked, Mialee walked up the mossy and unkempt passage in disgust. Never in her years did she ever see /her/ castle kept in such disgust. The lawns and gardens were overgrown and any vegetables long since soft or eaten by wildlife. Vicious weeds mixed in with exquisite colored floral arrangements and it was in no way, shape, or form, a representation of the nobility that was the Stormborn. Nature even went up to the edges of the house, where alcoves where buried outwards to give protections to huge, stone statues.

There were several dozens that surrounded the entirely of the manor, each in its own alcove and a previous hero who fell in battle for the family but usually the family head. Beholden to protect and serve the Stormborn line, even long after their bodies decay and souls reincarnate into something else.

For now four armored statues that Mialee had played around, jumped over, and disappeared into her own little world behind now moved for the first time in her life. First she was shocked, then scared for a second, then her intelligence caught up with her. As a wizard she could see that it was a simple animate spell, weaved into the stone and programmed to defend the Keep if someone had forced their way in like she did. Luckily Mialee had a keen mind, which meant a photographic memory and perfect recall for anything within the last thirty days. She did remember reading, as young up and coming heiress of the Clan; that this could happen. And the phrase to send the animated armors back to sleep.

“Slumber now, Guardians of Home. While we were born in a storm, I bring you into the eye.” And with the phrase spoken properly, the huge sets of stone armor went back into position and regained the immobility. “That’s what studying gets you.” That too was spoken outloud, but to herself as she traveled the rest of the way up the path, to the huge, black wooden double doors that separated her from the outside world.

These doors too where locked, which had Mia sighing heavily. It was getting tedious now, touching her spellbook and remembering the previously used spell /Knock/. A massive knocking sound erupted outwards again, filling the courtyard, as the doorknob unraveled itself into a pile of metal. But just as she went to open the door, the sounds of arrow fire came barreling down the hallway!

She was completely caught by surprise, and just as the door open the wizard caught a half dozen arrows to her chest area. Thankfully Mialee was a practitioner of Abjuration, and with the Sin Empowerment added several other layers of shielding on top of it; she was only forced back with the sudden momentum. The arrows combined took down two out of her five layers of Arcane Ward, that was until she started to cast some Abjuration spells.

Though now she was mad, yelling down the front hallway. “STOP! YOU FOOLS! IT IS I! MIALEE STORMBORN, RETURNED!” There was some illegible talking from passed the threshold, then a suspicious sound; but no response. “I’m coming in!” Giving little time to react, Mialee poked her head into the darkness, her elven eyes easily piercing the veil of shadows to see those shooting at her.

“Mo..Mother? Fa..Father?” She questioned, stepping passed the door into her home. It smelled of bodily odors, musk, and dust as if her lovely manor hadn’t been maintained in months. But as true as her eyes told her, Mialee looked over to the unlit brazier in the middle of the room, and weaved her cantrip of Firebolt. A mote of fire flew through the air and ignited the firewood within, crackling and sparking as the dust lit up first as the front room was filled with proper light.

Now Mialee could see them all, her family, the elders of the Stormborn clan holding longbows, shortbows, and even a crossbow as they all huddled together to defend the door. Even though they looked like the people she left behind, her mother Kristayus the 6’7 high elf with ivory white hair, and her father Jonah the 5’10 human with piercing blue eyes. Along with three of her uncles and an aunt, all Stormborns of great note and they were huddled here in the dark and decaying house as if they had no honor left.

“Now, respected elders. Will someone please explain to me why everything is in the state of things?” She could understand if the place was hurt in the Grace Bombing as she was told, but the manor itself looked unperturbed by man.

“Mialee Cresent-Moon Stormborn. You show up here after so long without a letter, a message, or anything else letting us now that you aint dead.” Her father stepped forth, and something about his face in the firelight seemed different. “Then you come back and you start demanding answers. Answer this first, where in the name of everything holy have you been? We searched up and down the coast, expending many resources and you were no where to be found.” He walked over to his daughter, but an arm around her and lead her to the mess hall.

Mialee just kinda followed along as she was led, her guard not completely down but she was so unsure what to do that the direction was accepted. “Well, I’ve been off world.” She started as Mia, Jonah and Kris sat down around the table in the great hall as they were regarded with the story of Mialee’s adventure. So she used this opportunity to size up her /parents/ while she told her tale.

“This all begin on the eve of my scheduled departure to Candlekeep. In a usual fashion, I was working on some incantations, and I might have said the wrong combination while catching the right light of the moon. In a series of catastrophic events, I phase shifted myself to a different world. Believe me if you will, but the world in its entirely is called Hellifyno. It’s so abundantly filled with magic that to me, my accident was only a few months ago.” As she spoke, while they seemed interested in her conversation they didn’t speak, and the parents she knew would have been more have already showered her in affection.

The outside door opened up and the Ranger stealthed her way inside the old manor.

“In my journey I’ve dodge death more than a few times. Gained power and spells I never even knew existed while I was here. I made a deal with this great, old creature in return for great power too. All in attempts of coming home.” She finished her tale, just as her /aunt/ had come from the kitchen with a bowl of food and a large tankard of mead. It was placed in front of her with intention, while the server backed away out of the wizards line of sight.

“That’s just terrible baby.” Mia’s mother started. “I’m honest to Correllon glad that you’ve come back to us. So how about you go ahead and eat up, and will tell you all about the evil that happened here.” She insisted and watched intently as Mialee decided if she wanted to follow her /mothers/ orders or not, looking over to her /father/ before picking up the mead and sniffing it. The drink was more than obviously poisoned, so as she looked like she was going to drink it; the prideful heiress of the clan tossed her drink into her mothers face.

“You all dare to wear the faces of the mighty Stormborns!” She exclaimed over the shrieking of Kristayus. Her left boot came upwards under the table and kicked the support, shifting her weight at the same time and forcing the chair she was sitting in to tip over onto the floor.

Shifting into her Bladesong did Mialee roll into a standing postion, hand on her weapon as her eyes fixed on a rather large dagger flying right at her face! In the same motion, the proper heiress to the clan pulled her Encore from its sheath with enough speed and grace to knock the dagger off course and embedded into the table. “You dare to besmirch my family honor!” The black M on the side of her neck started to pulsate and grow in size until it dominated the entirely of the left side of her neck. “What have you monsters done to my parents!” She aimed into the kitchen right behind the one posed as her aunt from whence the dagger came, pointing her Encore with a complex circle. /Lightning Bolt/ as a wide, pink bolt of lightning ripped forth through the air!

With an extreme crackling noise and a flash of light, it tore forth with no remorse; a bolt branching off behind the cover that her two uncles were using. Both of them were struck by the bolt, and all Mialee could hear is the twin crashing of seizing bodies against the floor. While she did that, the aunt came at her with a short sword she kept hidden at the small of her back. She attempted to stab the white headed wizard, only to hit nothing but air as Mia’s reflexes were on point in her heightened state.

“You best remember your place, stray dog. Even growing up, I didn’t appreciate the person your pretending to be. Now I will rip you limb from limb and teach you the proper respect for my clan..” Mia regarded her opponent and held that Rapier true and proper, vertical and parallel to her face with her left hand, as her right hand remained free at her side for spellcasting.

/Haste/ Mialee casted upon herself, a glowing aura of blue surrounding her 6′ frame as the magic influenced her very body; doubling her movement speed, adding another attack, and even giving her advantage on dexterity based saves. At the same time, the creature pretending to be her mother fell over while clutching its face; unable to hold its form as it shifted back into a doppelganger.

The father flipped the table, then rush behind him to a suit of armor along the wall and pulled forth a long sword, ready to battle alongside the aunt. In the meanwhile the uncles in the kitchen tossed off the throes of being shocked and stunned and got ready to join the fray as well. “Go ahead and ban together like the vermin you are. It will make destroying you so much easier.” She stated with malicious, remembering her form and her spellcasting above all else as she prepared to fend off and kill each one of them.

Now! She stepped forward with her elven grace, stepping and twirling over the floor as she closed the distance again between herself and the current duo of attackers. “You foolish, stupid little girl. Who do you think trained you?” The faux Jonah questioned. “Your parents have been dead for a long, long time. It was me, I trained and sculpted you all your life! It belongs to me!” He exclaimed, coming in with that longsword as Mia stopped spinning. There was a very light clash as Mia redirected his blade and danced away at the same time. Parrying the shortsword, thanks to the haste did she have the speed to duck under the follow up slash as the two uncles came out of the kitchen.

She bobbed and weaved, then rolled on the ground in an unorthodox matter as she stabbed the short sword wielding aunt once in the calf and the other in the stomach. She of course bled blood of slivery white rather than red, and Mia felt very angry at the idea that these creatures were indeed the ones who raised her. The aunt fell over in pain, the stab to her stomach was a vital area and she’d be dead in less of a minute due to blood lost.

With her new position, the longswordsmen was to her right while the uncles, both flaunting twin shortswords coming in on her left. “It doesn’t matter if you all rush me at the same time! It will only be a quicker death to the disgrace you bring upon my family name!” Mia exclaimed as she carefully fended off the four shortswords with a series of royal swordplay and zero percent chance of error dancing and dodging; but her expert sword trainer had as an opening and would of course exploit it.

“You little /Blir/, we are your family name! Everything you know about yourself as been a lie.” He replied, using the elvish term for a piece of garbage that was of half elf or human heritage. Mialee’s blue eyes came over as her free hand extended outwards towards his sword as she replied hastily with /Shield!/ And forming a quick, thick blue panel of iridescent light light between herself and the long blade; having it crash up against it. The light shattered and got absorbed into the second skin she had of Arcane Ward, the magic still present as the man came in with his follow up slash that just rebounded millimeters above her skin.

Mialee had refrained from any of her higher level magical destruction after she noticed what the lightning bolt did to the kitchen. While the creatures here might be fake and unworthy, she was still of Stormborn blood and this ground was her birthright. But as the Shield spell wore off and all three of these sword wielding creatures came in from both sides; she considered what would do a lot of damage at the same time.

That was until her surprise the door opened up to reveal a human cladded in heavy leather armor, in her two hands she held a longbow perfectly suited for killing at far range. Twin arrows already nocked a fingers distance apart, the Ranger canted her bow to a slight angle then fired with the perfect precision of a Sharpshooter. She wasn’t aimed for Mialee though, the stranger with red hair and her face a series of intricately painted symbols across her face looked at the wizard, then chose the target closest too her with two swords and fired!

Mia noting that she wasn’t the intention of the dangerous broad head meant that she could focus on the longsword user as she went to jab him three times with her increased speed; her breathing ragged a bit as the Haste burned her candle twice as hot and there would be consequences to pay after. She missed him once, got parried the other, but the third time made purchase; poking him in the abdomen with a shallow stab.

The twin missiles covered the short distance so quickly that it cut the air and made a whistling noise, a single blink from any party would have missed it. The shot was so expertly made that they each found purchase in each of the creatures eyeballs; piercing his head and protruding from the other side as gray brains with silvery white blood spray coated the floor as he slumped. “Yes!” The Ranger exclaimed, obviously happy with her kill as she dropped the bow and running across the room; closing the distance between herself and the second duo wielder while pulling out two tomahawks at the same time.

Now the white haired wizard didn’t know who this wildly appearing lady was, but a quick look against the redheads face and Mialee made the snap decision trust the newest stranger. While the high powered wizard had no need for the other persons help(or so she thought), there would be no comment about it as her own battle was pushed forward just a bit.

“I heard errythin’.” She started with a country drawl, a heavy one. “You ain’t my pa. My pa and all y’all were supposed to be dead the day that Trigon’s demons showed up.” Hazel eyes alit with new found passion to destroy the monsters that invaded her home. “I’m reckonin’ to fix that right now.” Axes danced against swords in a twisting motion of blades and handles, with neither of them hitting each other as they struggled.

Mialee overheard that but she was focused with her own father figure, the one who taught her the Bladesong. Growing up she was fed this story on how her father had gone to the village of the elves and gained favor, then proved himself in a festival to earn the honor of learning the song. But now it made more sense that it had changed into an elf and conned it to teach him what he then taught her. “How DARE you impede on the might Stormborn name, you shapeshifting piece of shit!” She had been learning from Matte, that she had; fun new swears from the modern age on Hellifyno. “And for pretending to be my father! Fuck you!” That Majin Mark plusated on her again and she was a blur of movement, Mialee’s Encore conducting its own symphony of music as it cut through the air with blinding speed; right on par with the shifters neck.

The Ranger danced with her opponent, a peek and boo style as she used the top and notches of her axes to parry the flurry of blades that danced down on her with no mercy. This creature which had taken the shape of this Stormborn’s father decided it didn’t need nor want to speak with her; she was completely right and he was done with the charade. That was until the Ranger fought dirty, taking a step back and bringing her hand back, snapping it forward at point blank range. Of course the swordsmen dodged her left handed throw, but didn’t see coming the swift axe to the side! She embedded it deep, and left it there as well as he jumped back with a yell.

Mialee had paused just mere inch from her /father’s/ neck, the family heirloom that he himself had passed down to her over ten years ago ready and bent to put an end to his life. The spell Haste had run out and the aura broke like Plexiglas, raining down onto the ground and stopping her in place with a wave of lethargy. Now the swordsmen had his chance, swinging a total of three times with the heavy longsword in one hand; the traditional style. The first two times broke down the complement of what shields she had remaining, while the final strike did pierce her left shoulder; quickly following was the sound of her Encore hitting the ground and a silent scream from the half elf BladeSinger.

There was no mercy from the Huntress as the doppel chose to back away for the moment, shape shifting into its normal dark grey form with no features as her axe fell away to the ground. Reaching behind herself against her belt did rest two daggers of equal length, both made of ancestral silver with markings along the side. With a battle cry did the experienced Ranger fight like a hellcat and jump at the injured shape shifter with both of her daggers pointed outwards. He was just so old and tired, unable to move fast enough did the old shifter close his eyes and accept the sweet reward of death from his faux daughter. While it started and was always a mission, he did develop feelings of paternal attraction to the now older woman, and grunted heavily as those blades he had handed down to her many moons ago pierced both of his shoulders. There were no words, just a look of silent pleading on his unfamiliar face as he peered into the hazel eyes he loved so much, filled with nothing but contempt and hate as all life emptied from him body. With a shake, the dead corpse of what was once the Ranger’s fake father fell lifeless on the ground.

She moved back just a bit, feeling her warm, red blood flow down her arm as she couldn’t currently move her dominate left arm. But that didn’t down the Bladesinger, not as the dark magic of the Majin mark caused a small pink flame to come forth and sear the wound shut. At the same time in her free right hand did she extend it and focus on the mark, willing the magics coursing through her veins to take shape /Defend my Glory/ and it did take shape into a fancy elongated almost spectral dagger. Both blue and pink, Mialee used her hand to perform the Bladesong as well.

Jonah started his Bladesong over again, kicking away the Raiper in the process. The dangerously long weapon came down to stab the woman, his own daughter in a frantic attempt to save his own life, but that wasn’t Mia’s plan. She used the small blade and her elegant movement to parry the strike, then ducking the second one; the ring of blades cutting through the air as the pair looked more like they were dancing together rather than fighting. In his prime Mia would have lost plain and simple, the creatures song longer, more complex and wise compared to the elven girl. But his prime had long came and went, he was already an old man underneath the shifted guise before Mialee disappeared. Since the organization he worked for disbanded when its leadership was killed, there had been no direction or orders. Confused and without purpose, Jonah had grown used to the manor and remained out of convenience. Today that was his folly, as his return swing was too slow and his daughter saw the opening. She came in directly to his sternum and cut him with the small knife, him thinking nothing of it until that dagger cut came with a Eldritch Smite; a massive blast to the chest of direct Arcane energy that would force him off his feet. His last thoughts were too, of the good times he had training Mialee for the last twenty years before he hit the ground, dead.

Mialee looked down at the lifeless corpse of the shapeshifter and spit on him. She looked down at the weapon and understood, this was the phyiscal manifestation of her bound with the mystical creature Majin Cain. For now it seemed to stay manifested until otherwise, so she tucked that away and recovered her Raiper.

“So. Is that really you, Little Lee?” The Ranger said after the creature was done, in the awkward silence that followed as Mialee’s Majin mark receded. “Little Lee… I feel like I haven’t heard that name in so long.” Mia turned to the redhead with a bright smile on her face. “Kailee Shadow-Mist Stormborn~” She spoke in a singsong tone. “You are real right?”

“Yeh, real as the days we grew up.” She pointed to her arm where spotlets of red blood did drip down her arm. “I thought you died so long ago.” Thats when Kai came over and hugged Mia. “Oh no. I got teleported to Hellifyno. Super long story, we need to catch up..”

And catch up they did as Mialee spent her very first night in Toril in a very /very/ long time.


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