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A proposal!!!

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As she left the tavern, Eva felt the caress of someone else’s Hellfire. There was a touch against the shields of her mind and she opened enough to hear the words.

   “Your presence is requested for a quick meeting, Lady Sparda, First Champion of the Hells.”

  While Eva did not know the voice, she knew she could simply deny the request and continue on her way home. However, curiosity got the better of her and she accepted the teleportation. 

   When the black flames cleared from her vision, one eyebrow rose in surprise. She was sitting on a throne in the middle of a very large room. It reminded her of her father’s audience chamber though his throne was far more… extravagant than this one. It made her chuckle until she looked to her left. There was a much bigger one, with more detail carved into the stone and many precious gems. “Well someone has expensive tastes…” She muttered.

   “Yes, my Lord does.” A voice called from her right.

   “Course he does.” She said with a grin, uncaring at being called out for her words. Sitting upright, she studied the smaller Demon. “And who is your master and why am I here?”

  The small creature did not answer her but instead moved to the larger throne and crawled upon the arm on the far side, away from Eva. A moment later, she heard the door open and rose to face a new Demon. This one had power, she could sense that immediately. Most Demon Lords hid their power at first meeting, wishing to have the other underestimate them. This one wore it openly. He was taller than she was at about seven feet with a tail that wove in the air behind him as he moved. He had four massive horns atop his head and a jawline that would not quit. Though it was the fact that he wore a pair of torn jeans that sat so low on his hips, she wondered why the fuck he was even wearing them. Once she had dragged her eyes from that dangerous thought, it took her a moment to place him, searching her memories of her father’s meetings.

   “Xalrokon,” She said with a chuckle. “I am not sure what I have done to warrant such an invitation.” Now that she knew who she was dealing with, Eva decided to push her luck just a touch and seated herself upon the smaller throne once more. While she often claimed her father’s seat, she knew he would not kill her. This one was not such a sure thing. So she was not risking that. Yet.

   He moved closer, a hand wave at the smaller Demon who scowled and fled. Xalrokon stood before her and smiled. “I have heard wonderful things about you. I saw some of the War you had participated in.”

   “Of course you did. I know parts are broadcast to the Hells and since the Demons that betrayed me belonged to your ally, Gath’tath, I am sure you heard him rant and rave about what happened. I am honestly surprised he has not come for my hide.”

   “You know as well as I, all acts done in the Eternal War can not be settled outside of it.” He said as he seated himself next to her. Then, his fingers dared to trace over the back of her hand. Eva raised an eyebrow as that mere touch sent tendrils of feeling through her hand, arm and body. His eyes moved to meet hers and he smiled. “I will get to the point.”

   “Good.” She said, moving her hand away and standing under the pretense of stretching before sauntering her way around his chamber. “I do like getting to the point. I hate wasting time playing games.”

   “So I have heard, Lady Sparda.” He said as he set his hands on the arms of the throne and watched her, his malachite gaze following her almost obsessively. “I have summoned you here to propose a contract of sorts.”
  “A contract?” Eva echoed, suspecting now that she would be sent to kill another nest of Demons, of enemies of this one. In her mind she was already turning it down. “Do tell.”

   Xalrokon nodded and held out his right hand, in the palm sat a small box. “Yes, now if you would come a little closer, I give my oath not to harm or touch you without your permission.”

   Eva cocked an eyebrow. That was hardly reassuring. She had heard stories of this one. He was known for his hold over people. Sure, he promised to never harm nor touch them without their permission but in the end, everyone gave it. She had no fucking idea how he managed to do that but she really did not want to find out. But, she moved closer and stopped a couple inches before him. “I will hold you to that.”

   “I suspect you will,” He said with a smile. The box was pushed closer to her until she would take it. “Open it.”

   “I am not one for ….. “ Eva trailed off as she opened the box. Shocked silver eyes flicked to his and back to the box. “It is a ring…” And indeed it was. A silver ring set with a purple and malachite stone. “I don’t understand.”

   “I am requesting marriage and before you say no, consider.” His eyes bore into hers. “You would be free of your father, you would have yet another ally, I can give you anything and everything you could ever want.” He leaned back in his throne, a smile upon his face as he steepled his fingers. “You could have everything if you just say yes.”

   The girl burst into laughter and was already shaking her head. “I am not looking to get married. Did my father put… No, he would not. He has banned….” That made her realize something and her purple eyes found his yet again. “My father has banned any from doing this. You dare stand against his decree?” That was strange and suddenly very dangerous. Eva was now on her guard.

   “I am well aware of Vergil’s degree that no Demon may court or touch his daughter.” Xalrokon recited with a chuckle. “But I do believe this alliance would be beneficial to him as well. Now, Daughter of Sparda, High Champion of the Hells,” He said as he rose and closed the scant distance between them. “Will you agree?”

   Eva stared at him, unable to move in that moment though she was not sure why. Swallowing hard, she forced a laugh and shook her head. “I am not looking to marry someone. Less so someone I barely know. I also have no desire to piss off my father by doing something like this without at least a warning to him.” Her purple eyes narrowed slightly. “And if I learn that you are attempting some sort of coup, you and I are going to have issues.”

   Surprise flared in those green eyes. “You are threatening me? You are standing in my realm, in my audience chamber and dare to threaten me?” He sounded rather incredulous. 

   “No,” She said with a smile. “I am simply warning you.”

   “Oh a warning.” Xalrokon said with a smirk as he reached out, the back of his fingers brushing against her cheek. It was a very slight touch but Eva felt it down to her damn toes. 

   “You are not to touch me..” She growled as she stepped back. “I am leaving now.”

   “You think to fight your way past my army?” He asked, laughing now. When Eva was silent, considering expression upon her face, he blinked. “Are you seriously considering it?”

   “Yes, shhh.. I’m thinking…” Eva said quickly before nodding. “Aye, I can do that.”

   “You would die..”

   “I am the High Champion of Hell, trained by Vergil himself. You doubt my skills?” Eva countered.

   “One Demon against my army would never succeed.” He stated.

   “I am not a Demon.” Eva whispered after leaning closer. That fiendish smile formed on her face and Xalrokon’s eyes widened in surprise. “They always assume I am either a Demon’s power level or lower. But none of you have clued in yet. I am far more than any of you could ever dream of being. Why do you think Michael wanted me dead so badly? He was misguided as all fuck but he was the only one who understood. Now, I am leaving. It was a pleasure to meet you and no thanks to the proposal.” With a release of her power, she wrapped herself in her tainted hellfire and vanished.

   “How dare she master!” That small, crooked Demon croaked at his master’s side. 

   “Yes, how dare she.” Xalrokon echoed with a smile upon his face. “How dare she indeed.”


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