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A Reply To My Daughter Girlycard

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My dear sweet and totally beloved daughter,

You have brought much joy to my life but you have also been one of the bane to my existence. You have always attracted a certain element of self-destruction to you and those around you. Your choice in lovers and mates were either amiss or disappointing. I do not blame you for this, it is your legacy. The fact that you hold me responsible for what happened to you pains me beyond belief. If you had never been associated with Nash then you would never have found yourself in such a predicament. Granted I may have seemed disinterested in your plight but I was rather tied up in a matter of personal survival at the time you chose to go and get yourself mutilated. The fact that your mother my dear beloved Mina was missing again is really a non-issue. She does that and has done that for a very long time. If I had any inkling that she was in dire trouble I would have turned over every possible avenue for her return. But alas, you in your impatience and stubbornness went and got your self indentured.

While we are airing out our “feelings”, I must admit I am highly disappointed in your siding with the rebellion. These ‘creatures’ would never understand our plight, our needs, or our goals. You and I both know to sustain the population of our vampiric brethren on this world in the numbers we have and with all the various requirements and peculiarities to our afflictions. Volunteers and imported blood products would never be sustainable. We would have ferals running across this planet even to the point of consuming their own kind. Noone has focused on the Dogs and their predilections for wanton destruction and mayhem because they bury their bones. At least we weren’t killing everything in a blind rage everytime we got mad or the moon happened to shine a bit bright. You know in every time and culture you will find such atrocities it is just a matter of life. We have provided the economies of this planet with our vast resources and they have benefited from our connections honed over aeons of existence. But do you think they take that into consideration? No its always Me Me Me Me, I want, I need …. I’m sorry you have come to the situation that you find yourself in so onto the matter at hand. I will NEVER release my blood bond on you, whether you choose to participate in the family business is entirely up to you. You have been provided funds and aid as it was deemed fit. Your mother, in her lucid moments recently, set up specific instructions because she felt you were, in her terms ‘unstable emotionally and mentally’. If anyone should be able to tell, it would be her. Your generation wear your emotions on your vest, while this provides a certain exuberance to life it does not allow you to understand all of the intricacies involved in dynamic relationships such as exist in our family. We are more than a clan, we are more than a group of individuals we are a single entity, even if it seems at times we are cancerous to each other in the final analysis we try to protect our own.

If you decide to leave, remember behind every corner, in every shadow, walking through every dream or nightmare, you will be watched. We will know where you are, who you are with, and what you are thinking. The eyes and ears of the Sighisoara will forever be a part of you.

Much love,

Your Father

Elexin di Sighisoara


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  1. Delilah 8 years ago

    I left this open due to circumstances with specific players in which the death of Delilah would effect their personal storylines. It is possible she has died, but until further notice there can be no conclusion drawn. My other characters have been left alive, with the exception of Elexia. There is a possibility these accounts will be given to other players or people that can play them just as well, if not better.

    Thank You all for your understanding,

    Delilah’s player.

  2. Cecilia di Sighisoara 8 years ago

    I shall take time to consider what I’ll do for now. I’d like more information on these “instructions”, and what you consider to be “mentally and emotionally unstable”, if it’s alright to ask.

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