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A secret meeting.

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Naos was in a cavern of the undercity of new dawn. He sensed a familiar demon behind him. Stella was standing behind Naos. 

Naos: ” You shouldn’t have come, Stella

Stella: ” I had to set up a meeting with you Naos. I had to see you. to tell you something.”

Naos turns and looks at her. He exhales.

Naos:” To tell me what that you want to end our blood bond? To tell me that you hate me?’

Stella: ” No… I don’t hate you I can’t hate the father of my unborn.”

She reveals the small baby belly that she had been hiding she looked like she was two or three months along, but it had only been a week since he had asked her to marry him after they had sex and shared each others blood to become blood bonded. Naos’ eyes widen. He walks over to Stella and places his hand upon the baby bump. Naos could hear the beat of two heart beats. 

Naos:” We’re having a baby… (then when placing his hand on the baby bump.) Or I should say babies. Twins… You know they are going to use our children against me love.”

Stella:” Twins.” Smiles.placing her hand over his. ” Can you sense what they are?”

Naos closes his eyes to see the gender of the twins.

Naos:”Twin sons.” 

Naos smiles and opens his eyes looking at Stella and she smiles as well. Balthazar appears as he was listening from the shadows.

Balth: ” I don’t like this but I will do what I must to keep your family safe, Naos.”

Naos:” Thank You Balth. When the boys are born and if there is any sense of malice or danger to any of them take them to the brotherhood of Chaotic assassins they will be safe there with my brother Xaine and Grand master Avinar. 

Naos hands Balth a portal coin so he could enter the brotherhood HQ. Naos holds Stella in a hug.

Balth:” I will Naos. Sister, you should head back before they find that you are gone and decide to punish you. “

Stella: ” But.”

Naos:” Your brother is right, love. Go Everything will be fine.  And you can always talk to me through our bond, just reach out to me in your mind and I will hear you.” I love you Stella. And give Rain my love as well “

 Stella nods sadly

Stella: ” I love you too. I will. “

Naos and Stella passionately kiss before Stella teleports back to her room.  Balth nods to Naos, Naos nods back. Balth heads tothe shadows to watch over his sister.  Naos stands in the darkness of the cavern for a few moment before disappearing to the Inn.

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  1. Kelsey Nagihira 10 months ago

    “The Sons will not be turned against you Naos, however when you return you are having to go through court but face no serious punishments” A Voice said to Naos “That is not our way brother, good luck”

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