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A Sharp Turn On A Twisted Road

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What was it about her that made all of the gods above and below torment her? What was it that cursed her to live the life she had to live? she didn’t know, but everything was finally getting to the young woman, her mind clouded with the twisted dreams of what may be to come, what is happening, or what has happened. maybe all of them. Stress polluted her judgement, and apocalyptic amounts of emotion washed throughout her as she lay in her room at the Red Sun Inn. An electric guitar was slumped against the wall, potions lined shelves, along with ingredients , and a collection of books that would make a librarian jealous. She had tried to distract herself from how she felt with such things, but it was pointless, everything was pointless, everything is pointless…

She tossed and turned in her sleep, sweat dripping from her as she did so, her temperature rising gradually, then falling slightly, and then staying high, very high, too high. She sharply opened her eyes, and attempted to move her head. It didn’t work, she tried to move her arms. No response. She heard whispers from all around her, figures danced in the shadows with twisted beings and hideous talons, though she could do nothing, but lay there, moving her eyes to scan the room. She whimpered, nothing she tried to do worked, and an incredibly sharp pain washed over her body, spreading outwards like a flame from her enlarged belly to the rest of her body, something wasn’t right. something was wrong. WHAT WAS WRONG?! she cringed, and whined, the pain being so extreme as to force tears from the Dovahkiin’s eyes and more pained whimpers and groans escaped her seemingly delicate young body. 

Within a minute or so of dread and pain, she could feel her fingers move as she commanded them, and then her lower arm, she could move again! It is a shame that every movement that wasn’t her arms caused her an even more severe pain in her stomach,  and she struggled to scoot herself to the edge of the bed, she was almost vomiting, gagging violently from the overwhelming pain. And she did, the little food she had eaten over the past few days ending up on the floor with whatever else was in her stomach at the time. Eliza was wincing so hard her eyes were barely open as the tears poured out, enough to fill an ocean, enough to cover a planet. 

she made the foolish choice of going to stand, quickly falling onto the floor as that stabbing pain continued while her body slammed into the floor with her left shoulder connecting with the ground first. a grunt forcing it’s way out of her. She soon found her eyes closing again, everything had gotten to her, and she would never be the same again…

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