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A snowglobe and Rage

a snowglobe and rage
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(big thanks to those who wrote with me, it was fun and a great way to get back into the swing of it!!)

*as abel had taken off with the space station, kida had stayed on the island. above her towering obelisk. staring down, yet again, to the zombie invasion. she just rumbled as the obelisk lit up flashing a bright yellow as it illuminated the bubble shield that surrounded the island. portals opened up as teddies began to leave the island. except for a few that stood at the power switch to the islands defenses. seeing as how most of the island its self was now flooded with the infection of the void undead she just glared. looking to the teddies and nodding as they lowered the shield. removing the defenses, and then….massive portalverse portals began to open as god knows what came out, some of it was large amounts of sea water but occasionally rivers of scolding hot lava, blizzarding snow and rain opened upon the island. flooding every inch, and seeing as how the island had been evacuated days before the animals and people and every other creature that she protected was gone from here, this wouldnt kill those she cared about. she snarls a bit as she watches. and then. looking down the obelisks tower as she places a hand on the top of it, speaking one word “return” as she closes her eyes and then in a large burst of light the obelisk dissolves from the bottom upwards. she floats as her body glows brighter, and then the once holy obelisk had now morphed and attached its self to her metal legs and shoulders and torso, creating a holy armor that wrapped and shaped and defended her. a pearlescent helmet with ridges lining the sides of it was secured around her head. on her body was now her god killing spear, and her living gaian spear. along with her katanas and her pistol. all of which were in their usual placements…..underneath the new armor was her usual black, am proof suit. and her long purple hair had been pulled through the new helm. she floated above the island. the portals remaining open as they continued to flood the island. she just watched and then the teddies that remained were standing inside another portal behind her as skipped being one them. she turned to look at him and then nodded. and then all the portals closed as the shields went up. but, once the shields were up, kida filled the bubble dome with water, creating almost a twine snow globe..* I will return twine island to free you once again, once this world is back in shape and safe to do so… *and with that kida then moved off, the teddies waiting for her in the portalverse as they disappeared off into the new broken persistence…*

Kida Le Morte

9/24 10:45PM

—————-New Scene—————–

Kida Le Morte

9/24 10:50PM

*upon stepping outside the inn, kida pulled her helmet on as her body began to glow a bright red, the obelisk runes that were once on the massive tower now formed a crown around her helmet. the Red fire one lighting up as flames began to burst from her armor. she gripped Juniper and removed judas just to have that extra bit of death. and off into the first little hoard of zombies she went. taking note that Aero had gone to change and then returned.. she nodded to him* you go left ill take the right. lets clean some of this up while we can… even a few dead is better than none. *and with that she flew into the masses. igniting a few as she bumped into them and then stabbing others as they screamed in pain. her spears flying left and right as she would skewer a few and then rip them in half with the spears. blood and gore flinging and flying about as the flames that engulfed her consumed the mangled parts. death and fire and burning smell of flesh was all that was left behind as kida raged against the hordes*


9/24 10:55PM

Aero was dressed in his open button up and jeans revealing his scared torso. Tons of scars of varying sizes and shapes. His single wing was folded tightly behind himself and the Gaian spear was floating around him. His cane shifts into the chain blade form and begins slithering forward with its serpent like mind. He adjusts his black cowboy hat and begins walking left. He was not as enthusiastic about this as Kida was.. but oh well. As he nears the small horde on the left side his spear launches ahead of him piercing through the undead with ease. As if it too had a mind of it’s own. And it seemed to be trying to clear undead before Aero got too close. His chain blade did the same. Slithering around him and keeping any undead at bay. Should any get too close it would wrap around them and fling them so the spear can deal with it.

Kida Le Morte

9/24 11:12PM

*kida would be standing there, igniting one horde after another, ripping and tearing them apart as she rumbles and snarls. her spears swinging in unison as she watches the bodies hit the floor. as she stops for a moment a portal opens behind her and skipper stands there for a moment as she looks to the portal, the flames still swaying as her rage and anger flickered*

Cpt. Kurai ¥. Kishimoto

9/24 11:13PM

The Crimson Captain would appear out of a portal created by a Teddy, wearing not her normal armor but a new line she called The Final Line. She was armored like a armored vehicle, with a literal auto-turret over one shoulder that tracked and fired on enemies with AI software. On her back was a shotgun and a heavy assault rifle, both closed up to save space against the magnetic hardpoint. On her left arm was a ballistics shield made up of the same metal as the armor, while she held a Directed Energy Weapon in both hands. “I heard you guys were having a party, so I figured I crash it.” The redhead stated to Kida and Aero, firing a continuous energy weapon that would burn through flesh with ease. Around her waist she had a few gadgets and grenades, this armor was made for war, for holding that final line in which no ground could be given.


9/24 11:17PM

Aero had his hands in his pockets as he watched the carnage from kida. It was… new to him. To see her like this… and then a portal appeared and out stepped… a humanoid tank? Oh no. It’s just Kurai. He blinks as he begins walking towards them. His spear and chain blade still working on zombies as he moved.

Kida Le Morte

9/24 11:18PM

*kida smiled a little to kurai* pleased to see you capt’, glad you came to help a bit. *kida was in her new armor as well. and then she turned to another few zombies and rand her spears in and pulled the bodies apart as the flames of the ancestors travelled down her weapons and over the bodies until they were reduced to ash once more*

Cpt. Kurai ¥. Kishimoto

9/24 11:24PM

Kurai nodded towards Kida as she stepped forward slowly, zombies all around her falling in droves. Automatic fire swiveled around from her shoulder, unleashing flecks of metal pushed at percentages of the speed of light to tear apart the voidlings into gore and viscera. The laser she was using was doing the exactly opposite, buring the zombies with high intensity light until they melted or caught fire, turning to dust and ash. There was a predatory smile on her face hidden under her helmet as she watched the destruction her and Kida were causing in their ranks. “Couldn’t miss out on this. Not after that note you sent me.” The Kishimoto woman would be… Interested to see how the peace loving mother of Twine was faring in all of this.

Ruby BloodFang

9/24 11:27PM

Ruby had seen a portal and it reminded her of a old friend so she so kindly decided to enter said portal to see if she couldn’t find her old friend… well old friend is the key word here. “Ello Aero.” Ruby comments upon entering the area smiling at her business associate before letting her eyes glide to Kida and Kurai “And hello to you both as well especially you Kida feels like its been forever.” She chuckles to herself before snapping her fingers causing her tails to seemingly freeze solid… no in fact it seems they change from fluffy fur to tails made of pure bright blue ice “Mind if i join in?” She asks as a small ice spike shoots for the ground impaling a void zombie through its skull

Faolon Fire Eyes

9/24 11:29PM

*Faolon would would out of swirling black flames, his body was armored in his mechanical battle armor, similar to Kurai, he’d have a turret on his should, smaller in size but just as powerful. Faolon unsheathed his gaian sword, diving into the zombies as he slashed ripped and teared them apart, whether with his sword or his claws… or both for that matter. He looked to the others before cutting a zombie clean in half*


9/24 11:29PM

Aero was just looking around at things as his Gaian spear and chain blade did the work… killing zombies wasnt at all like hunting.. he’d sigh and occasionally yawn. he was impressed with Kurais walking tank armor and would pay it mind. Looking over it occasionally. And then ruby appeared. “Hello..” he would say with a sigh as he stayed close to Kida and Kurai now.

Kida Le Morte

9/24 11:32PM

*kida turned her eyes to ruby and snarled but at this point. she didn’t care. she was here to kill zombies and unleash the pent up rage she has had. then she took not faolon. and nodding* for now. spread out and do what we can. I dont care whose side you were on in the past. right now, unless we do something there wont be any sides except the dead ones. we can fight with each other once this is over. lets try and do what we can and get our home back… *and with that kida turned and sent out a large shockwave towards another horde of zombies* everyone take a street and do what you can to lessen these mother fuckers. dwindle them down if we can…

Cpt. Kurai ¥. Kishimoto

9/24 11:34PM

The Crimson Captain’s motion detector went off and her systems identifed Ruby’s voice before she even had stopped to look. She reached down to her belt and pulled out a gadget that extended into a portal turret, with the same commands as the one on her shoulder as Kurai added yet another line of fire to holding back the zombie hoard before turning towards the corruption Goddess, pointing her weapon in that direction. With the frustration Kurai had currently she wanted to pull the trigger badly. But Kida had a point… So without a word she went back to her systematic destruction of zombies, while they uselessly tried to bite and claw through metal before being torn apart by machine gun or laser fire.

Ruby BloodFang

9/24 11:40PM

Ruby seems to get some shivers from the woman “You are much more bloodthirsty then i remember and i love it!” She laughs loudly as she walks over to a street before allowing her tails to slowly bloom outwards behind her “I need a new pin cushion lets make one shall we?” She asks with a smile before about 20 ice spikes shoot out some aiming for kill spots or what would usually be kill spots on the undead while others simply went to pierce them and pin them to a wall only for Ruby to walk by and smash ones head in with a sickening CRUNCH. “You know if i was a cop this would be funnier but oh well… FREEZE!” She shouts as a absolute zero wind flows from her maw freezing the legs and bodies of many of the undead. “See now is it so hard to take orders?” She questions with a insane look in her eye before ducking down and using her tails to shatter their legs from under them. “Now now stand up… no? Well then time to die.” She says with a twisted smile before hopping backwards only for her tails to ignite with their raven flames “Take a nice nap will ya?” She asks the undead in her street before sending out 4 large fireballs at them causing a echoing BOOM


9/24 11:42PM

Aero sighs and moves to a random street and just walks down it. He himself not actually doing anything but his weapons doing the fighting and defending for him. Occasionally he’d kick a zombie if it was missed by any of his weapons.

Kida Le Morte

9/24 11:51PM

*kida just kept pressing on, working on her own street. another shock wave would sound off as fire traveled with it. a typical combination for the ancestors gifts. all the while kidas spears were pulling apart the zombies, slicing and dicing them apart as she roared* fuck.. off you stupid undead!! I WILL WATCH YOU BURN!!! *and then again the flames traveled down the gaian spear and the g.k spear to ignite the next zombie or two*

Cpt. Kurai ¥. Kishimoto

9/24 11:55PM

Kurai’s Energy weapon threatened to overheat so she opened up the heat sync and slapped it against the magentic hard point of her chest plate to vent. At the same time she accessed her omni-tool and with a series of commands, her armor 3D printed plastic explosives in the shape of mini-missiles. Streaks of blue flew threw the air as the explosives launched themselves in front of the Captain, a series muted ‘Bang!’ flowed through the air to add to the already loud carnage. Bunches of zombies were blown apart, explosively dismembered or just caught on fire; giving the one woman army more space to advance. With more commands, she flash forged a pair of combat drones; basketball sized hovering turrets with tiny mini-guns in them. They flew upwards and out of reach of the zombies, firing relentlessly to now make 4 separate lines of continuously bullet fire; that was until Kurai pulled the Lenore heavy assault rifle from her back and added a 5 line of fire down this infected street.



At some point Aero would have disappeared and left at some point for his player needs sleepies.

Kida Le Morte


*kida kept pressing on. clearing one block after the next. taking note of where the others were. slowly they seemed to vanish though. and eventually skipper the teddy would relay a message to kurai* ” kida says to meet her back in the inn, or your ship, where ever you wish to return to”

Cpt. Kurai ¥. Kishimoto


With that message, the redhead ceased fire. Recovering her drones as they sat on her free shoulder, she turned on her feet, ran in the heavy armor and scooped up the turret. With the help of Skipper, there’d be another portal opened up to her ship where she would eventually meet up with Kida.

Kida Le Morte


*kida would give a few more cuts to the hordes as she would then vanish into a portal to kurais ship. for now though, hopefully some sort of small footing for the heros*

——–end scene———


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