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A songbird lost

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Camile was sleeping when the first wave of attack was brought upon the kingdom. As she thought back to that night, she still remembered her dream vividly. It was about her father. He was holding her, spinning her, in the fields of apostles, and she was a giggling little five year old. 

Someone had been banging on the door. Yes, that’s why she woke up. Groggily Camile had sat up, yawning. But that yawn was abruptly cut off as a scream resonated just outside her door, followed by an animalistic snarl. She had bolted up, and out of bed, her night dress fluttering around her ankles, and she remembered hefting a curved sword out in front of her. The banging on her door had swiftly stopped, but moments later, something began to tap on it. It was gentle, ominous tapping. And then, she heard shadows shout of rage, and the unmistakable sound of a gun being fired, and the tapping cut off. And then shadow was inside her room, her face bloodied and bruised, and a long gash ran the length of her forearm. Like Camile, Shadow had worn her night dress as well. 

She turned, shut and locked the door and raced to Camile. 

“Princess are you alright?” Shadow had asked. Jutting her chin out and nodding Camile beckoned her farther into the room, and began to search her drawers for proper clothes. She already knew what was attacking them, so she bothered not with questions and instead whispered “how many?”

Instantly Shadow was by her side, pulling out a pair of trousers. “Hundreds. They have taken your father and mother. They killed them first” 

Camile remembered choking down a sob as she thought of her parents lying dead in their bed Chambers. Swiftly she busied herself to distract her mind and began to pull on trousers and a tunic. Quietly Shadow was gathering weapons of all sorts from a chest laying them out on the bed.

“Nightshade is no where to be found as of now. But I plan to fight our way to finding her, and getting out of here. I’ll op-” Shadow was cut off by the door, splintered open in a type of blast. The force was enough to knock Shadow back into the dresser, and Camile watched as her blood made a track mark as she fell limply to the floor.

She barely had enough time to race to the bed, and scoop up a crossbow. The first intruder lumbered towards her and she sent arrows at him. Thump thump! He fell to the floor, clutching at his pierced throat. The second intruder was bigger. Yet he advanced quickly enough. Camile backed into her bed, sending arrow after arrow at him. She had to save Shadow, keep the attention from the girl until she woke up, if she woke up at all.

The intruder grabbed her by her throat, throwing the crossbow to the ground angrily.

He threw her down a moment later, and Camile struggled to draw air in. Vaguely she remembered that he had used a type of magic to repair the door, and he had locked it. His boots had then come back into her line of vision, and he threw her on the bed by her hair.

“Little girl thinks it’s funny to hurt people, no?” He had spoke in a gravely voice and with horror Camile watched as he ripped off her trousers. She thrashed, kicked, and screamed but the damage was unstoppable. When he had finished he grinned down at her maliciously.

“Little girl was taught lesson, no?” She lay there, to weak to do more than watch as he stood, and brandished a wicked sharp dagger. It was then she noticed Shadow stirring.

Must. Save. Shadow. 

Camile had moaned weakly and struggled to sit up. “Monster!” She spat, her voice raw from screaming. He’d grinned at her.

“Little girl is big talk but Viktor will change that” and the knife had slashed at her throat. She gurgled a scream and flinched at the barely there pain, but he was not finished. He plunged his hand in her throat, gripping something and tore it out. Camile screamed, or at the time she thought she did, but she couldn’t. She was able to stay awake to watch Shadow kill Viktor, but soon, pain grew and her adrenaline faded and she gave into the darkness.


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