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A Tale of Horror, of Gore, of Blood, and of Sacrifice – Part 2

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~ Narrator ~:The sound of chanting carries through the hall above, the sound of chanting carries down into the sewage tunnels below.
Gil:* Gil favors the arm in the sling looks around * Oh Save the children.
Rye:I’ve heard that one before.
~ Narrator ~:The hallway dead ends at a massive, double doorway, with intricate designs of death and torture worked into the ornate bronze of its surface.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Faintly Dimitri’s shadows were still ahead of him, as he ran foreward. His steps made no sound as he did and he quietly moved on foreward, everynow and then looking towards the flames and the chanting. The strange chanting seemed to tug at his spine as he stopped and looked at the wall and doorway.>
Krimson:=Krimson leaps up silently, and with amazing grace he uses his sharpened crimson clawed fingers and toes to “Climb” on the cieling, being aided by his lightweight body amung other things.=
Zazel:He turned to IV. “Ever see anything like this?” He spoke continuing down father into the tunneh.
Gazelle Kiley.:*Gazelle hangs back near Dal, Gil and Rye not speaking.*
IV:left the chat room
Krimson:=He waits near the end of the hall…=
amia:-is ahead of zazel now and dragging him along- ok father.. lets get out of this shit..
~ Narrator ~:The voices rise to a crescendo and then there is a scream of pain that carries both above and below.
Daloki:<unconsciously she begins to mutter the words under her breath, until the scream comes and she stops – the bolts forward>
Rye:*Sighs and keeps the fire in her hand going, just moving along*
Zazel:“There is no ledges, Its just a tunnel. However we can run down this tunnel” He spoke lightly as he continued his strut down the lane of crap.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri stepped foreward and pushed against the door, intending to slam it open>
amia:im not stopping father.. -my eyes glowing brightly as i focuse on the ground and the path ahead of me-
Daloki:<looks at the hinges to see if it opens inward or outward toward them>
Gil:* Glares at Daloki *
Krimson:=Krimson slams into this door as well, intending to drop into the fray from above, as he already began to ignite in anger at what he heard=
Zazel:Zazel nodded and suddenly began to dash down this tunnel of crap. Moving out the way of Amia so he didnt kick up anything into her face.
~ Narrator ~:The door crashes open at Dimitri’s efforts, and before you there is an enormous stone chapel that looks as if it were carved into a living mountain. Fires burn from torches lining the walls, and there are thousands of people here, standing in stone rows that trail along the room. Everything is focused on a point down, down at the front on a raised dais where there are bodies moving along in a quiet procession. The chanting of their evil words bounces off the walls as they speak.
~ Narrator ~:At the front of this scene, there is Amon Kreios. He is dressed in crimson, and he sits quietly in an ornate chair, sipping from a golden goblet.
Rye:And this is where the shit happens. *She mutters to herself* I fucking love games so much.
amia:-sprints down the tunnel with her father- when does this stupid nasty tunnel end
~ Narrator ~:Before him is Amaranta St. Clair, completely nude, her body stained with splashes of other peoples blood.
Gazelle Kiley.:*Gazelle starts pushing her self forward, with the door open the chanting has grown louder.*
amia:left the chat room
~ Narrator ~:The chanting procession of blank eyed acolytes moves forward, coming to stand before Mara, awaiting their Dark Queen.
Krimson:=Krimson barrels to the ground beside Dimitri and growled in his inhuman deep tones. His shoulders were on fire, and hjis eyes in blazing coals.=
Zazel:“I dont know. Its bugging me.” He said hurling at heavy speeds down the tunnel.
Gazelle Kiley.:*She can feel the sacrifices, Amon… and Mara….. *
guest4095:enter the chat room
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri stopped as soon as the door opened, his lips stretching in horror at the sight, however his anger was peeked at the darkness in the room and his shadows seemed to rush foreward to surround him. he crossed slowly across some of the room to look at Amaranta. His darkened eyes glaring towards the woman>
~ Narrator ~:Down below in the sewage tunnels, a ladder seems to appear from nowhere, leading upwards. Above, Zazel can hear the sounds of chanting, he can hear screams of pain.
Gazelle Kiley.:*At the feeling of the glorious Amaranta, her body, her face, her long shinning hair, Gazelle becomes enraged with jealousy, hatred for the beast she has become. Hatred for what had been made of her.*
amia:-sighs and follows-
Dimitri Sagesson:Amaranta, how could you?
Daloki:<it’s been so long since she’s seen Amon that she doesn’t recognize him – but still, it’s all she can do to keep from whipping out a gun and firing at the two figures in front. Yet she knows to do so would bring the wrath of thousands of insane people on their group>
Zazel:Zazel runs smack into this ladder and dents his head along it. Making a hissing sound in stinging sensation and wasting no time he began to climb up the ladder. If theire is a latch. He would smach it open without hesistating.
Gil:* Whispers to Daloki * do you see sassy?
amia:-follows her father up the ladder-
Dimitri Sagesson:.
~ Narrator ~:The ladder must have just been hard to see in the darkness, it couldn’t have just appeared from nowhere, and now, the latch undone, zazel emerges from the floor into the chapel above, standing amidst hundreds of blank eyed acolytes who are chanting all around him.
~ Narrator ~:”ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”
Daloki:<quietly she moves behind the back row and stabs an acolyte, easing the body over the chair back and then putting on its robe, coming back to the group just in time to hear Gil’s question and check the blip on her gizmo>
Krimson:M…Mara? =His eyes died down…The cute woman who he remembered did indeed sit before them…It had been so long..And the hero was so….Different.=
amia:-stay near zazel-
Rye:(I got to go guys… Night and have fun)
Daloki:(night Rye)
~ Narrator ~:Mara turns with a violent laugh and slashes a knife across the throat of a young woman standing in a white robe before her. There is a splash of crimson that pours across her naked body as her laughter grows more frantic.
Rye:left the chat room
Zazel:Zazel looked about with utter shock for a moment as he swallowed heavily. For a sheer second he was taken aback by all these people as he moved his hands down to his greaves and popped the latch on them and his belt. stepping out from the greaves he kicked them down into the tunnel after amia came up. Ridding himself of the filth. He put his hand onto the hilt of his blade. And called out for Daloki in his mind.
Gazelle Kiley.:*A shriek of pure agony, fury comes ripping out of her mouth, a devastating noise, a sound worse than you have heard before. She had no care to be silent, to sneak around these halls, this building.*
Sassy:*The blip was there and it seems to have stopped for now to rest once more*
Daloki:<mentally in reply to Zazel> “We’re at the back”
Gazelle Kiley.:*Her hand lashes out with speed nearly unseen, aiming to deliver a fist at who ever or what ever was closest to her*
Sassy:*The blip starts to move rapidly closer to them*
Zazel:“Yeah. Im stuck in the middle of a Religious Rave.” He commented as he spoke again “What now? Cleave through?”
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri now began snarling towards Amun. He stepped foreward a few times, his shadows seeming to follow him. He now rushed forward, towards Amaranta, sending his shadows to surround her form. Hopefully some of them would glide soundlessly over the floor, seemingly trying to catch her shadow and bind her form before she can kill anymore.>
~ Narrator ~:As the sacrifice dies, Amon raises an arm into the air, and the stony ceiling above you suddenly grows darker, an inky black seeming to swirl in the atmosphere.
Gazelle Kiley.:*Small black glossy bubbles begin seeping from her pores, the solidified power of oblivion, starting to sweep out from the sleeves of her cloak, up from the neck, spewing from the boils on her skull*
Daloki:“No… walk through.”
~ Narrator ~:Dimitris path to Mara is suddenly blocked by a blank faced acolyte, that stands there, staring at him, serenity written on his face.
Gazelle Kiley.:*Gazelle storms off towards the Dias, towards a door, a door she can feel energy come from… an escape.. a place to get away.. run away from Mara, run away from her beauty, run away from the ones giving their lives for this woman… a life Gazelle once had.*
amia:-unties the cloth and lets it fall- as i cling to zazel with one hand and then my other hand on the large sword-
~ Narrator ~:The shadows he casts at her, swirl around Amarantas body, and then are absorbed into her.
Zazel:Zazel quietly understood and took Amia’s hand as he began to walks through the crowd trying not to bump into them. After a moment or two of bumping. He made it back to Dal. Exasperated “I have never seen so much shit in my life…”
Krimson:=Krimson would have seemed to…Vanish. His presence was still felt mentally by people like Daloki, but he was off somewhere….Unseen.=
Daloki:<she hands the gizmo to Gil and starts moving forward at a slow pace, looking like just one more acolyte>
Sassy:*Then with a heart in her mouth and covered in blood, Sasuke leaps into the scene through an open window. She then gobbles up the rest and then tackles a scarifice and starts to claw away at them with anger in her eyes*
~ Narrator ~:In general, the acolytes ignore the party, focused on their dark masters.
amia:-stays behind zazel and looks at dal-
Gil:* Takes the Gizmo *
Dimitri Sagesson:Get out of my way! <Dimitri surged forth, his hands darkening tremendously with his shadow mass as he sent a deadly fist towards the beast that Acolyte who stepped in his way. If the fist worked, it would blow a hole through the beasts midsection and Dimitri would continue forth>
~ Narrator ~:Mara turns to the next sacrifice, a young man, still in his teens. Without hesitation she slams the blood encrusted knife into the figures right eye, and as his body crumbles, she begins dicing it up, severing limbs, decimating his flesh.
Daloki:<she is mildly surprised that no one else used the same strategem of obtaining a robe, but continues moving forward>
~ Narrator ~:The acolytes midsection explodes, and blood shoots outwards like a geyser. As the acolyte dies, two more step up in front of Dimitri to take his place.
~ Narrator ~:”Calla Hellwit Fatahs Sal T’oh Karkan Demonis Asparat Dednudim”
Zazel:“Dont bother explaining whats going on. This might turn ugly really quick” He just muttered as his hand moved back to his scythe. Grabbing the small compact version of it as he flicks it out. to his side, It remained slow. Watching Daloki, He just snatched a robe from a person, throwing it on half assedly.
Gazelle Kiley.:*She stops at the door her black fists balled up smashing on on the door, as she made her way the small bubbles ov oblvion drift behind her, causing for few sacrifices to never exist, never have been there, never to have lived.*
Krimson:=Minor flickers of heat, and the deep deep growls that rang just lightly in the air mark Krimson’s constant presence, somehow consealed within the large room.=
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri would continue using this same technique to blast them away, at least until reaching Amaranta>
~ Narrator ~:One of the acolytes suddenly turns and grabs Amias arm, screaming, crying out in horrifying terror, pain and panic written on her face.
Gazelle Kiley.:*Twisting the knob to the door she feels out the group one more time gte a grip on where they all were, then felling Mara and the perfect bends of her body. She pushes the door wide open, slamming it behind her.*
amia:-stands back and pulls my demon sword from my back and swings it as it lops of the persons head-
~ Narrator ~:”Save me, save me from this pleaseeeee” The acolyte, her hands small and frail, tugs at Amia’s arms and then, her head is neatly severed.
Daloki:<she reaches the point where Dimitri has been stopped and intends to keep moving forward if the acolytes in front of him allow her to pass, dressed as she is>
~ Narrator ~:”Ph’nglui Mglw’Nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh Wgah’Nagl Fhtagn”
Zazel:“Nice going kid…” He snorted.
Sassy:*Once the sacrifice was cut up she starts to lap up feverously the blood and then growls and starts to sprawl around with feral growls coming from her. She moves to find her next victim and then she spots the next victim, all dressed in black and she moves into a crouching position before pouncing. The victim screams loudly in pain and Sasuke bites into the victim’s neck and drains it of blood and then rips out a huge chunk of fleash and eats it greedily*
~ Narrator ~:Dal is able to slip by Dimitri’s acolytes, but as she makes her way down she finds that the press of the crowd grows thicker with every step.
amia:-stops and looks around- father.. they need help not death.. -the blood drips from my weapon the blood runs down my bare leg-
Zazel:“Then you shouldnt have killed that person…Watch what you do” He spoke lightly. Moving foward.
~ Narrator ~:As Mara slices open a fresh victim, as Amia sends a sacrifice to her death, as Sassy savages the body of another acolyte, the air seems to grow darker, swirling with an unholy mist.
~ Narrator ~:A sound of thunder crashes through the air out of nowhere.
Daloki:<thin, agile and strong as she is, she continues to muscle and slip her way forward>
amia:-thinks and looks around at the people-
Zazel:Zazel alines himself behind Dalokis trail, Keeping close enough not to lose sight of Daloki.
Dimitri Sagesson:<The shadows began to line infront of Dimitri and their arms slowly shifted into blades. They now began to slice at the enemy Acolyte, as Dimitri battlesd foreward, his shadows battering and slicing his path through if possible>
~ Narrator ~:First Dal, then Zazel, slowly make their way down through the ever thickening crowd of willing victims, waiting for the kiss of their Dark Queen.
amia:-looks at my father take off for dal and follows the both of them-
Gil:C’thva Ara Kravaaa T’fgthagn C’thva Ara Kravaaa T’fgthagn C’thva Ara Kravaaa T’fgthagn * Gil begins repeating *
Daloki:<now and then she’s had a glimpse of Sassy that sickened her, but she does not feel it’s safe to contact the girl’s mind, tainted as it is>
~ Narrator ~:Mara’s violent movements grow more urgent now, she slashes through an elder womans throat, tossing the body aside, grabbing at a young boy and breaking his neck with her bare hands.
Sassy:*She then stops and moves over to Amon with a low growl rumbling from her chest and she then roars like a tiger loudly to get his attention. She had the pissed off look that was actually a dark scowl. Her fangs then shows to him*
Zazel:Zazel kept his strode through the crowd as he reached out to Daloki *What now?*
~ Narrator ~:With each death the walls seem to shiver. With each drop of blood spilled the air grows thicker with darkness.
~ Narrator ~:The chanting is all around you, every mouth speaks the same words in unholy unison.
Daloki:“We have to stop Mara”
~ Narrator ~:”Despotatri Elega Faesotu Turatti Natu Fotuci Calla Hellwit Fatahs Sal T’oh Karkan Demonis Asparat Dednudim So T’ala Kel”
Sassy:*Her mind feels like a very thick oil of anger and hate as well as pain and suffering that follows with one goal in mind but soon the goal was lost*
~ Narrator ~:”ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”
Zazel:“Shall I initiate?” He spoke
~ Narrator ~:Maras knife slashes through flesh over and over again, and the crowd around her begins to thin somewhat, allowing Dal and Zazel to get even closer.
Krimson:=Every so often an Acolyte would fall unconscious, A path was cleared behind Krimson, who too had collected a robe. He stood near to the front, with his head bowed and his fists curled just so that his clawes would not give him away.=
amia:left the chat room
~ Narrator ~:Amon begins to laugh, as he stands now, swirls of black mist surrounding him, radiating from him.
Daloki:<the chanting is getting to her … yet somehow Gil’s lone voice also seems to affect the aura around her as well>
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri found no use in getting to Amaranta in this way, so slowly his body shifted forewards as a shadow, creeping slowly across the floor towards Daloki and the others. Everynow and then he would slice at an Acolyte’s foot or the back of their knees, aiming to slice them down>
Krimson:=He was almost grinning, those pale lips pulled back in a double fanged smile. Daloki would hear his voice, if she willed it, stating he was ready for a perfect strike.=
~ Narrator ~:Mara now turns to the group of Acolytes standing before her. With a sickly smile, she drops the knife letting it clang to the floor.
Zazel:Zazel began to speed up his pace, With his left hand the gunblade began to expose itself into the light, Zazel used the cloak as a shield to prevent him from being exposed.
~ Narrator ~:Then, raising her hand, she lets loose a razor blade of oblivion, which fires outwards, slamming into the neck of the acolyte standing directly in front of Dal, causing the head to fall from the body, the form exploding in blood.
Daloki:<then her heart sinks as she sees Mara drop the knife – but one flies from her own hand, straight at Mara’s throat>
guest:enter the chat room
Sassy:*She gets into a crouching position, almost ready to pounce him. She lets out a feral growl and then pounces onto his back and starts to claw at it until he falls*
~ Narrator ~:The walls waver, the reality of the room seeming to come undone with the violence.
Daloki:<immediately after she throws herself to the side as the body in front of her explodes in gore>
amia:-places my large sword on my shoulder-
~ Narrator ~:Dal’s knife flies through the air towards Maras neck, but almost as if she knew it was coming, one of the sacrifices, a small girl, steps forward into the path of the blade, the dagger slicing neatly into her throat.
Krimson:{Daloki, should I attack?} =He beconed into her mind, and already he was lifting the spear that was propped so neatly at his back.=
~ Narrator ~:The little girl gurgles, and falls over dead, a smile plastered on her face.
Zazel:Zazel dipped in to the left as he grounded his foot into the ground with Mara dropping the knife he lunged at Mara with great force to shoulder slam her into the ground.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Landing next to Daloki’s form, Dimitri’s shadow seemed to shudder at Amaranta. It stepped forth, edging towards the female through the mass of bodies.>
~ Narrator ~:Mara laughs madly as more razor blades of Oblivion flash from her fingers, severing arms, slicing bodies in half, causing heads to crash from neck and torsos to split open in bloody gashes.
~ Narrator ~:And with each death causedby the dark blades, a life is never born.
~ Narrator ~:The world pulses.
Daloki:<she still hasn’t recognized Amon, focusing on Mara>
Zazel:Tried to Tackle Mara.-
Krimson:=Krimson was nearest the front, and when she came to close, Krimson would leap into the air, and send his spear down at the woman’s torso with a powerful projected path.=
amia:-looks at mara and charges her with my demon sword, i electrify it and try to decapitate her too-
~ Narrator ~:Zazel crashes into Maras form now, bringing her to the floor with a thud, but already the world is starting to collapse around you, the walls wavering, the floor undulating, the ceiling gone, replaced by a vast and endless expanse of night.
Krimson:+Or not+
Krimson:+Or not+EAts post+
Zazel:“Down Amia!”
amia:-ducks down and covers myself with my weapon-
Zazel:He Drops down onto Mara’s Frame with his left hand going to work for her neck and the right forearm along her shoulder, The knees trying to lock onto her elbows to pin her down to the floor.
Daloki:<seeing others go for Mara, she turns her attention to Amon just as things start to go crazy around them, fighting her way forward to fire her plasma pistol at him>
Krimson:=Having leaped up he aimed his strike of incredable projectile at the Amorn guy. Having completely forgot the name.=
~ Narrator ~:Then, everything begins to fall away. Its as if you are plummeting down an endless hole into nothingness, as the temple, the acolytes, Mara, and Amon all fall away, everything falls away, reality falls away, and you are merely lost in the darkness.
amia:may i stand father? -still ducked down-
~ Narrator ~:Everyone is alone, and there is perfect silence.
Zazel:Zazel Remained Completely still.
Gil:* Falls into nothing remembers the Fae *
amia:-doesnt move as i stay crouched down-
Dimitri Sagesson:Get off of her, zazel! <Dimitri’s shadow growled. For a moment he seemed to shift and then he was nothing but darkness. Everything around him, darkness. His shadows seemed to pulse with the darkness though as Dimitri groaned>
~ Narrator ~:A slash of crimson appears along zazels arm. It isn’t cut, the flesh merely bursts aprt, revealing a gaping wound.
~ Narrator ~:The same thing happens to Dal, except this is across her chest, the wound deep, reaching down to the bone.
amia:-looks at my father- no! -stands but doesn’t move-
Krimson:=He held up his spear as if to block some unseen force.=
~ Narrator ~:In the hovering darkness, mirrors begin to rise, floating in front of you, except within the reflective surface you can see nothing.
Sassy:*She then bites into Amon’s neck and starts to drain him. She continues to drain him until he starts to feel dizzy, once he’s dizzy, she then bites into his neck and rips out a chunck and holds it in her neck as she takes Amon by his hair and and rolls him over to his back as she sits up some so she could. She continues to hold his hair as she eats his fleash*
Zazel:Zazel’s eyes widen in pure shock as his rigght arm was blown open, The armor cracking in plates and the flesh ripped open. He choked lightly in shock and stared at it.
~ Narrator ~:A gash opens up in Krimsons throat, not life threatening, but enough to spill blood down his chest.
Krimson:+Thinks Sassy doodle was a bit late+
Sassy:*Probably but was on Amon’s back*
Dimitri Sagesson:<dimitri slowly came into view from the darkness of his shadow, his fingers first then his chest and arms>
Daloki:<she cries out, clutching her arms over her chest, and some of her selves, who were already frightened by the sudden loss of reality, begin screaming while Mauvais, Margaret and Mother struggle to keep them in control>
Krimson:=Krimson jerks and grabs his neck with one hand, the other shashing out the spear, to dice anything that may have attacked him.=
amia:father. -takes a step closer to him, my demon sword hanging down-
~ Narrator ~:A huge gash erupts across Dimitris back, the flesh splitting wide, sending a cascade of blood flowing over his body.
amia:*noms on post*
~ Narrator ~:The mirrors, hovering before you, now begin to show you a vision of yourself. But this is not your body, nor is it your soul. Rather it is the evil within you, the dark potential, the failings and the faults, the weaknesses and the sins.
Gil:*Is uneasy about not seeing a reflexion in a mirror*
~ Narrator ~:Another gash erupts across Zazels face.
~ Narrator ~:Amia feels something burst in her left eye.
Krimson:=Burning his own flesh at impossible humane temperatures, the blood flow stops and he groans at the pain…He then walks forward, and calls out.= What the HELL is happening?! =The curse from Krimson was rather uncharacteristic. =He glares into the mirror with a frown.=
Daloki:<the wound is cursed deep and agonizing, and her arms and the clothing below the wound are becoming saturated in blood>
Dimitri Sagesson:<dimitri slumped over, the gash sending a ripple effect over his shadow. He let lose a snarl but nothing else. He began to turn around, to look to the mirror at the darkness that had created him, the vampire in his father, and the shadow that made up his blood and being.>
amia:-screams and covers my eye-
Zazel:Zazel blew it. His mouth parted as he screamed out in sheer pain. His only good arm moving up to his now gashed face. Another scar. Another Fault on him. Another imperfection.
Gil:* Sees and Angelic Face, a kind heart, a loving generous soul and screams *
~ Narrator ~:Krimsons legs now burst into a criss cross pattern of bloody wounds, that simply open up on the flesh.
Dimitri Sagesson:<<XD Gil>>
amia:-drops my weapon and kneels down, still covering my eye- fuck..
Krimson:Ack!! =Krimson falls, and forces the light armor from his legs, he quckly proceeds to burn the wounds, again and again, his only thought for now to stop the bleeding.=
Zazel:Zazel looks up and spots his Other.
~ Narrator ~:More slashes open up in your bodies now. Deep gashes coming from nowhere, its as if your very flesh was rebelling against you.
Zazel:“I GLITTER!” He screams at his Dark Self.
Daloki:<Dal trembles – there is so much darkness in her, so many terrible deeds in her past – and she sees things she has no memory of, coming from the souls who have taken up residence in her>
~ Narrator ~:The mirrors standing before each of you shatter now, a million shards of razor sharp glass hovering in the air for one perfect moment.
Krimson:=He growls, and groans in pain…But with his furious expression glaring in the mirror he attemts to belch fire, and melt this mirrored structure.=
~ Narrator ~:And then they shoot at you, thousands of slicing shards ripping into your flesh in the disembodied darkness.
Sassy:*She moves out of veiw for now*
Zazel:Zazel put his hands over his face and ducked down as he was put through a glass blender.
Krimson:=He continues to burn the wounds, like hot irons to cuts,and probably melting as more and more of his body heats up from the constant wounds, and the angered Phoenix.=
amia:-looks at the mirror as it shatters, and screams as the shards cut through my body-
Daloki:<her body has its own healing powers, but as more wounds open, and then the shards of the shattered mirror slice into her from head to foot, she is in danger of bleeding to death before that innate healing can do its work>
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri’s body jerked everynow and then at the slashes. He shifted now, as the black blood seeped from hi body and then when the glass from the mirror shot at him, he screamed out in pain. Shadows seemed to compile all around him, trying to block out some of the shards.>
~ Narrator ~:Amidst the chaos of the breaking glass, you begin to see a red light pulsing. It seems, somehow, unnatural, even in this unnatural place.
amia:-is on my knee’s and pouring blood as the red light starts to irritate my good eye-
Zazel:Zazel spit up blood from his now numb and limp left arm. His face marred heavily he shivered onto the floor. Looking at this dull light.
Gil:* is a mess looks like hamburger *
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri began reaching for the red light, his body lurching towards it>
~ Narrator ~:Then you hear a voice, a female voice, its almost robotic.
Krimson:=He howls an earshattering wail of pain as the Phoenix causes his body unimagionable ammounts of pain as it begins to force more power through the man’s flesh, causing rips and tears to belch it’s flames like chasms emitting hellfire.=
~ Narrator ~:The red lights continue to flash, and as they do, the shards of glass cutting into you feel, somehow more distant.
Zazel:Zazel just watched, Then he bit his lip. Sending out a thick shock around him.
Krimson:=As the pain lessens, Krimson falls to his knees and pants, twitching, aching… His head thrumming in pain.=
Daloki:<the voice snaps her back to mental clarity and she shouts> FUCK!
amia:-scoffs at the voice and tries to stand but falls over, my massive weapon lays at my side-
~ Narrator ~:And then there is an ear shattering explosion which seems to make the entire world quake.
Gil:Was that all a mind fuck
Zazel:Zazel remained in a mess in his mind, his hands over his face.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri shot to his feet with hearing the voice. He began shouting for it to shutup, though he knew it wouldnt. His eyes dashed around, searching for Daloki. Then as the earth trembles he shifted and nearly fell over>
Daloki:<claps her bleeding hands over her bleeding ears>
~ Narrator ~:You snap back, down through the darkness and the glass and the torture, shooting down into reality once more. As your eyes open, you awake to find yourselves lying in hospital beds. There are men in lab coats all around you. A red warning light is flashing, and a robotic female voice is issuing a security breach warning.
Daloki:<instantly she lifts her head to see if the others are there, and to get the lay of the land>
~ Narrator ~:The men in lab coats seem fairly oblivious to the noise and the alarms, as they poke your bodies with syringes, one has a scalpel that is dissecting Amias eye, another hand a knife buried in Dimitris gut.
amia:-i am laying on my back, opens my eyes- what the fuck!!
~ Narrator ~:”Oh shit, theyre coming out of it, gas the room immediately!”
Zazel:Zazel opened his eyes. As he paniced for a moment He opened his hand and let out a major Static burst from his body.
guest41474818:enter the chat room
~ Narrator ~:Static leaps from zazels hand, slamming into the chest of the man in the lab coat that was injecting his left arm.
amia:-screams- DADDYY!!!! -starts to moves my body-
Dimitri Sagesson:What’s going on? <Dimitri strained against the knive, his body lurching to get free as he felt the knife tear into his stomach. His hands jerked at the guy as he attempted to strangle him through the pain>
~ Narrator ~:Several of the men rush across the room, heading for a small control panel in the wall.
Daloki:<then she remembers the syringes … what was in them? Could they all be sharing a hallucination? Regardless, she has knives in both hands instantly, slashing the lab coats nearest her>
Krimson:=Krimson took a deep breath, and did not react much at all, instead as the Phoenix found itself conscious of the surrounding it became…Angry….His body began to heat rappidly,, flames dancing in the air, and the Phoenix Caw that could shatter glass.=
Zazel:Zazel’s Sheer size and body suddenly lurched as he tugged at the belt and pulled his hand from the locks, Pointing at the control panel and sending out a blast of lightning to disable it.
amia:-can barely see- daddy!!
~ Narrator ~:Dal’s knives slice downwards, and a hand of one of the experimenters slices from his body, the scalpel crashing to the floor.
Gil:* Waves a spell and chain lightning several techs in a group *
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri’s eyes darkened as his shadow rushed towards the other medics, or whatever theses guys were. They attempted to hold some of them in place>
~ Narrator ~:The lightning slams into the control panel and it explodes, sending one of the scientists flying into the air.
~ Narrator ~:Men in lab coats flail in the air as the shadows take them in their embrace.
~ Narrator ~:Lightning dances from Gil’s hands, slamming into the last few men still standing and they collapse in heaps.
amia:-stands up and looks around with my blurred vision- were is demon you fucks!! -in the palm of my hand there is also lightning, its a purplish colours- where is demon….
~ Narrator ~:The red light continues to glow.
Zazel:Zazel wrestled from his hospital bed and dropped onto the floor, His fist slamming into the floor with a static burst as he moved to pick himself off the floor and roared doninantly. As Zazel put his hands together to send out a massive EMP from his body. The Cost being, it would drain Zazel of critical amounts of energy.
Krimson:=Rolling off the bed as the restraints were burned/melted frm him, Krimson seemed…Unconscious. The hunched pose he had, with his arms tucked at his side made him look rather odd, until he belched a flume of flame aimed at one of the running Scientists.=
Dimitri Sagesson:<With a slight crunching motion with his hands, Dimitri seemed to tell the shadows to rip them apart, and thats what the shadows attempted. Ripping at them repeatedly>
Sassy:*Sasuke poofs or at least she seems to poofs*
Sassy:(night ya’ll)
Dimitri Sagesson:<<Night sass>>
amia:-swings my hand around and is almost totaly blind- daddy!! -my hands still charged a little-
~ Narrator ~:The finally remaining scientists, held in the clutches of the shadows, explode in showers of blood as the shadows tear them to pieces.
Krimson:+snuggles Sassydoodle and goes back IC+
~ Narrator ~:There is the sound of an explosion, that rocks the room, and you can hear people crying out in pain in the distance.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri groaned from the strain, shifting as he yanked the knife from his stomach and threw it across the room. He jerked to his feet and stood>
Amaranta:left the chat room
Sassy:left the chat room
Daloki:<her wounds healing now, Dal is on her feet, looking for a computer station or at least a way out>
amia:-blood pours from my eye socket that is closed as i start crying- daddy.. -keeps waving my hand-
Zazel:Zazel was on his left knee exhaling heavily as he put his hand to his face, The surgical gash on his face scarring him heavily. As he staggered back to his feet.
~ Narrator ~:The room has a single door leading into a hallway. Zazels EMP blast has disabled all of the computers in this room, which were not shielded against such attacks.
Krimson:=Krimson stands to his full height, Krimson groaned and seemed to…Relax more… The Phoenix had let him take control again.=
Gil:*drinks a bit of healing potion from a small vial in his robe. *
Daloki:How about just opening the goddamn door?
Dimitri Sagesson:<dimitri’s back still seemed to spray the acidic blood on the floor, ruining the wood or metal along it as he rushed from the room and into the hall>
amia:hey can i get some help here.. i…i can’t see a thing!! -keeps walking around-
Daloki:<she limps toward it, a wound in her leg still fairly deep as her body heals some of the other wounds that are more dangerous first>
Krimson:=Reaching back his arm, then ramming it forward, his whole arm ignites, and in a condenced plasma of fire he aims to melt and or obliterate said door.=
~ Narrator ~:The red warning lights continue to flash, the voice continues to play the same recorded message.
Krimson:+Dimitri opened the door?+
Daloki:<missed that>
Dimitri Sagesson:Are we still in the same place? <dimitri did>
Krimson:+Eats post+
Dimitri Sagesson:<Adds that somehow>
amia:-sighs and starts walking to a random area- help!!
Gil:* Helps Amia *
Krimson:=Krimson walks out at a fast, but still odd pace, he was not fully awake yet…=
guest41474818:left the chat room
amia:-jumps and them takes a helping hand- who is helping me?
Daloki:<follows Dimitri down the hallway, looking into any adjacent rooms for a terminal so she can find out where the hell the repository is>
~ Narrator ~:The hallway outside is a scene of chaos. You can see men in dark robes racing down the hallway as the door opens, but they are too focused on their destination to notice you. Automated weapons scan the hallways, and there are dead bodies lying scattered on the floors.
Zazel:Zazel remained leaned on a computer. Shocked, Mentally shocked at his scared face.
Krimson:=And the smell and feel of heat in the air around him couldeasily predict why…=
Gil:Gil * Walks her into a wall and laughs * oops * Then leads her out *
amia:-hits a wall and sends a small shock through him, blood still running out of my left eye and tears from my right- it hurts badly.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri once more groaned in pain and his shadows pushed foreward to shatter the weapons in a magnified shadow pulse from his clawed digits. he continued foreward>
~ Narrator ~:In the hallway outside, there is a general usage control console embedded in the wall a few yards down to the left.
Gil:* Gets a jolt * Ahhh I likey…. You dating anyone?
~ Narrator ~:Dimitris shadows shoot out and smash into two gun turrets, just as they turn to focus their analyzer beams on Gil.
Daloki:<she races to the console and checks the screen, looking for a menu that would get her started>
Krimson:=Daloki would feel a slight heat as Krimson attempted to speak in her mind.= {Should I…Use Tears on the wounded?}
Zazel:Zazel worked his body from the room to tag with the group
amia:-shakes my head- i was married buti left him, he is never around and his 3 kids need him.
~ Narrator ~:The control console is intuitive and easy to use, with a menu giving Dal an option to pull up a basic outline of the building.
amia:-shocks you again and smiles a bit- what about you?
Dimitri Sagesson:You’re welcome, Gil. <Dimitri grinned and lurched foreward towards the console with Dal.> Do you know how to use it?
amia:-hears someone talk to gil- well he is helping me so thanks for whatever you did friend.
Daloki:<her mind does not reply, she concentrates on pulling up a schematic as she answers Dimitri acidly> Oh no, I’m just trying to play a video game. DUH.
Gil:I am raising 3… sort of…. *Looks over at Dimitri with I am working here kid look *
Dimitri Sagesson:<dimitri chuckles as he watches the woman work> hurry then. Let’s be done with this.
amia:i have a set of twins, a boy and a girl and then my youngest son.. cadence and connor are the twins and then brody the youngest. -keeps walking-
Zazel:“Fuck” Zazel stopped and then dropped down to the ground from the damage he took from the medical wounds.
Gil:I have 2 Males and a Female and they are a handful.
Daloki:Get away from me or I’ll carve you up like cheese. <she focuses on the screen, tapping keys quickly to find where they are>
amia:-hears my father- hey someone get my father.. i can’t see.. gil dont let him die.. -looks around unknowing where he is- ah that has to be tough
Gil:Is e the pigeon?
Dimitri Sagesson:Ok. <Dimitri took a step back and leaned against a wall.>
Gil:That’s what the Leech calls him.
~ Narrator ~:The console shows that they are near a main junction, with a hallway that leads off towards the repository. It also shows several areas of flashing red, which indicate structural damage to the building, centered on the area where the repository is located.
Zazel:Zazel was exhaling a thick electrical mist from his lips as his hand was clasped over his face, Blood seeping through it as he didnt respond for sometime and grabbed Krimson’s hand, In Krimson’s blood system he could feel the static electricity begin to flare and spark about. Causing pins and needles.
~ Narrator ~:There is another violent explosion, and then a sound of steel crashing into steel.
amia:-nods- zazel.. my father.. -looks around- hey gil have you seen this big ol’ sword.. its a demon sword. my demon sword..and well it disappeared..
Dimitri Sagesson:Yea, where is the book?
Gil:Excuse me… a moment * goes over to Daloki * I would think its there Pointing at the Repository. *
~ Narrator ~:Two men in black robes appear at the far end of the hallway running. As they see you they stop, hesitating for a moment.
Daloki:<in some part of her mind she wonders why Krimson asked such a cork-brained question as to whether he should use tears – then remembers something> “Krimson – Zazel is allergic to Phoenix tears and Amia may be, too, you have to ask.”
Krimson:=Krimson lifts the man up, and quickly placed his arm over Krimson’s shoulder, as he hoisted Zazel along. He ignored the small tingling overh is body at the static, as he attempted to bring Zazel with the rest of the crew.=
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri lurches towards the black robed figures, forcing his shadows to lurch foreward also in an attempt to hold them.>
Daloki:Let’s get going, then, that area’s coming down!
Krimson:=Krimson’s voice would reply in a mental sigh.= {I know…}
amia:-stops and hears dal then is standing alone, hears the men and yell- give me my weapon you bastards..-my electricity shoots at the men- fuck you.. guy you couldnt handle it. aww.. -stands there alone again-
~ Narrator ~:Then, with grim determination in their faces, the two men raise their hands and chant in an angry language. Dinitri leaps forward, his shadows slamming into one, but a spurt of black fire balls lace through the air at him from the other.
Zazel:[ Amia isnt, Shes Half Vampire ]
amia:((and half demon!!!)
~ Narrator ~:The black flames crash towards Dimitri, as well as the rest of the group, as the second robed man is downed by a powerful burst of Amias lightning.
Daloki:<her wounds have continued healing, but seeing the black fireballs heading toward her, she hits the ground>
Gil:Gotcha * goes back to amia finding her sword on the ground where it had been conveniently kicked * Here you go
Krimson:+Wonders if the scientists took his black metal spear+
Daloki:<she remembers Raelin’s black fire all too well, and doesn’t know if this is the same – so isn’t going to take the chance>
Krimson:+Was a foreign metal and such… so…+
amia:-takes my sword and grins and then charges it and runs down the hallway at the men, my eyes still out of this but i am relying on my smell and hearing as i slam my massive sword into a few of them-
Gil:Let’s Go * Follows toward the Repository *
Zazel:He coughed up blood then pushed himself from Krimson softly. his right arm having a major gash in it Zazel’s eyes rolled back into his head as he put his hand along the panel. Working his way about and and felt an opening into the building electrical mainframe. His fingers worked along the wires as he began to sap energy.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri jerked back as one fireball hit him in the chest. He cried out in pain, battering again at the two men with his shadows. As he do so his back let another spray of his blood out which darts into the air towards the two men and if it hit them they would find that it began to sting, then melt skin and meat then bone>
~ Narrator ~:All possessions which were brought on this mission, can be found by ducking quickly back into the laboratory that the heroes came from.
amia:(gil found my weapon kicked around, does that count?)
Krimson:+Would have it then, the phoenix always finds the spear…Sowwie…=
~ Narrator ~:Dimitris blood splashes into the face of the second dark robed man and he screams as the flesh begins to melt, falling to the earth.
Zazel:Zazel breathing becan to accelerate incredibly. As sparks of energy warped along his hair and his teeth, Salia dripping down he pulled his hand out closed his eyes running down the hall to Daloki.
amia:*if not noms on post, if so leaves it*
Daloki:(yes it does)
Gil:* obtained his wands when he recovered the sword from overturned cart *
~ Narrator ~:Amia has possession of her sword.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Then as the second male falls, Dimitri ran towards his friends to the repository or whatever and his pace seemed to be quicjened by his shadows.>
amia:-keeps swinging it, hitting someone almost everytime-
Dimitri Sagesson:<<Quickened>>
~ Narrator ~:As you race down the hallway, you find more bodies scattered on the floor. Many of them are missing limbs, or heads. Some are merely half bodies, with the other half completely missing.
Daloki:<she goes flying down the hallway to the junction, then turns appropriately toward the repository, her leg now fully healed>
amia:-stops- gil!! which way?
Krimson:=Krimson back tracks to grab his spear, then he too leans forward into a sprint that brought him to Daloki in a near instant with the long lanky legs apparently good for something…=
Daloki:<er – running as fast as she has while dancing over bodies>
Gil:Follow the crazy lady.
Daloki:<Daloki runs much faster than a human>
Zazel:Zazel limped his way down.
~ Narrator ~:As you turn down the large hallway that leads to the repository, you find that there are several places where there are large holes in the walls, sections of the building that appear to have simply vanished.
Krimson:+Does too, with speed being his greatest factor+
amia:-sighs- can’t see, haven’t gotten any medicine yet.. -feels along the walls-
~ Narrator ~:Then, suddenly from behind, more giant balls of black fire shoot through the air towards you, as several of the black robed men appear in hot pursuit, chanting starnge words as they chase you.
Gil:Ah.. this way… and here * hands her a vial of healing potion not phoenix tears *
Daloki:<wonders if there is any damn thing Krimson can’t do better than anyone else and keeps running, nearly tripping now and then>
Zazel:Zazel ducks, Barely avoiding a flaming black ball. As he jump to the left side and continues to run.
Krimson:Oblivion? =He questiones, but then…With the fire he turns and expells his own fire, trying to deflect the black material from the air, and still moving out of the path if it did not work.=
amia:-takes the potion and downs it, gaining a little sight back, takes off after daloki and ducks- thanks. -looks at gil with my good eye-
Dimitri Sagesson:<somehow dimitri’s wounds were closing over with his shadows, and quickly healing. He ran as quickly as he could, finally catching up to Krimson and Dal. He gave them a cheeky grin as he looked at the missing parts of the building and continued foreward. Dimitri’s shadows now lined at his back and began shooting shadow pulses towards the blackrobed men. Then if they hit, they would lurch towards them, snapping at their necks with shadow blades>
Gil:* Smiles his demonic smile and waggles his horns *
~ Narrator ~:Black flames meet krimsons bright orange blast and the result is an enormous explosion which sends the first few robed men flying backwards, singeing the walls and ceiling of the hallway.
Daloki:<she’s unaware of the fireballs hurtling toward them and will get hit if someone else doesn’t deal with them>
amia:-giggles a bit- if we make this through find me in the tavern, we have to talk.
Krimson:+I Don’t really like how that was stated… Now I feel like a bunny.+
Zazel:Zazel trips over a body as he drops behind the group. Dangerously he staggered back up and back to his feet. Running along behind the group.
amia:-looks at the fireballs and stops to get to them and swings my sword hoping to cut on in half-
Krimson:=Krimson staggared away from the explosion, and catching himself after stumbling for a few paces, he once agian runs with the group.=
~ Narrator ~:Dimitris waves of shadow crash through the air, passing the explosion and slamming into the first few robed men, slicing their bodies in half. However more of the robed men are starting to gather in the halls.
Gil:Will do. Oops * trips goes sprawling and nearly raises into a face full of fireball *
Zazel:Zazel steps neatly over Gil.
amia:-laughs and keeps running, slicing the fireball hurtling towards gil- not today..
Gil:* Gets up * Uh Yeah?
~ Narrator ~:Finally you reach the entrance to the repository, only here instead of a door, you find a giant section of wall which has completely vanished. Inside there are dozens of dead bodies, as well as more giant holes in the walls. There are also at least 50 men, some dressed as soldiers with rifles, others in black robes. In the center of the chaos, there is a stand containing a very large book, as well as a rolled up piece of enormous parchment, which is sitting in a puddle of blood at its feet.
Krimson:=Krimson looks over his shoulder in a double take and seeing MORE of the cloaked men he sighed and with a arm thrust backwards he shot a rappid fire of basketball sized flaming plasma at the gathering pests at random.=
amia:-laughs and keeps moving-
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri groaned once more as he sent another wave after wave, coninuing this strategy. Hequicjly began moving foreward as his shadows soared back against the hooded figures.>
~ Narrator ~:The second you round the hole to peer into the repository, rifles are aimed, magical spells are chanted, and a wave of plasma, black flames, and bullets crashes outwards at you.
Daloki:<in an instant she has a railgun in her hands and starts firing into the men in the room>
amia:-raises my shield hoping it does some kind of protection
Dimitri Sagesson:Grab the book! <dimitri yelled as he brought a huge wall of shadow mass infront of the group to block the flames, though the bullets do get through>
Krimson:=Crossing his arms over his face, the Phoenix made a barrier just in time to save his own life, taking a few bullet wounds, namely one that pierced his heart, and sent him growling ang gasping in pain.=
Zazel:He runs up along side Dal, His face covering his hair. As he ran along side her, His hand outstretchend and the air bent around him, Static built up as suddenly a hail of returning lightning was shot back into the group of men. A Black ball skimming him.
~ Narrator ~:The initial blast of flame and plasma slams into Amias shield sending her flying backwards. Dal manages to rais her railgun and get off a few rounds before bullets tear into her arms and shoulders.
~ Narrator ~:Lightning crashes down from the sky, dancing from man to man as they each shiver in a violent tremor of death.
amia:-goes flying- ahh. -lands and my shield lowers as i am unconsciencous-
~ Narrator ~:The fire and plasma blasts into Krimsons barrier as well, the force sending him faltering backwards as well.
Zazel:With the opening in the air, Zazel dove down into the fray of the men who were shocked as he smashed his hands into the ground to send a violet wave of electricity through the floor into the people.
~ Narrator ~:Flames crash into Dimitris wall, beating against it, even as bullets pound into him one after the other.
~ Narrator ~:Zazel crashes down into the ground and his electrical charge downs those nearest him, however a flurry of black waves of fire crashes over him as he exposes himself to dozens of dark sorcerors.
amia:-remains unconscious-
Daloki:<losing hold of the railgun, she drops into a crouch and slips around the edge of the opening, slithering along the wall, using her mind to distort the light waves around her and make her less visible, and she begins sliding toward the Book in the center, moving on her knees along since her arms won’t hold her>
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri shuddered as each of the bullet pounded into him. He cried out in pain before reshaping the shadow into a giant blade and slashing across the men and mages with a wide arch that would do no harm to his friends>
~ Narrator ~:The battle rages around Dal, and yet, the intensity of the fighting, mixed with the manipulation of light allowing her to slip through the chaos unnoticed.
Krimson:=Krimson fell to his back, gasping in pain, and clutching his chest.. By now the royal robe swere in tatters, or even removed due to the experimentation, so the blood just cakes up on his pale skin…Leaning up, the free hand retrieves the spear that had fallen from his back, he attempts to throw, and scewer a neat line of the opposing men.=
Zazel:Zazel smirked lightly as he dropped down flat onto the floor. And the Flames rushed over him. Singing his body as the green Anti-Magic blood was exposed and began to apply a slight defense against the full blow of the magic. He whipped back and gripped the scythe as in a lunging whirling motion he lashed out in a circular motion to get within range to grab the book.
~ Narrator ~:Dimitris shadows crash across the wall of men and many of them are downed. Some of the sorcerers erect hasty shields which deflect some of the damage, but the soldiers are devastated by the attack.
Daloki:<closer and closer … >
~ Narrator ~:A stray bullet slams into Dal’s gut, but nobody seems to take notice of her as the intensity of the battle rages around her.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri rushed foreward with the blade grip, slashing again at the remaining figures>
Krimson:+Or not+
~ Narrator ~:Zazel slashes his scythe outwards but being amidst the fray he makes himself a target, bullets, flames, and plasma blasts centering on him from every angle.
~ Narrator ~:Krimsons spear soars through the air and pins three of the robed men to a wall as he falls backwards.
amia:((i have to go everyone, byes.))
Gil:( Bye Amia)
Dimitri Sagesson:<<Byez>>
~ Narrator ~:Dimitri is a whirlwind of death, but he too is a target, with the sites of every gun and spell falling on him in battering punishment.
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri was forced to the ground with the spray of bullets and spells, but each time on hit him, his blood sprayed across towards them with its acidic effects,>
Daloki:<with a grunt she drops back on her heels, then painfully moves forward again, concentrating to keep the light waves bent around her, till she reaches the scroll. Her arms don’t want to be moved at all, but she forces them to and gets the scroll into her pocket, then rises in front of the stand. The Book is enormous but she exerts all the remaining strength she has to reach out and grab hold of it>
~ Narrator ~:As men close in to finish of Dimitris fallen form, acidic blood spurts outwards, and they scream clutching their flesh.
amia:left the chat room
Zazel:‘Come on…Keep it on me…Keep it on… me” Zazel’s bell broke through the air as hail of bullets punctures his body and He dashed back as the blood drawn from his puddled the floor. Continued foward as he dropped to a knee, The scythe dispelling one fireball he pushed his hands onto the scythe and slammed the blade down into the ground, The force of the next electrical surge was over 100 amps, Enough to fry anything within 30 feet around him. however afterwards, Zazel would drop down onto a knee.
Daloki:<it takes every bit of strength to lift it with her bullet-riddled upper body and the fire in her bleeding gut, and she pops back into view as she pulls the Book toward herself>
~ Narrator ~:Zazels powerful burst of electricity doesn’t fry 30 feet around him or all his friends would be dead, but it does clear the area around the book, allowing an opening for Dal to snatch it up, even as the movement of the powerful tome draws the attention of the dark robed men, who now begin to train their sites on her.
Krimson:=Krimson then seemed to be less of a target, as the other two became engaged in the fight. Krimson crawls to his knees and spits up blood. When he recovers his ability to breath he takes one deep inhale, and then crawling forward ever so slightly to latch his claws into the ground Krimson belches an inferno of a flamethrower into the backs of the fighters, the force burning his pale lips to a dark ashen black and would have propelled him backwards if his claws were not dug into the ground. And now bleeding with effort.=
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri was left exposed, though the wall of shadows now seemed at their max, slashing repeatedly at the men that were attacking his friends, they lurched foreward as dimitri’s mind told them to rip them apart like the ones in the lab>
~ Narrator ~:Krimsons wave of flame slams into the attackers unaware, downing another half dozen of them who race screaming about the room until they collapse in charred heaps.
~ Narrator ~:Dimitris shadows snatch up guards and sorcerers alike, shattering their bodies in bloody bursts of gore.
Zazel:Zazel put his hands onto the flooring, He was bleeding out as he brought his knees up to his chest to push him back up into the standing position. Dazed. He was trying to regain focus.
~ Narrator ~:The room is starting to empty out now, the last few defenders gathering together in small groups to concentrate their fire on Dal. A blast of plasma crashes through the top right edge of the book, leaving the tome singed and smoking.
Krimson:=Coughing violently, Krimson moves forward, and still seeing no one had started attacking him, he came up to one of the charred bodies, and snatched a gun. He then used said body and started cover firing for Daloki.=
Dimitri Sagesson:<This would continue as Dimitri seemed to fold in on himself. The shadows now focused on the ones attacking daloki as he told them the same thing>
Gil:* uncloaks himself and sends a blast of thunder at the group shouting at dal*
~ Narrator ~:The room itself is a wasteland of chaos. There are dead bodies everywhere. The walls look like swiss cheese with enormous gaps and holes unnaturally adorning them, showing the twisted landscape outside.
Daloki:<she has to use all her concentration to fight the pain and pull the book toward her across the stand, she has nothing left to bend the light waves … then when the Book is hit, it gives her another wave of adrenaline and she yanks it the rest of the way, toppling backward when it comes off the stand with the huge, heavy Book clutched to her chest>
~ Narrator ~:Thunder and plasma from Gil and Krim, slam into a group of chanting robed acolytes who were forming a wave of dark fire to fling at Dal.
~ Narrator ~:Dimitris shadows then clean up another small group that was advancing on the book, their bodies shattering in bloody spurts of pain.
Daloki:<her blood soaks into the cover of the Book as she tries to roll over and protect it, hoping she can slide her pocket over it once it’s on the floor>
Krimson:=Taking a deep breath the Phoenix began a withdrawal, and the dark flames would hopefully be drawn to attack Krimson as he fired one of the weapons at the group.=
Zazel:Zazel remained lent on his Scythe, Puckering bullet holes and plasma burns mar his synthetic body. His dark green blood dripping out from the holes as the burn marks marred everything, His face was cloaked in his hair as he tried to limp to the group.
Dimitri Sagesson:Do you have the book?!?! <The silver haired male screamed at the top of his lungs as another wave of shadows crashed into the group again, seeking to obliterate the last of their forces>
Daloki:<or if she is killed, the Book will be protected… and she tells her pocket that if she is killed, Gil will be able to retrieve the scrolls, both this one and the ones he gave her to study>
~ Narrator ~:The last group of dark robed defenders now huddle together. They take turns forming shields against the lightning and the plasma and the shadows, while alternating blasts of black flame and spears of dark death outwards at the Heroes.
Gil:We gotta go
Dimitri Sagesson:<Wave after wave of the deadily shadows now slammed into the group as Dimitri sent another towards the back of the group to catch them off guard>
Zazel:Zazel taks another step to Krimson, Looking up to the male for a moment as hie face is suddenly twisted in a expression of pain. Due to the fact he was centered and weakened. A Spear ripped through his midsection, Burning along the Anti-Magic blood. He took a step foward and nearly dropped to his knees.
~ Narrator ~:While most of the defenders in the room of holes and death are dead, you can hear more footsteps clanking down the hallway outside.
Daloki:<everything else in her pocket will be lost forever if she dies… she manages to roll over, starting to feel woozy with pain and blood loss, releasing her hold on the Book and then sliding forward – if she can catch even an edge of her pocket on it, she can get it inside>
Krimson:=Krimson rolls to the side and yet he finds himself clipped by a spear. Howling in pain yet again Krimson fired one handed at random to the ankles of these men=
Dimitri Sagesson:Open a Fuckening rift!!!
Gil:I can try don’t know what it will do here
Dimitri Sagesson:Just do it!
Daloki:<she feels it catch … and slide inside> I have … the Book… <barely conscious>
~ Narrator ~:More soldiers appear in the doorway now. They form up a double line, and then begin filling the room with a fersh wave of plasma blasts
Krimson:+Eats last post+
Gil:* Pulls his energy together and opens up couriers rift that runs parrallel with the Umbra *
Dimitri Sagesson:<Dimitri was barely able to stand now, as he raced across the room, tackling Zazel and hopefully Krimson into the rift with him>
~ Narrator ~:A blast of dark energy explodes from the rift, causing anyone nearby to fly backwards.
~ Narrator ~:However once the dark energy disperses, it appears to be a normal, average looking rift.
Zazel:Was tackled.
Dimitri Sagesson:<After that of course>
Krimson:=As Krimson’s consciousness begins to faulter the Phoenix takes his body for a ride… His heat becoming inhumane, and the air around him dancing with flames, new comers would be welcome by four generating Krimson dopplegangers who had formed with the intent on making human shields of themselves. The human shield however, was firing large ammounts of fire at the soldiers.=
Daloki:<crawls toward the rift while plasma blasts fly over her head>
Gil:* Grabs Dal and begins dragging her thru the rift 8
~ Narrator ~:The Krimson clones race forward, their bodies pelted by bullets and plasma, but they do the job, dying in the place of the heroes as they make their way towards the rift.
Krimson:=Krimson was laying on the floor, but will accept being kicked into the rift and what not.=
Dimitri Sagesson:<Yea, that>
Krimson:=He watched the world fade as he saw the pain he put himself through…Knowing that soon he was going to feel that mentally.=
Gazelle Kiley.:(*Claps and cheers, tosses flowers for the Narrotor, for tolerating, and doing an amazing job… then poofs for bed* Goodnight all)
Zazel:[:is exhausted for some reason:]
Dimitri Sagesson:<<Cheers!!!!! Great job narrator!!!>>
Daloki:<her arms are useless, but she is able to push with her feet as Gil drags her, speeding their progress toward the rift a bit>
Gil:* CHEERS THE NARRATOR * Awesome and tiring job… well done.
Zazel:Is dying.
~ Narrator ~:(Thank you for participating you all did a wonderful job. )
Dimitri Sagesson:<<so tired>>
Dimitri Sagesson:<<you were great….>>
Krimson:+Got called a bunny+
Daloki:((you are magnificent, Narrator – even having to take over for both Amon and Mara!))
~ Narrator ~:( This is the first of the regular Monday Night missions that we will be holding weekly in the chat room at 9PM Eastern, I hope you all can attend in the future. )
Dimitri Sagesson:<<Zazel almost did too, though he did great too. I will definately come.>>
Krimson:Monday at 9 glad to know.
~ Narrator ~:( I’d also like to direct everyone to the forum where I have created a play by post adventure that will explore some of Hellifyno’s past, and the links between this planet and the disasters that have befallen her. I invite you all to join the game. )
Zazel:[ Hey hey. For trotted through miles of crap of sewar. Im glad I caught up ]
~ Narrator ~:( Thank you again for participating, have a wonderful night. )


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