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A Visit With A Few Friend’s

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Seras arms were stretched as far as they could go. Her legs being chained to the wall so she could only moved a few feet out. Not like it did anything. Her back was pressed to the wall, and she couldnt do a thing about it. Her head hung to the point were it looks like her head would pop off. She closed her eyes and started to sing to herself, I sence there’s something in the wind. That feels like tragady’s at hand. And though I’d like to stand by him. Can’t shake these feelings that I have. The worst is just around the bend.Her voice seemed to echo on in the halls, one of the soilders came up and smacked her yelling at her in German. She laughed as if he had said a joke, and rolled her head up to the wall. As that was as far as her head was allowed to go, Hey! Hey! Just because you dont like my singing, doesnt mean you should hit me.. Its not nice to hit people. She laughed at her own little comment.

The soilder stared at her oddly before walking off, she had been able to convince the others that she was insane. She tried to lean forward, but only left the wall a few inches. She called out in a sing songy voice, And does he notice my feelings for him? And will see how much he means to me. She then started to cackle, her dark blue eyes changed to a black as the Captain came up. He stuck his finger under her chin and made her look up. He bent down to kiss her and she immediatly used all of the free space she had to give him a painful kick in the gut. She looked out at him and spat in a harsh tone, Do that again, I dare you.

The Captain then snickered and made space between the two, Hmm. I think I need to give your chains a bit of an adjustment dear.

I think you deserve a nice kick in the face! Seras sneered, and yanked her right arm. Peices of the brick wall started to crumble, giving her a bit more room there. The Captain stepped forward, more soilders flooding out from the side of her cell. The Captain yelled out in German, and they started for her. Each taking several parts of her. Eventually all but two had either her wrists, or ankles. The two reached down to undo the chains on her ankles, then on her wrist. She didn’t fight against them while they did this. They we’re actually helping her. The chains had left imprints in her skin, she let her head fall back. The soilders paid no attention to her, and continued on. They started to drags her away, each soilder speaking to eachother. She could only translate some of their words, they were confused where to take her. What to do with her.. She swung her head infront of her, untill she was looking down at the soilders holding her ankles.

The song she was singing earlier had changed as she laughed to herself, Boys and girls of every age, wouldnt you like to see something strange? Come with us, and you will see. In our town of Halloween. The soilders kept their grip as they now started to carry her. They couldnt keep it for long if she played just right. Some of the soilders started to back away off as they saw she wasn’t fighting them. They placed her on the floor, keeping her pinned to the ground now. She laughed again, and easily started to rise from their hold, This is Halloween. This is Halloween. Pumpkins scream in the dead of night! After being able to stand, she grabbed her swords from her hips and continued walking for an exit. The Soilders were running after her, each trying to take her hands, arms, and legs off. She sang aloud while she blocked as much as mpossible. Recieving few cuts to her arms and what not.

She eventualy felt something break through her back, and screamed. She looked down to see that one of the soilders swords had entered through her back and went all the way and exited through her stomach. She wanted to fall, but instead she slid her swords away and continued to run. Her hands went around the sword, her scarlet blood covering her hands. She had eventualy ran out of the building and headed straight for the Tavern.

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