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Abel Cross’s’ Notes of Dragons: Bastion the Nightwing Dragon

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Age: 6 months

Breed: Nightwing Dragon

Personality: Funny, cute, aggressive (if he has too)

Favorite Food: Whatever is on the table

Background: A uncommon black dragon that has the ability to show stars in his wings as they are spread out. They are night owls most of the time due to the fact that they love to sleep during the day. As they spread their wings they show their emotions, if it is sparkling then he is happy if not then you better run away and fast.

Story: A dragon that just showed up one day in Cross’s house and in his bed and caught him by surprise. Abel allows him to stay at the sanctuary until he wants to leave… but he does not want to leave at all even after the sanctuary relocation. He felt like he was part of the family, so I made him one of us. Sometimes he helps around the bar, but most of the time he helps babysitting the newborn dragons and teach them ways on how to have fun.


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