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Abel Cross’s’ Notes of Dragons: Shade the Shadow Dragon

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Age: 1 month (estimate)

Breed: Shadow Dragon

Personality: Curios, Lovable, Clumsy

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter…anything that has to do with peanut butter…

Background: A common dragon that prefers to live in his realm made from shadows. These dragons can use the shadows for an advantage and can travel from one continent to another. They don’t have any kind of breathing abilities, but if they want they can manipulate shadows at will and protect themselves.

Story: Shade showed up at the Sieghart’s residence one day just admiring his business until Abel shows up, out of curiosity he decides to follow him back to the sanctuary. Because he doesn’t use any habitats he just use his shadow realm as a habitat and prefers to be in there when it comes to bedtime or alone time.

Ever since the relocation of the sanctuary and the creation of the bar he became a personal server and for payment…. peanut butter, which is why Abel have to keep buying more of them.


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