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My character is based on the film “The Pyramid”. It is about Nora (whom I changed the name to Scarlett since it sounded better) and her father and fellow archaeologists arriving in Egypt to uncover the truths and secrets of the Pyramids. No one really knew what was inside of them and Scarlett and the others are willing to risk their own safety to discover it unaware that Anubis is what lurks inside the heart of the Pyramid. Towards the ending of the film, it is shown that Nora is taken back inside of the Pyramid by Anubis after she was so close to escaping and later died by getting her heart ripped out just like with her father. I am continuing her like she had never died. And probably will have the courage to try it out again? Depending on the storyline that is being created and if she goes back. If not, she’ll go to another dig sight.

Disclaimer: I am not Ashely Hinshaw nor claim to be her. I am just a average roleplayer using her image and character. I’m here to have fun and not cause any problems.

Writer behind Scarlett Weeks

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