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Absences, blog continuation and the mission that never was (OOC)

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Greetings all my lovely friends from Rolepages! As most of you who roleplayed with me regularly may know, I have been going through some very serious events that have kept me away for lengthy periods of time. I cannot say for certain when I will be back regularly as there are still several important matters I have to deal with and as we all know, Real life is always a priority.

I know I had begun to organise a large mission involving several characters from the site and I apologize that there have been no recent updates and for the fact that I am currently unable to follow through. This does not mean the mission has been cancelled, only that I will not be able to do it just yet. So hang in there please! I promise you won’t regret it.

Since my schedule is so chaotic I won’t be able to roleplay regularly, but since I do have access to the internet and occasionally some spare time, I’ll be popping in every now and then to check up on all my favourite peoples and see how things are going!

I am also going to continue posting blogs under the volume At Songs End. This volume covers the time between Victor Hereldus leaving for the world of Galaria prior to the uprising in Consequence on the infamous Bloody Sunday and the recent return to Hellifyno of an imposter posing as Victor’s half elven friend Yuric Stormfell. This volume originally started as a short guide to explain what Victor had been doing during his absence but I soon fell in love with the story and it began to turn into a short novel which I write alongside the main one! It isn’t my best piece of work but I’m relatively happy with it! If there are any fantasy lovers out there who like the idea of reading about mythical monsters, magic, battles with swords and shields and a grumpy ex pirate who slices foes up like swiss cheese, then feel free to check it out!

I hope you’re all well and to catch up with some of you again very soon! Have fun with your roleplay!



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  1. Anastasia Silverhide 8 years ago

    Brilliantly done, Irel 🙂 I would love to speak with you sometime, if Michael or Xander don’t get to you first 🙂 

    ~ Xena’s/Ana’s Player

  2. oh come on.. it is always very good. dont sell yourself short. 🙂

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